Bad Boys Blue – Love Really Hurts Without You Lyrics

So give me a sign. But I can’t stop the pain inside me. And it’s breaking my heart but what can I do. And you make like a queen on the action. But don’t you know I’m out of my mind. That helps to ease the pain inside me. You’re running around town. The way […]

Megan Thee Stallion – Girls in the Hood Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Fuck bein’ good, I’m a bad bitch (Ah) I’m sick of motherfuckers tryna tell me how   to   live (Fuck y’all) Wack   hoes hate under my pictures on   the ‘Gram (Ugh) Bitch, you better hope I never run across   your   man,   uh In the […]

Ak The Menace – Life Of A Gorilla Lyrics

[Chorus] I was so misunderstood And all I wanted was success I had hittas tryna end me I was dealing with some stress All these hatin’ hittas envy me I know they feelin’ pressed This the life of a gorilla You don’t ever get to rest Pressure on my enemies I gotta get it done […]

Scarlet White – Never Met Lyrics

[Verse 1] I know I live in you, mother That burden buried inside The cause of sleepless nights, you’ve cried Today is the day please don’t give me away Don’t ever say goodbye I need you to say hello [Chorus] If we never met Would I be who I am now Would I learn to […]

Taysav – PBG Music Pt. 2 Lyrics (feat. Bang Da Hitta)

[Verse 1: TaySav] Bitch we some monsters You can catch me at East Rogers Where them killers should have been some lawyers, businessmens or doctors Let me start off by saying free Shotta Niggas know big bro was a problem f*ck 12, 24th can’t stop none And the opps ain’t on shit, nigga stop frontin’ […]

Miasmal – Until The Last Lyrics

From the beyond, the blackened siren calls Singing the words of false deliverance Craving the souls from those who falls Singing from the sinking island of reverence Hidden from the suns burning rays Freezing, the blood freezes in your veins The futile hopes, the dreams of the remaining Seeping out into the seas Drifting towards […]

Willie V. – Step Within My Brain Lyrics

Accept everything about you because it’s what makes you.. Nobody wants to hear you bitch about shit, everybody has their own problems to worry about why would they ever care about yours? I mean there’s not that much to it. You gotta start being more open about things man, you repress a lot of issues […]

Willie V. – We Could Be Lyrics

Hook: Cause I, wanna see all that we could be Yeah I, wanna see all that we could be Cause I, wanna see all that we could be Yeah I, wanna see all that we could be Verse: It was Lack of confidence coming from lack of prominence A lot of weed smoke heroes in […]

Dumbfoundead – All In Lyrics (feat. Kohh)

[Hook: CA$HPASSION] Life of the party soon as I walk in All these thotties on me they know I’m balling I can get you on if you really want it Double all my profits I’m going all in Bitch I’m all in, all in Going all in, I’m all in Bitch I’m all in, going […]

Denison Witmer – San Francisco Lyrics

Maybe I should book a flight to San Francisco Rent a car and drive up through   the   redwood trees Where they   stand in silence high above my   sorrow There’s a message there for you and one for me I   see   the   child in myself   as I get […]

Before Eden – Wizard Of The South Lyrics

Some time ago He was born Angel or Demon He was certainly a genius Since his childhood, victory follows him His Masters had nothing more to teach Many challenges he overcame And rewards received Around him An aura of satanism and magic Involved in an atmosphere Supernatural geniality (Chorus) The young causes fright His fame […]

Liam Frost – Your Hand In Mine Lyrics

Danger not too far from here So when you take, take your steps with conviction I wasn’t blessed with a lack of affliction Don’t bring your cautions to my door You’re like a damsel in chains on the track Praying for a train going nowhere fast She holds the door as thunderstorms Shook right through […]

Rhys Langston – Megabytes Per Second Cousin Lyrics

And if memory by its very nature Is its own form of art “you soon will be a goddamn man Now start learning what life is about now son” “get   smacked   ’cause you’re blue   Black Throwback to welts and twist naps ‘n[]gg[],’   you Ain’t allowed to say that Light-skinned with choice […]

Sean Slick – Way Out Lyrics

Yo I’m stuck here I say f*ck fear I want a way out of this twisted place By next year Yo Picture a nigga Just Being old here Marry a hoe here Walking past these same roads here f*ck that I want the fame yeah Peng ting to scream my name Pleasures all to Soak […]

Moneybagg Yo – Cold Shoulder Lyrics

(Huh?) I ain’t talkin’ to no pillow, especially not about my nigga Take a certain type of nigga to relate to what I’m feelin’ I’m just ventin’ to myself, smokin’, starin’ at the ceilin’ (Vibin’) [Chorus] I’m gangsta from the heart (Heart), started from the gutter Robbin’ niggas, stealin’ cars, I’m so glad I played […]

Moneybagg Yo – Yomii Lyrics

(‘Gether) I guarantee you now, we gon’ face all kinda weather (Rise above it) Far from perfect, but I’m workin’ to get better I just wanna see you shine like a Rolex bezel (Wanna see you glow) I sip lean to hide issues (Hide issues) Designer kicks, wipe me down, tissues (All kind of issues) […]

Nico Santos – Die In Your Arms Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ve been sittin’ here In this dried out pool again Where we used to swim Before you moved away Always heard our songs That they used to play for us At our favourite club It’s a bookstore today [Pre-Chorus] And now that you made it Back here, let’s make up lost times All […]

Stephen Marley – Thorn Or A Rose Lyrics (ft. Black Thought)

We come from so far and life is full of surprises Just know I’ll never change, no, I’ll never change No matter the circumstances, though this road can be demanding I’ll always be the same, always be the same Never lose sight of who you are, temptation comes from near and far Wounds heal but […]

Youngblood Brass Band – A Gust Inside The God Lyrics

Whoa A death: one on my bed for breakfast My best hope: make it hot and forget this Make good on a promise to rep this Make fire by sparking a set list Have a ball, set a light, throw it up, don’t look, do work Just keep walking Cause it’s all just a night […]