Quinton Marks Ii – Let Me Fall Into You Lyrics

You take me by the hand Lay my head on your chest And listen to your heart beat Hang on to the moments With every rising breath I don’t ever want to leave Feel no hesistation We’ve only just begun Talkin about our deepest truths Just us, one on one But then i see the […]

Evol Walks – Let Me Love You Lyrics

[Verse 2: Justin Bieber] Don’t fall asleep At the wheel, we’ve got a million miles ahead of us Miles ahead of us All that we need Is a rude awakening to know we’re good enough Know we’re good enough [Pre-Chorus: Justin Bieber] Say go through the darkest of days Heaven’s a heartbreak away Never let […]

Emerson Drive – Let Your Love Speak Lyrics

EMERSON DRIVELet Your Love Speak Lyrics I know you know, So what’re you waitin’ for Life is way too short Girl, you can’t lie What you feel inside Is screamin’ in your eyes Whoa-oh, come on over Whoa-oh, a little closer Let your love speak Get your knees weak Fall into my arms You can’t […]

David Crowder Band – Let Me Feel You Shine Lyrics

DAVID CROWDER BANDLet Me Feel You Shine Lyrics This place is trying to break my belief But my faith is bigger than all I can see What I need is redemption What I need is for You for to put me back on my feet Wha ah ooooh ooooh oooh Wha ah ooooh ooooh ooh […]

James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go Lyrics

JAMES ARTHURSay You Won’t Let Go Lyrics I met you in the dark You lit me up You made me feel as though I was enough We danced the night away We drank too much I held your hair back when You were throwing up Then you smiled over your shoulder For a minute, I […]

Erik Lundin – En Dag Lyrics

Hur många kvinnoliv innan kvinnor finner frid? Hur många hedersmord innan Sverige finner tid? Aa det kommer drabba fler, för grabbarna tar hellre trappan upp än att trappa ner Så våra mammor ber, och nästan inga mammor ler, tänker bara en dag, en dag Tabanjan den är fet som en blåval, shunon mitt emot han […]

Jersey Demic – Brinks Truck Lyrics

Verse(Demic): Got my bag up and then i moved to the villa Flew a pretty chick to see me cuz i wanna Everybody eat everybody getting bigger Brought a brinx truck through the hood for my hittas, yea Brinks truck through the hood, who the realest Made it out the gutter where the system tried […]

Jordin Sparks – 100 Years Lyrics

Wishing when you’re in the other room You’re the only one who can break through All I think about is pleasing you A hundred years is not enough time with you I fantasize about all that we could do I wish you knew how much I really love you Don’t go nowhere, baby, yeah All […]

Thompson Square – If It Takes All Night Lyrics

Words fly like bullets Each one aimed straight for the heart And there’s no take backs No no no once they start Let’s lay down our pride Put our anger aside It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right [CHORUS] If it takes If it takes all night If that’s what it takes To make this […]

Jake Bugg – Feel What’s Good Lyrics

Will they be kind? Let me leave it behind to feel what’s good… (Verse 3) As in the morning the days reflecting the sun And on reflection I’m not proud of all I’ve done Open your eyes and you’ll see all is good Maybe these feelings are all misunderstood (Final Chorus) What will I find […]

Moonfall – Lost Lyrics

So set me free Set me free I’m a sucker for rewriting histories I will follow you to the end of every start And I’ll keep walking as it’s tearing me apart I’m screaming Lost in your heart Lost in your heart Lost in your heart Lost from the start Pulling me apart Let me […]

Sl & Kenny Beats – Little Bird Lyrics

Get a line, let the weight go (How?) I might take your ho, make her mine ’cause I say so (Take her) Don’t mess with my guy, that’s my bro, that’s my Qualo (Don’t) Pop out on a guy, where’s the plug? [Intro] Yeah, yeah (Woah, Kenny), look [Chorus] Little bird (Bird), got her off […]

Westside Gunn – Steve Behr Lyrics (feat. Rome Streetz)

[Westside Gunn:] Brr, brr Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot Brr, brr, brr, brr, brr, brr, brr Ayo Ayo, pump in the Amiris got me walkin’ all bow-legged Free Sly (Free Sly) ’til the Feds […]

Bill Anderson – Tips Of My Fingers Lyrics

I reached out my arms and I touched you with soft words I whispered your name I held you right on the tip of my fingers but that was as close as I came My eyes had a vision of sweet lips yeelding beneath my command I had your love on the tips of my […]

Meek Mill Loss A Lot Of Weight And Fans Are Concerned

a doctor never told me what it was. Philadelphia record label, Dream Rich Entertainment, alleges that Meek stole copyrighted lyrics and titles for the tracks “100 Summers” and “Cold Hearted II” which he released in 2018. Although he is looking far thinner than before, Meek doesn’t appear unhealthy, which is good news as the “Otherside […]

Pop Smoke – Got It On Me Lyrics

Look Have mercy on me, have mercy on my soul Don’t let my heart turn cold Have mercy on me, have mercy on my soul Don’t let my heart turn cold Have mercy on many men Many, many, many, many men Wish death ‘pon me Yeah, I don’t cry no mo’ I don’t look to […]

Pop Smoke – Snitching Lyrics (feat. Future & Quavo)

Forty years, bitch, you don’t wanna sign that plee Forty years Damn Don’t f*ck with me Buddah blessed this beat Huncho [Quavo:] Look at my status (Status) No, I’m not braggin’, I’m not average (Average) My bitch want a Patek (Patek) I bought her a whip and I told her to stop naggin’ (Skrr) Too […]

Lil’ Kim – Off The Wall Lyrics

[Lil’ Kim] Niggas lean left Bitches lean right Come on, you gotta ride ’em baby Ha! [Lil’ Kim (Puffy)] Niggas lean left Bitches lean right Come on, you gotta ride ’em baby Ha! Ready or not here I come I’m a Bentley y’all something like a Hyundai Win more skins than a crack without dunja […]