Dj Esco – Too Much Sauce Lyrics

DJ ESCOToo Much Sauce Lyrics [DJ Esco & Future:] DJ Esco, Lil Uzi Vert, Future That’s too much sauce That’s too much sauce [Future:] Patek Philippe, the plain one, that’s too much sauce Hermes in the A, that’s too much sauce They let me know before I was famous, I had too much sauce Audemars, […]

Sosamann – Made For This Lyrics

Go and go spend you some money And make it back in the morning 10 coming in on a Monday 10 on a bitch now I’m bummy You play me I’ll aim at your onion You a rat, you telling on something I just knocked me a bitch down in London I just got me […]

Uncle Trey – Overthoughts Lyrics

Would you rather hear lies? I’m drowning in the brown while I’m caught in my thoughts Serving time in my mind and lost in the sauce Constantly wonder who listens, wonder even more why Do my truths fascinate you? Thoughts like these weigh heavy on my mind While I’m locked in here, barely peeping through […]

Ladipoe – Are You Down Lyrics (feat. Tiwa Savage)

Girl, you really need to show me – Are You Down? Going all the way up – Are You Down? If it isn’t my glass you will never see me chase Love the way you dance are you flirting with the bass? We only came to shut it down And It’s Alright. Wooooo! It’s Alright […]

Wiley – Drip Insured Lyrics (feat. Lotto Ash)

[Intro:] Runnin’ through my Runnin’ through my Lose my mind Runnin’ through my Lose my mind [Lotto Ash:] She want me fi lose my mind, but I can’t lose my sauce My drip is forever insured Ooh nah nah, no Ooh nah nah, no Ooh nah nah, no She want me fi lose my mind, […]

Tinashe – Fashion Nova Lyrics

[Hook] Look at that Fashion Nova gassin’ all these bitches, aye Look at that ‘rari sittin’ nasty on them inches, aye Big ‘ol booty, bet your nigga take a picture, aye Domier, book a flight, link up with ya, what Look at that Fashion Nova gassin’ all these bitches, aye Look at that ‘rari sittin’ […]

Roy Woods – Russian Cream Lyrics

[Intro] A man like PJ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Too much muhfuckin’ goin’ on The warm up [Verse 1] I don’t need a bitch, all I see while makin’ dolla signs Rollie on my wrist but I never check it for the time Said she heard the kid through the boy […]

Lil Wayne Feat. Jay Jones- “Go braz” Lyrics

(Intro) Ride with mula Yeah thats the mob Come check with Dram And do ya job (Verse) Im not worth of yo controversy Im not thirsty baby im allergic Colder than a hockey jersey Dirty like Kentucky derby I was lying on a gurney I dont wanna die early I was screaming f*ck the world […]

Lil Wayne – Big Bad Wolf Lyrics

Where the wettest clitoris and fattest nipples? (Rrr!) With an ass that jiggle with a grab or tickle With a throat deep enough to land a missile If ya nigga miss you and he have opinions Tell him two cents is only half a nickel Now we at his villa, aiming at his pillows Hair […]

AKA – Star-Sign Lyrics

(Mhen) We at the top, we at the pinnacle [Verse 3: Stogie T] Supa Mega had to promise me Don’t forget about your honesty You gon alway run like an allergy When a nigga ego match his [?] Me and D share a legacy Of bad grammar and a booking fee Both grandmas were bad […]

No wahala – Demarco feat. Akon lyrics

I go buy ’em for youuu. You done know! Girl, mi say, move your body When she hear this, girl, mi say, move your body Demarco and Runtown mash up the ting One time, tell you, we no see anybody Eheh Baby, all night I’ve been staring at your body Too much fire for your […]

Lil Uzi Vert – Sauce It Up Lyrics

(Where you from?) Throw it up (throw it up) Goin’ nuts (yeah) Goin’ dumb Sauce it up (sauce it up) Do too much (do too much) Ain’t enough (ain’t enough) Ain’t enough (ain’t enough) Where you from? (Where you from?) Throw it up (throw it up) Goin’ nuts (yeah) Goin’ dumb Sauce it up (sauce […]

Kodak Black – The Recipe Lyrics

[Intro] Swimming in the money, now I’ve turned into a sailor Y’all don’t know the recipe, I’m so saucy I be saucin’ on these bitches, I’m so smooth Oh, I got so much rythm I’m so saucy [Chorus] Y’all don’t know the recipe I’m so saucy They still tryna feel it, i put ’em in […]

Demarco – No Wahala Lyrics ft Akon & Runtown

Yeah?! You fit to chop my money when you want, oh That’s all I got to say to you Yeah?! I go buy ’em for you No wahala! Yeah?! Yeah?! Yeah?! I go buy ’em for you… [Outro] Yeah?! I go buy ’em for you No wahala! Timaya x Runtown [Verse 2: Akon] You can’t […]

FRENCH MONTANA – Too Much lyrics

I copped a house on the hills on the west side I’m out in Cali smokin’, shorty, we blazin’ Kept a 100, 100 strong on the east side Hit the hood, they be goin’ crazy Too much hate, too much hate Too much pay, too much pay Too much talk, too much talk Too much […]

French Montana – Bring Dem Things Lyrics ft. Pharrell Williams

Drake   French Montana – Bring Dem Things Lyrics ft. Pharrell Williams [Intro: Pharrell Williams, French Montana, & Harry Fraud] Montana I be like, nice P, you know What up P? Pharrell Williams Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Skateboard! French Montana – Bring Dem Things Lyrics ft. Quavo [Verse 2: French […]

2 Chainz – Blue Cheese Lyrics (feat. Migos)

Everyone look at the tag, I do the digital dash uh uh! 2 CHAINZBlue Cheese Lyrics (feat. shit colossus Hey, With this money I could stay up and survive We go live, smoke this dope and ride We too fly, bad bitches in the archive Oh so high, money make me so high 50,000 on […]

FRENCH MONTANA – Bring Dem Things lyrics

When I pull up they notice me Come and talk to me like Jodeci But don’t you be too close to me Them goons you see, let it go for me I bring them things, I bring them things I call the plug (hello?) he bring them things Mucho bitches, I bring them chains Looking […]