Dizzee Rascal – Leisure Lyrics

[Intro] But I do it at my leisure [Chorus] I do it at my leisure, I make it look easy I do it at my leisure, you breddas can’t see me I do it at my leisure, I couldn’t give a toss man I do it at my leisure, cause I’m my own boss man […]

Middle Class Rut – Tax On Death Lyrics

The government says you better pay Tax On Death They’re gonna come and find all the   money   you hid Life’s a   business like a sickness You play the   game or you end up on the shit list I look and see you running right now Ready to fight now I’m scared […]

Jersey Demic – Brinks Truck Lyrics

Verse(Demic): Got my bag up and then i moved to the villa Flew a pretty chick to see me cuz i wanna Everybody eat everybody getting bigger Brought a brinx truck through the hood for my hittas, yea Brinks truck through the hood, who the realest Made it out the gutter where the system tried […]

Social Circkle – Finger On The Switch Lyrics

There’s no hope for you and me The switch – the switch They’ve got their fingers on the switch The switch – the switch Got their fingers on the switch 4321 Paper headlines scream in fear It’s coming down the end is near USSA’s the new Iraq Just wiping cities off the map So this […]

Jordin Sparks – 100 Years Lyrics

Wishing when you’re in the other room You’re the only one who can break through All I think about is pleasing you A hundred years is not enough time with you I fantasize about all that we could do I wish you knew how much I really love you Don’t go nowhere, baby, yeah All […]

Thompson Square – If It Takes All Night Lyrics

Words fly like bullets Each one aimed straight for the heart And there’s no take backs No no no once they start Let’s lay down our pride Put our anger aside It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right [CHORUS] If it takes If it takes all night If that’s what it takes To make this […]

Air Review – Rebel Lyrics

When we were kids We believed in everything There’s only one thing left to believe in Now that we’re old And it’s the one thing I cannot ignore That you’re always on my mind And you’re always on my mind My mind And I can’t help That this heart beats in my chest And that […]

Pop Smoke – Tunnel Vision Lyrics

[Intro] Haha, mami like⁠— Mami like, “Damn boy, you made it” (Man, you did) But she said, “You   ain’t   nice” (At all)   (At all) I tell her I know   I’m nice, ha (Look) [Chorus] I don’t talk to niggas (Nah), I   don’t   feel   these niggas (At   all) […]

Sahbabii – Tongue Demon Lyrics

She’s a tongue demon Pill on her tongue, dick on her tongue, ooh, ooh, yeah Hypnotized by your body, like the way you move, yeah Her skin smooth, her body smooth like chocolate mousse, yeah Ooh, ooh, yeah I’m in her throat like a Popeyes biscuit Naked bitch, I can suck on them titties Glock […]

Pop Smoke – Snitching Lyrics (feat. Future & Quavo)

Forty years, bitch, you don’t wanna sign that plee Forty years Damn Don’t f*ck with me Buddah blessed this beat Huncho [Quavo:] Look at my status (Status) No, I’m not braggin’, I’m not average (Average) My bitch want a Patek (Patek) I bought her a whip and I told her to stop naggin’ (Skrr) Too […]

Pop Smoke – Mood Swings Lyrics (feat. Lil Tjay)

You know you my lil’ boo, yeah Got up on my Birkin, it’s workin’ She said she a virgin (It’s hurtin’) She my biggest fan, she always lurkin’ She know I’m a man, I’ma put that work in I know she can’t stand me, I’m fancy So I’ma bring her out when I get my […]

Leagues – Pass My Way Lyrics

If I saw you on the street Would you try to look at me with strangers eyes And all the secrets that you’ve told I kept them hid and held them close Would come alive And what was sleeping springs awake Summer sun would shine its way into the night And nothing more than seeing […]

Cian Ducrot – Hurt So Bad Lyrics

It’s harder alone when she feels this way To hearts is no home she’s so afraid And   she   knows it was   hard for him to stay in   when he feels this pain But she really needs someone to   hold   her A   part of her   life was just […]

Westside Gunn – Michael Irvin Lyrics

(Ah) Shootin’ out the Lambo truck ’til I was tired (Brr, boom, boom, boom, boom) Cases everywhere, burned a hole in the tire Made his whole face lock up, my shit fire (Ah) Forties in the buffs, but today, I wore the wires (But today, I wore the wires) Don’t talk too loud, lord, he […]

Kelsey & The Chaos – Wrapped Around Your Finger Lyrics

You got me where you want me And I’m wrapped around your finger Now you’ve got me wrapped around, Wrapped around your finger Caught me when everything was out of place And now I’m so alive I can’t take feeling this way Yeah, I like the way that I feel about you I’m not holding […]

Pop Smoke – West Coast Shit Lyrics

Niggas gotta say it’s him Wanna copy my flow, I switch this shit again Niggas ain’t put the work, they don’t celebrate the win When you was ballin’ with your bitch, I was shootin’ in the gym, motherfucker, ah [Chorus: Pop Smoke & Quavo] Pop Smoke, I’m on some west coast shit (Pop Smoke) In […]

HONNE – ​la la la that’s how it goes Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] I won’t give up on you If you will never give up on me Anytime that you’re   off   the beat I’ll put   you on the groove and in   key I’m following you If you are always following me Anytime that you   hum   it   […]

Goodie Mob – The Dip Lyrics

hook You know how good it can be, if I took you home with me I know the mood is right, I don’t wanna be alone tonight Come on lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty (T-Mo) Can I get a chance, grown man from afar superstar […]