Secret Band – Meat Bag Lyrics

Why battle the pain when you’re destined
To hate your fate
Like chains stained in blood
I crave a second weapon
Shatter the beat
The ocean applauds
Sliced and stricken lifeless
Born inside a cage
Tiny baby cutie pie
You look bad for your age
Saving all the animals
Impossible to do
Cry myself to sleep at night
I still love bbq
Hiya ha fricken hiya
Hiya with your hand
Hiya ha fricken hiya
Hiya with your hand
Chop the slump
And snuff the stunk
You got the passion man
Grow up
Scale up
Screwed up
The next phase
Managing to scare off the whole place
Wear it
Its a race
Move too fast blows up in your face
No shit the pixel guy parties
His spittle all over your body
Not enough bread too much mayonnaise
Switch out grit for undeserved praise
Look at those balls
You gotta be cute
To wanna save you