Kelsey & The Chaos – Wrapped Around Your Finger Lyrics

You got me where you want me And I’m wrapped around your finger Now you’ve got me wrapped around, Wrapped around your finger Caught me when everything was out of place And now I’m so alive I can’t take feeling this way Yeah, I like the way that I feel about you I’m not holding […]

Roseau – See You Soon Lyrics

[Verse 1: Female] You left me behind Following the tracks of your light I can’t be resting There’s a distance to be covered [Chorus: Female] I’ll see you soon I’ll see you soon [Verse 2: Female] You left me out of breath You had no time to pause I’m tired, I need to rest a […]

Pentatonix – Home Lyrics

Let me go home I’m just too far from where you are I wanna come home Well, I’m going home Back to the place where I belong (where I belong) And where your love has always been enough for me (Been enough for me) Times have changed and times are strange Here I come, but […]

Dion – Song For Sam Cooke (here In America) Lyrics

We traveled this land back in nineteen sixty-two We played the places that were home to   me   and you We drove   to Memphis, rocked a set We walked   the streets at night and smoked a cigarette Here in America Here   in   America There   was so much   I […]

Night Moves – Mexico Lyrics

So many nights I’ve been dreaming of somebody Walking through my treelined grove Caught up and lust in my wild-eyed scheming I can’t seem to cope With any old love At times they may grow harder, yeah Ooh don’t you leave me, don’t go There’s something around here I’m trying to outgrow Alameda Alameda, don’t […]

Day6 – Shoot Me (english Translation) Lyrics

I’m used to it now. If this is solved, Just shoot me Shoot me It’s never easy. What you stand in front of you It’s a thriller. Even if it goes well If something goes wrong It just started. I just feel uneasy Spit it. It’s easy. So shoot me Bang bang Bullet bullet bullet […]

Red Wanting Blue – My Name Is Death Lyrics

And I shot more men in Reno than he ever did. I got a million weapons and more ways to use em From nuclear power to drugs and boozin But my favorite just might be the element of surprise I whisper hey there fellas my name is Death So when you see me coming better […]

Puddles Pity Party – Hands On The Wheel Lyrics

[Verse 1] At a time when the world seems to be spinnin’ Hopelessly out of control There’s deceivers, and believers, and old in-betweeners That seem to have no place to go Well, it’s the same old song, it’s right and it’s wrong And living is just something that I do [Pre-Chorus] And with no place […]

A Life Divided – Some Kind Of Grey Lyrics

celebrate the past instead I know, I know they don’t care ’cause they like the way, the way this world works still I can’t sooth my soul, still I can’t take all these lies we’re in, it’s all some kind of grey how could you say you’re sorry when no one worries, when no one […]

Trout Fishing In America – We Weary Deer Lyrics

We weary deer live in fear, weary deer For we fear that we hear the hunters near With a tag for the toe of dear John and Jane Doe Oh, no, we’re wary, weary deer Hunt the moose or the goose, but please turn the poor deer loose For our families would miss us if […]

Blackpink – How You Like That Lyrics

You gon’ like that that that that that That that that that How you like that? (Barabim barabum bumbum) How you like that that that that that That that that that Now look at you now look at me Look at you now look at me Look at you now look at me How you […]

Shania Twain – Crime Of The Century Lyrics

I was into bein’ out on my own I could take love or leave it alone That’s how you get when you’re hurt to the bone One too many times I had this heart of mine locked away I kept my guard up night an’ day I had enough of the games they play Out […]

Dixie D’amelio – Be Happy Lyrics

What’s the matter with that? What’s the matter with that? [Bridge] What’s the matter with sadness Making me feel the way I feel right now Goodness Can’t force you when you feel f*cked up It’s the salt that’s on my tongue It’s the salt that’s on my tongue [Chorus] But sometimes I don’t wanna be […]

Nina Simone – Gimme Some Lyrics

Gimme some One of these mornings, just about dawn You’ll be working on my lawn Gimme some Gimme some I can’t stand it no longer Gimme some I declare to my man You gonna drive me stone insane Gimme some Gimme some I can’t wait eight days Gimme some I like fried chicken, you know […]

Ak The Menace – Life Of A Gorilla Lyrics

[Chorus] I was so misunderstood And all I wanted was success I had hittas tryna end me I was dealing with some stress All these hatin’ hittas envy me I know they feelin’ pressed This the life of a gorilla You don’t ever get to rest Pressure on my enemies I gotta get it done […]

Landon Cube – 17 Lyrics (feat. Lil Skies)

[Intro: Landon Cube] Yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Landon Cube] No, I ain’t on the East, but I miss my mama there Gas in the BNB, we do this everywhere Landlord come knocking, we don’t really care, nah ‘Cause in the morning we’ll be out of here Woah, then in the morning I’ll be out your […]

Laptop – Let Yourself Go Lyrics

Look, this ain’t your job You can show a little heart You are not in some part in a film Look, I know from experience That these feelings just don’t come and go Look, life isn’t all show business There are moments when you just to Let yourself go Let yourself go Let our thing […]

Andy Pratt – Some Things Go On Forever Lyrics

[Verse 1] Don’t it make you want to live Don’t it make you want to feel real free Don’t it make you want to fight all the suffering you see Some wars just go on and on [Verse 2] Don’t it go straight to your heart Straight to that very best part Deep in our […]