Gunna – Far Lyrics (feat. Young Thug)

[Intro] (Run that back, Turbo) [Chorus: Gunna] I know they ain’t think we’d make it far (Know they ain’t   think   we’d make it   far) We done bought a hundred cars We   done f*cked a hundred broads Went against the odds (Against the odds) Whole life, was trippin’ hard, now we livin’ […]

Taysav – Picture Me Lyrics

Picture me fighting for my life Picture me hiding all my life Picture me riding on a heist cause I gotta see what them hunnids like Now picture me at Diddy crib Picture me with Jay & Kim Picture me with Jay & B (?) Young niggas just tryna live Picture me in a booth […]

Chief Keef – Late 4 Dinner Lyrics (feat. Tadoe)

How I talk! (whare did my drink go?) I be, smoking gelato Cash, I need a lot more Chop you huarache My diamonds know karate (huh) You know none about me (bitch) Who got me like I got me? (skrt skrt) Hoes mad like a lot (more than you think) Moe, back up off me […]

Jon Cuenco – Right Now Lyrics

[Hook] Double 3 you should pull up right now I’m too faded for this shit I’m way higher   than   it seems Double 3   you should speed up right now Hidden   in the hills We be poppin’ all these pills Double 3 you   should   pull   up right now I’m […]

Polo G – Be Something Lyrics (feat. Lil Baby)

[Polo G:] Told ’em I was gonna be somethin’ That broke shit made me sick, big appetite with a weak stomach Ain’t had nowhere to go, nigga, I was lost in them streets runnin’ And I hit Rodeo just to get stylish, ran through three hundred Just happy I did it, nigga, nobody ever gave […]

Allday – OTT Lyrics

[Intro: Allday] Yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Allday] Two left feet CBD’in in the CBD Girls drive past, go ‘beep-beep-beep’ Straight out of Blackwood, yeah,   not   the OC But I   stay up in La Boys wanna fight,   that’s the way that they are Used to go paint on   a   train […]

NAV – Frequently Lyrics

Yeah, I’ma stack another backend, comin’ in frequently Yeah, if I ain’t doin’ shows then I’m doin’ whatever I please Yeah, hit the gas, hit the gas, car smoke, go for speed Yeah, all my pockets full but I feel like I’m on E Yeah, I just realized why they hate ’cause they wanna be […]

Yungen – Get It Lyrics (feat. G Frsh)

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook] [Pre-Hook: G FrSH] Some are getting by Some are getting more I’m gettin’ mine That’s all I know That’s all I know So this for my niggas and my bitches one time [Hook: Yungen] I ain’t ballin’ but I get it, get it (x3) If I got it I’ll spend it Real […]

Fivio Foreign – Ambition Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Lil Tjay & Fivio Foreign] Ambition (Ayy) They gon’ love me for my ambition (Lil’ bitch, ayy), oh (Bow) For that ambition   (You   know the vibes) They   owe somethin’, this is a Melo   beat (Give it to him, lil’ bitch), know the vibes Traphouse Mob (Henny, Perc’, […]

Lil Pump – Drug Addicts lyrics

[Chorus] Whole gang full of drug addicts (ooh, chyeah) Take a lot of sh*t, forgot what happened (forgot what happened) I ain’t gon’ lie, I got a habit (ooh, I got a habit) I swear to God, you can’t be on my status (I swear to God!) Start the day off with a pint (yeah, […]

Fetty Wap – Bruce Wayne Lyrics

We gon’ breeze through his driveway Hangin with me, rollin’ weed like it’s Friday Doors on my car, they go up, they go sideways Bon Appetit, let me eat, let me eat Let a nigga know, is it beef, is it beef Somethin’ in the air, Batman in the streets Jordan 14’s, Batman on my […]

Big Shaq – Man’s Not Hot (MC Mix) Lyrics

[Intro: Big Shaq] Yo Big Shaq (the one and only) I told them check the statistacs Man’s not hot Skrrat, skidi-kat-kat Boom [Verse 1: Big Shaq] Two plus two is four Minus one that’s three, quick maths Everyday man’s on the block Smoke trees See your girl in the park That girl is a uckers […]

Kodak Black – Snap Shit Lyrics

Roadrunnin’, tunnel vision, I been speedin’ with no limit for it But I ain’t never thought that it could get this far First they wanted me to win, I had all the support But once I won, they don’t love me no more ‘Cause they wanted me to win, but they ain’t want for me […]

Future & Young Thug – Mink Flow Lyrics

Diddy) I can’t let her go nowhere, she too pretty, truthfully She gone have a bad day, she ever think about crossing me I done paid all the lawyers, but they can’t talk for me When it come to closing deals, I finger f**k currency Pop a half a pill and chill, all my ice […]

Future – Mink Flow lyrics

Below are the complete “Mink Flow” lyrics by Future displayed. Mink Flow lyrics [Intro: Future & Young Thug] One penthouse, two Benz This for shorty and her girlfriend, yeah I feel like I’m Hercules, oh You gone get paid if you work for me, oh [Verse 1: Young Thug] About to feed my dogs, need […]

Rubbin off the paint – Ybn Nahmir lyrics

Im just passin a breeze I been runnin up a check that’s why these b*tches on me I been coolin layin low but I’m not takin a seat But just know a nigga back and this time I won’t leave I been runnin runnin runnin gotta check me a bag I got hunnids on my […]

Audio Push – God Speed Lyrics

type in the search box Also Read>>  Fall Lyrics – Davido Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Audio Push – God Speed Lyrics [Verse 1: Price] I been waiting I gave ’em all a head start I lost ends, lost friends But one thing I kept: heart You want pressure, let’s start […]

Ovaload – Gentleman feat. Sean Paul lyrics

Nah pull over, nah pull over You and yuh negativity fi guh overboard You too badmind, that mi discover Yuh narrow mind deh pon ovaload Wi nah pull over, nah pull over You and yuh negativity fi guh overboard You too badmind, that mi discover Yuh narrow mind deh pon ovaload. Suh do yuh thing, […]

38 – Kalim feat. Gzuz & Gringo44 songtexte

LKA, Police Department „4 Blocks“, korrupter Sergeant, El Gringo ist Target Unter Feinden – Departed, du machst Zulum wie Zalim Ratten renn’n, Speedy Gonzalez Weil 38er ladet Timer, Wecker klingelt, wake up! (x2) Oh oh, yeah, GRiNGO, Hazeflow, Neukölln. (x2) Ich sorge für großes Kino, Hamburg-Ost, Hochhaussiedlung Heute ist Zahltag, pus*y, ich baller’ mit Schrot […]