Scepto – Zij Lyrics

Zag ze staan en heb het dan gefixt Ze viel voor mij, ik kreeg ze dichterbij Mijn reden voor alles is enkel zij, zij [Refrein] Ik had genoeg van de liefde Maar wil ze dagelijks spreken En zij maakt me gek nu, da weet ze En zo kan ze mij altijd breken [Refrein] Ik had […]

Sicx – The Unholy Lyrics

full of nut Squeeze once away from spillage [?] No escape Tape the news And what could have been clues Hang babies with my black rag Took the ouija bag Coming out the closet With my brain on acid Twist your body backwards Like a swamp full of raptures [?] Stay away Fold the mattress […]

Slowly Slowly – Ten Leaf Clover Lyrics

Dancing through, catcalls in the night The king head central, like a broken kite We were soaking wet, then we caught on fire Blue electricity between two wires So kiss and tell me, where were you, when I had hope 16 and blue It’s just like a blanket, all this growing old Complain about the […]

Lil’ Durk – Triflin Hoes Lyrics

I say I’m waiting on my Percs I can see your cousins now with they faces on your shirt [Chorus] Hold on, wait, ayy, bitch Hold on, hold on, hold on, wait, bitch, ayy Hold on, wait, bitch, hold on, hold on, wait, bitch, ayy Hold on, hold on, wait, hold on, hold on, wait, […]

Yung Bans – Easter Pink Lyrics (feat. Gunna)

[Intro: Yung Bans] Huh, ayy, yeah Huh, ayy, yeah That boy Cassius Huh, yeah, ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah [Chorus: Yung Bans] Wake up, brush my teeth, huh (Wake up, brush my teeth), yeah Pour that Easter pink, ayy (Pour that Easter pink), yeah Diamonds wet like sink (Yeah, huh, diamonds wet), yeah Diamonds wet like […]

Fratellis – Baby Don’t You Lie To Me Lyrics

I’ll dig you out of a hole when your ignorance shows I’ll be anything you need me to be Baby don’t you lie to me Well little girl you can roll your eyes at the very sight of me Do everything in spite of me But baby don’t you lie to me I’ll take your […]

Yung Bleu – Do Or Die Lyrics

Would you steal, would you kill, do or die for me? She say yea Oo I love that freaky shit She let me cum anywhere I want I swear I love a freaky bitch She get her hair and nails did, but she got plenty money Plus she ain’t on that Becky shit, she give […]

Yung Bleu – Slide Thru Lyrics (feat. Baby C)

[Chorus: Baby B] I ain’t tryna be soft right now, I just want you to know How a nigga feelin’ right now, girl I’m so throwed Had a couple drinks or two, yeah That’s why I’m thinkin’ about you I got my mind on my money but my mind’s on you right now How would […]

Mak Sauce – Can He Breathe Lyrics (feat. Lil Keed)

Can he?) (Fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat) (Can he? (Can he? Uh, uh Can he breathe? Uh, oh shit, can he breathe? [Intro] Been away Keep shootin’, keep shootin’, don’t stop, keep shootin’ Keep shootin, hunnid rounds, keep shootin’, keep   shootin’   brrrt, brrrt [Verse 1] Make sure   he dead, better make […]

Sports Team – Ski Lifts Lyrics

[Verse 1] Call in on time Sickness or shine These nylon suits Have come un-twined Agnostic kids Protestant souls Watch what they drink And work when they’re told [Chorus 1] On weekends in offices Won’t miss no Won’t miss no Won’t miss Won’t miss no shifts On weekends, don’t make no sense Don’t make no […]

Midnight Beast – I Hate Myself Lyrics

I hate myself so much I’ll hate me for you I hate myself so much Saves you hating me too But if you hate me as much as I already think you do Then we can hate me all together if that’s cool with you I’m the best at the being the worst to myself […]

Kyyngg – Unique Lyrics

[Hook] Pull up in a Porsche 911 with two Rollies straight All my bitches with it, disrespect her, you could lose your life Got your bitch like, “sheesh,” now she on her knees, yeah Got that p*ssy on repeat, that lil bitch unique, yeah That lil bitch unique, yeah That lil bitch unique, yeah Got […]

Mayorkun – Bobo Lyrics (feat. Davido)

Mayorkun & Davido] Na money be be fine bobo Bobo, Mayorkun baby oh OBO, oh my God oh Bobo (x3) [Verse 1 – Mayorkun] Baby girl you’re my desire I no go leave you run away eh eh eh e But, suit yourself like Jidenna You give me love you run away eh to L.A […]

Luh Kel – Movie Lyrics (feat. PnB Rock)

[Intro: Luh Kel] Uh, uh, oh (Oh, oh) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) I-I-I-I-I [Verse 1: Luh Kel] Netflix time for real   (Real) I   got a Benz   with a steel (Steel) I’m in a   Benz when I drill (Skrrt, skrrt) I’m in the Benz when I kill (Brrt, […]

Suga Free – That’s What’s Up Lyrics

why you Bullshittin’?" And I’m the one that told you over and over: "Don’t you fight the pimpin’!" Now who the preacher man? take the car And That’s What’s Up I’m Suga Free the Pimp, a king, That’s What’s Up Watch how you look at me and what you say That’s What’s Up Suga Suga […]

Kevin Gates – Still Hold Up Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah I’m built Ford tough (Carmelo) No, this how I used to be feelin’ Killer, you heard me   (James   put the check,   boy) Yeah [Verse 1] Crossed out, hex, feel like I’m   possessed I wanna handle baby daddy, it just ain’t happen yet My   wife   just   sent […]

Aaron Gordon – 9 Out Of 10 Lyrics

9 outta 10, Imma keep it zen 9 outta 10, can you please fix your   lens? [Outro] This sh*t ain’t nothin’ man, let that sink in 9   outta 10, got   you playin’ pretend 9 outta 10, here   we go again 9 outta 10, coulda bout the fam a   Benz 9 […]

Fivio Foreign – Ambition Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Lil Tjay & Fivio Foreign] Ambition (Ayy) They gon’ love me for my ambition (Lil’ bitch, ayy), oh (Bow) For that ambition   (You   know the vibes) They   owe somethin’, this is a Melo   beat (Give it to him, lil’ bitch), know the vibes Traphouse Mob (Henny, Perc’, […]

Pillath – Bars Lyrics

[Part] Sie sagen, dass ich alt wäre und kein’n Hunger mehr hätt’ Und nur noch Alben mach’, weil die Vorschuss-Summe so schmeckt Ich war die Zukunft des Raps, bin jetzt zu unterschätzt Dummes Geschwätz, ich schieß’ Bars in euer Tunten-Ballett Mich zu battlen ist wie wenn man schlafende Hunde aufweckt Wie wenn man in ‘ne […]

Tyga – SWISH Lyrics

in his prime, hard net to launch Swish, do it on me all night Yeah, I wanna bust it down until it’s daylight How you keep your toes white and the pussy tight Ohh, the 42 got you feelin’ nice Ohh, Kawasaki bout to lick her bike (uh) Rich, rich, they rich, you know what […]