Yurodivy – Achievement Lyrics

We’re not so brave when we have to find a cure. The worst is the man who thinks nothing is worth dying for Behind the mask, the shadow becomes the shadow. A mix of disregard and apathy, but we’ll be there together, Become money gods on the rooftop of the world. It’s the nature of […]

Secret Band – Rabbit Hole Lyrics

Right? My ass a porch, and I dance for dorks I know one day I’ll be a flaccid corpse So I guess I’m aiming to not be poor I’ll battle with a flattened floor And smash my mouth till a star is born Yeah, get ’em early ‘fore their brains is formed And feed it […]

Smoke Boys – Lightwork Freestyle Pt. 2 Lyrics

Just link uncle for the food, no Kenke, now me and D on the M-way [Verse 4] At the lights, bro, press and go Big dutty, [?], tear that road Still with the goons dem, let them know Them boy got no flow, no dough Gorillas in the mist, we’ll tek that dough Any type […]

Car Seat Headrest – Hollywood Lyrics

(He was snapping his gum) Are my earbuds on the fritz? Me too You do? You know this is not for Public consumption You know nothing This is nothing That’s the slogan If you’re suffering If you’re hungry for something It’s nothing Don’t you watch the news or read the movies? No disruptions on the […]

Polo G – I Know Lyrics

Nobody love you ’til you dead, that’s when they might care Livin’ on his own and he runnin’ out of options now ‘Cause he felt like he couldn’t be his self at his momma house Hittin’ licks, missin’ school, junior year he thought ’bout droppin’ out Him against the world,.40 on him when he poppin’ […]

Lil Baby – All In Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Cook that shit up, Quay [Verse 1] My mama been told me don’t give no poor performance And whatever   you   gon’ do, just   do it Never thought ’bout doin’ music I   was tryna build my phone up Contact full of drug abusers Ridin’   around   with […]

Lil’ Baby – All In Lyrics

Man, that’s nothin’ mami I’m not bein’ funny, ah, yeah, yeah I shoulda knew you was gon’ rat the day you told me A hunnid racks in all dubs, it ain’t no foldin’ me I ain’t no puppet, ain’t with nobody controllin’ me I go LeBron when it’s crunch time, it ain’t no holdin’ me […]

WillThaRapper – SSOStyle Lyrics

Use the drugs to get high can’t afford a jet, well at least not yet I’m staying down chasing check after check Just give me a year might pull up in a vet Drop the top on a fuck nigga just to flex Breaking her back by the front it’s a tech And I got […]

He like that – Fifth Harmony lyrics

I got that pumps and a bump and you know you wanna try it.(he like that) Pumps and a bump, pumps and a bump He like the girls with the pumps and a bump Pumps and a bump, pumps and a bump I be that girl with the pumps and a bump. He like that […]

Fifth Harmony – He Like That Lyrics

[Intro: Ally & Normani] Mmm… Pumps and a bump, pumps and a bump [Verse 1: Dinah] You got that good boy attitude and yeah, I kind like it You got the tats on your arm, got a bad girl excited You put that bass in the beat, won’t you beat it up inside it? I […]

Lil Uzi Vert – Neon Guts Lyrics

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams] Yeah, yeah, yeah And I got a colorful aura Like I got neon guts Uh huh, yeah And I got a colorful aura Like I got neon guts [Verse 1: Pharrell Williams] Admit it, I move like amoeba I float in the room like I’m reefer Alien, I’m not your kind of […]

TLC – My Secret Enemy Lyrics

Gotta get away from the past If I make it I just might last Gotta get away from the past Trynna escape it but it’s movin’ too fast Gotta get away from the past If I make it I just might last Gotta get away from the past Trynna escape it but it’s movin’ too […]

Junky – Brockhampton lyrics

Feelin’ like a goner Put my life in locker Hotbox in the Hummer Hotbox in the summer If I had the option, I would do it all again If I had the option, I would do it all again I just wanna feel like I did the right program I just want to appeal to […]

Ramriddlz – Pop Rocks Lyrics

Shout out to the, one girl left my heart cold Rollin up the rockstar kush, now I’m stoned I drank too much yeah, I gotta drive home Please tell me, tell me why you calling my phone? Ramriddlz – Pop Rocks Lyrics Intro: Let me beat it up like Jaegen I just sprinkle, yeah Chorus: […]

Young Thug – Relationship Lyrics

YOUNG THUGRelationship Lyrics [Young Thug:] Shinin’ hard ’cause we back up Rose gold from your neck up You know you gon’ get stopped tryna check us Pop an X pill like we Malcolm, yeah, hey [Future:] I’m in a relationship with all my bitches, yeah I need to cut some of ’em off, I need […]

Jay Z – Smile Lyrics ft. Gloria Carter

I’m at the cleaners Launderin’ dirty money like the teamsters, huh Shout out to Hoffa back home, he in the church When I heard you got booked, that shit hurt Fear for you, bro, we know the system don’t work Take a young nigga freedom over some dirt Yet it’s legal in Colorado Yeah, we […]

Relationship – Young Thug feat. Future lyrics

No baby, your collection, won’t stand for it You know you’re in relationship with all us I get a few texts a day sayin’, “It’s all yours” I got a few states on speed dial like good drugs Get in your bag, uh, yeah, get in your bag, uh Hundred new purse for a brat, […]