Germ – Walked In Lyrics

Pull the trigger Budd Dwyer Hahahahahaha Walked in dick in hand nigga you feel how I’m coming (One more time) Okay, ha Okay, walked in yeah (Badshit) Okay, walked in, niggas just looking and shit The motherf*cking Hijinx tape nigga it’s coming got y’all feeling Ayy Okay, walked in dick in hand Ain’t have no […]

Masspike Miles – Walked Away Lyrics

it’s crying cause, i feel like my world is falling apart and it’s just like you don’t care anymore, about us and it’s so sudden baby i didn’t see it coming ooh, you know it hurt the most when, when i saw you walk away, i couldn’t stop crying when you walked away, i felt […]

A Million Dead Birds Laughing – Hydra Lyrics

Hey satan They murdered as they contort Contamination walked Into my dreams Thought forms breathe Once in a world. Have you seen my god? One ego against them all How does it feel to be evolved? Hey satan Have you seen my gun? They can’t make me play their big bad world! Terminate Smell december […]

Dion – Song For Sam Cooke (here In America) Lyrics

We traveled this land back in nineteen sixty-two We played the places that were home to   me   and you We drove   to Memphis, rocked a set We walked   the streets at night and smoked a cigarette Here in America Here   in   America There   was so much   I […]

Dion – Blues Comin’ On Lyrics

I’m at the station You took a train Standing, waiting in the rain Baby, somethin’ wrong Well, if I   didn’t   know better I’d feel   the blues comin’ on I call your   number Me on the line Why don’t you answer and ease my mind Somethin’ wrong Well if I didn’t know […]

Meghan Linsey – Counterfeit Lyrics

This ain’t no long xxxx xxxx Xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx Can you handle it? (I don’t think you can handle it) So watch me walk on by All that glitters ain’t gold So I’m gonna let you know This ain’t counterfeit (All that glitters ain’t gold) (So I’m gonna let you know) (All that glitters ain’t […]

Teejayx6 – Punchin’ Lyrics (feat. Nle Choppa)

[Intro: NLE Choppa] (K. Swisha on the track) Let’s go, let’s go K., let’s go Punchin’ all day, I done   hurt   my knuckle, nigga You   hear me, real Ayy (Ayy) [Chorus: Teejayx6] Punchin’ all day,   I done hurt my knuckle Punchin’ all day, I done hurt   my   knuckle Punchin’ […]

Streets – Falling Down Lyrics (feat. Hak Baker)

Can’t fake the fizzle be it is in your skin 3 Rizla sheets to the wind When you fail they rejoice When you fail they rejoice Falling down is an accident Staying down is a choice Took a little trip, slip, miss Geezer this is it, misfits See all the lip, check this Geezer please […]

Tyga – Ibiza Lyrics

(Hmm) Is you down for the trizzy? Officer, she wanna arrest me Take me and bless me (Woo), please and undress me (Yeah) Gotta clean it up ’cause you know she get messy (Ugh) Why your friend starin’ at me like she wanna sex me? Baby, let’s see I’m super turnt, I can’t pick up […]

Dermot Kennedy – Giants Lyrics

Just say the word and I’ll be yours You know I never forgot The hope and the hurt Has lived inside of me But there’s gold in the dirt I never took the time to see But I knew of its worth When you walked beside of me And my hand fit in yours Like […]

Smokepurpp – Tide Pen Lyrics (feat. Jack Harlow)

Aye, I said slide and she slid through with a sidekick All white, sippin’ red wine with a Tide Pen Crossed up Pikes peak, yeah, I’m on some high shit Ass fat, got a young motherf*cker quite stiff Thirty-five over and they took the license Late night FaceTime, adjust brightness Bitches talk a lot to […]

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers – Hometown Lyrics

[Verse 1] I walked alone among the streets of my hometown As the night eased on the ghosts rose from their graves They followed me, and pulled the sleeves of my jacket And I tried so hard, but could not remember their names [Verse 2] I know I lost When the rain washed away the […]

Sally Klein O’connor – Clay Lyrics

Here am I on Your wheel Helpless now to conceal Every crack and every scar Every flaw that marked or marred Slowly now pump the wheel Touch me with hands that heal Press me in and draw me out Pull me from this shape of doubt Touch me with Your mercy Master Conform me to […]

Emu Music – Grace Has Now Appeared Lyrics

[Verse 1] See the love of God the Father For our lost and desperate race Sending to our world   a   savior Full of truth   and grace People who once walked in   darkness Now are dwelling in the light Undeserving of His kindness Blindness turned to sight Dead have come to life […]

Clinton Kane – Fix It To Break It Lyrics

[Verse 1] Remember that time I made you laugh? I would give in to hear that sound again Missing   the   lines on both   sides of your face And I hate   that that’s all I have now [Pre-Chorus 1] Am I just fixing it,   just   to   break it? [Chorus] […]