Secret Band – Black Dolphin Lyrics

First you got banned then you got barred
You gotta admit that shit got hard
Who is me
I need my id
Check to see what I’m hiding
Born in a band
I had no hand
I thought nothing up myself
Little baby bunny
Little baby crow
Crow oh oh oh oh
Crow oh oh oh
What a win I’m lucky
Any time any time
If I’m suckin on a sucker
Then I whine and I whine
Get a little bittle
Widdle down to the brine
If it breaks then its brittle
And that’s not a good sign
No one expects a rhombus
To smoke the glass
A hedgehog in pajamas
Wears fake mustache
Black dolphin with flawless embossed fingers Ima go flu
Sickest type 2
Criticize my direction
Jet black hair
Take it downstairs
Nobel prize my complexion
I don’t mind a little slippity slap
If I’m feelin’ vanilla than I could cream on your back
If I steal a gorilla I know that zoo is wack
And they gotta step up their shit
Acetaminophen is really your mom
I f*ck in a bomb and send the bill out to Tom
Huh? In a few generations
There’s gonna be castration stations
And then no motivation
Left to f*ck yourself
Ahhh blaow
Get another thing to do
I’m runnin’ out of words to use
A reindeer is a caribou
Cut cut cut
Or I’m stuck stuck stuck
And burnt to a crisp
Oh shit
Folded open
Throated gulping the dip
How many times will they say production
Is liposuction a tax deduction?