Fabri Fibra – Da Questo Locale Lyrics

[Ritornello] Ecco perché ci sbattono fuori da questo locale Non lo vedi che se entri con me ci sbattono fuori da questo locale Che se fumi, che se bevi con me ci sbattono fuori da questo locale Da questo locale ci sbattono fuori da questo locale [Strofa 2] Faccio come il toro alla corrida Ti […]

Robbie Williams – Go Mental Lyrics

[Verse 1: Robbie Williams] Bang, bang, gonna do it big I was born to die but I chose to live Bang, bang, all in your face Walk on in like I own the place Bang, bang, no dignity I’m gonna lay you out like 1, 2, 3 Bang, bang, I’ll tell you boy It’s gonna […]

Mailbox – Chief Keef lyrics

What’s yo address nigga? Niggas be really knowin’, b*tches be really goin Look up and the ceiling gone, that a*s I’m feelin’ on Need a Christina Milian, I could pop me a wheelie on Bout to go get some more chains Like I ain’t got enough jewelry on Went to the trap last night, and […]

King of the Dot – Ness Lee vs Pass Lyrics

If you was ghost-producing, ghostwriting, giving other niggas your illest quotes Just to get dropped and get no credit, I guess he still a ghost But you still be like “Yeah I was on Interscope, it wasn’t no big deal” Yo quit trying to be a humble bragger You don’t even get enough credit for […]