Pop Smoke – Mood Swings Lyrics (feat. Lil Tjay)

You know you my lil’ boo, yeah Got up on my Birkin, it’s workin’ She said she a virgin (It’s hurtin’) She my biggest fan, she always lurkin’ She know I’m a man, I’ma put that work in I know she can’t stand me, I’m fancy So I’ma bring her out when I get my […]

Mike Dreams – Ready For Me Lyrics

(Verse 1) They wanna know who Is this young, new Rapper on the scene Swagger a little dapper Maybe different than you’ve seen Hopefully you’ll read his chapters Just to figure what he means This God given talent, see I got it in my genes Like thread up on the pocket That you sew into […]

Nba Youngboy – Death Enclaimed Lyrics

OneHunnid on the beat DY Krazy God come and take me out this side all wrong I don’t wanna live here no more I don’t move around then they gone kill me in my home The ones you known to be around not on my side I don’t f*ck with niggas, never did, why would […]

Dream Wife – Temporary Lyrics

If the heartbeat fails Know I’m here With a full embrace How is it to love and live temporary? How is it to love and live temporary? Know you’re brave to jump back into I’ll applaud it Why can it not be another season’s enough? Why does it have to be both sweet and tough […]

Dumbfoundead – Harambe Lyrics

Where the medicine man stay? [Intro: Thane Maynard] He has got inside, he has climbed through the fence, and has fallen about 3 meters into the enclosure. It’s only 2 o’clock and already a bad day Need two bad bitches delivered to man cave One man’s soul is something you can’t take Call the repo […]

Michigander – Fears Lyrics

[Verse 1] It’s starting over, yeah it’s starting now Why are you running, from your own crowd Where are you going, and what ya plan to do When you reach that edge girl, of all you knew [Chorus] You can go but just don’t leave me Cause I don’t know how I’m still breathing You […]

Night Flight Orchestra – Golden Swansdown Lyrics

I never meant for this to happen Ain’t it strange how worlds collide But I knew that very moment She was something I never would survive Forces of nature that can’t be denied I had watched her from a distance Starry eyes and silver hands Never thoughts she’d ever notice Guess I’m blaming magic and […]

Jessie Reyez – Headlines Lyrics

I might be too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence Started not to give a f*ck and stopped fearing the consequence Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments Faded way too long I’m floating in and out of consciousness And they sayin’ I’m back, I’d agree with that I just take my […]

Mamamoo – Baton Touch Lyrics

Let’s do it 월화수목금토일 기분좋게 들썩이지 신나게 놀자 Dance With Me 마마 마마 무 월화수목금토일 기분좋게 들썩이지 신나게 놀자 Dance With Me 마마 마마 무 도레미파 Solar 찌릿찌릿한 멜로디 이 음악에 빠져드는 You This is true 기대하는 그대 눈빛 황홀하게 보여줄게 Look at me now [English translation:] Listen carefully since from today A little special […]

Car Seat Headrest – Life Worth Missing Lyrics

As if on cue They lit a firework The sky reeled back And I ran fast to get   to   you I think you   knew Before the war began What loving to   run towards something can do to a man Fall over the edge Learn to live while falling Every laugh is […]

Foy Vance – Only The Artist Lyrics

Montague and Capulet Already sets the scene I knew you were a foolish bet But it was better to beg than bleed From the very first night we met You made me love you and I never should have left you Romeo and Juliet Nothing but a writer’s dream I remember the time when you […]

Fiery Furnaces – Chief Inspector Blancheflower Lyrics

Don’t you think it’s a little late? McVeigh’s Inn. Well I don’t know how to tell you. The wind was up, I held on my hat. What about her? Mess with Michael’s head as some kind of revenge back at me. Nowhere you’ll see. I had a dexadrine hyperactivity selective Attend to relevant Information tempo […]

Lionder – Crying In Your Sleep Lyrics

Or that’s just me? Am I that naive? Don’t ask yourself questions to find an explanation ’cause they’ve found a way to make you feel guilt It’s hard, ain’t it? [Verse 1: Lionder] Nobody can see things The way that you see things It’s impossible but they don’t get it ’cause   they   got […]

Dave Adkins – A Whole Lot More To Tell Lyrics

[Verse 1] I was in a store the other day Waiting in the checkout line I met a man behind me we started talking Just to waste time well we spoke about our family Or where we lived because Then out of the blue he turned to me and said Do you know the boat […]

Outline In Color – Broken Record Lyrics

[Bridge] This record is skipping I feel like we’re slipping away (No matter what I do I can’t seem to let go) This record is skipping I feel like we’re slipping away Get out of my head If we start to sound like a broken record If we start to sound like a broken record […]

Zaia – Waste My Time Lyrics

Tripping, need to focus deeper on your inside Fall for anything that you don’t stand by Trust, I don’t gotta lie, it ain’t in the cards Don’t confuse your abuse like it’s loving hard I gave you an inch, girl, why you gotta take a yard? Calm it down, need to pop a pill Sip […]