Bomb The Music Industry! – This Is A Singalong Lyrics

If it’s a campaign advertisement will you please stop telling us it’s news? We found no bombs so can we move on from the spying snide America where we are no safer now than we were before, BOY. The boy who’s crying ‘Haditha’, Vietnam’s not a reference. Don’t focus on the photos. We must distract […]

McFly – Mcfly The Musical Lyrics

There’s no turning back at all from McFly M-otional after 10 years C – see my eyes are filling with tears F – it’s effortless L – like elephants! Y – ’cause we’re awesome! L! Just like McFly M! Y! In 2001, I attended an audition and became the 4th addition to the Busted 1st […]

Eric Church – Stick That In Your Country Song Lyrics

Take me on up to Detroit city Jails are full, the factories empty Mommas crying, young boys dying Under that red white and blue still flying Drop me off in Baltimore Where every other window’s got a plywood board Where dreams become drugs and guns The only way out is to shoot or run Stick […]

Bubblegum Lemonade – Just An Album Track Lyrics

[verse 1] A long player in your singles market You move his arm to get you started He spins   you   round you make   him dance You send the signal that   he’s got a chance Just an… [Chorus] Album track you Not too happy and not too blue Not too fast and […]

Mecca Normal – The Message Lyrics

Why me, why him, why her?” But the real question underlies the theme We know you have the drugs You keep them under lock and key In the west away from us And you choose who lives and dies Why him, why her, why me? You choose who lives and dies Why do you choose […]

School Gyrls – Cheater Lyrics

When I look this cute, look this cute, yeah Still, I can’t check my voicemails without hearing your voice And you send me messages through every one of your boys I think you’re obsessed with me, this is ridiculous, please I don’t need you in my world, I’m fine chilling with my girls And it’s […]

Emitt Rhodes – In The Days Of The Old Lyrics

[Verse 1] In days of old, knights were bold, we sailed across the sea To see what we could see To see what we could see [Chorus] To slay the dragon, to save the maiden, to hear the angels sing Though we weren’t quite what we seemed No, we weren’t quite what we seemed In […]

Kevin Krauter – Changes Lyrics

Waking up in the morning Sun beneath horizon’s waiting To fill my windows full of light I like the place I’m living Trees along the streets I’m walking And a warm place where I lie But I don’t mind changing No I don’t mind changing There was a song you were singing Something about a […]

Chvse – Anxiety Lyrics

Is it going bad? Are you, uh, missing out? ‘Cause I did and shit, I’m only seventeen Thought of myself as nothin’, but seen happiness ain’t guarantee Living a life that is a bear bare with the misery Y’all don’t know the half of what depression really did to me Staying up at night, wondering […]

John Hartford – Gentle On My Mind Lyrics

I still might run in silence, tears of joy might stain my face and summer sun might burn me till I’m blind, But not to where I cannot see you walkin’ on the back roads, by the rivers flowing gentle on my mind. It’s just knowing that the world will not be cursing or forgiving […]

Freedom Fry – Jesse James Lyrics

Across the plains of yesterday Another name won’t fade away We’ll go back on down the trail to Jesse James Swinging doors to old saloons Missing keys, gone out of tune We’re following the dusty steps of Jesse James Two brothers Two brothers Out to get you And there’s nothing you can do In the […]

Angelica Garcia – Karma The Knife Lyrics

Laid it on the table so everyone had a perfect view So everyone understood what kind of hell they were getting into To err’s to be human, but to gamble’s to be a fool Better not be reckless, children Pride’s the ultimate Achilles Heel I call Karma “The Knife” I lack the discipline! I’ve proven […]

JT Machinima – Dead to Me Lyrics

[Bridge 2] Why bother screaming Don’t see the point No one will hear it We’re in the void As I drift into darkness Doom is drawing near me And all along I’m screamin’ But nobody hears me [Hook] Survival’s all I’ve left to do As you become nothin’ but memory I know that I was […]

Dolly Parton – When Life Is Good Again Lyrics

When life is good again I’ll be a better friend A bigger person when Life is good again More thoughtful than I’ve been I’ll be so different then More in the moment when Life is good again I’ll open up my heart And let the whole world in I’ll try to make amends When life […]

James Taylor – Riding On A Railroad Lyrics

Take a side and step along. [instrumental and fade]. Time to time I tire of the life that I’ve been leading Town to town, day by day There’s a man up here who claims to have his hands upon the reins. We are riding on a railroad, singing some else’s song Forever standing by the […]

Willow Stephens – After The Rain Lyrics

[Verse 1] After the rain falls I feel in my bones The end of a season I’m here on my own Oh, let it pour down And baptize my mind Cause I’ve had it twisted I’ve been stuck on rewind Feel so locked in yesterday Can’t seem to shake it off I wish that it […]

Eels – Today Is The Day Lyrics

Today is the day that I chuck Everything I thought out the door Today is the day I ask myself What the hell was I living for, that’s right Today is the day it starts right here Don’t gotta thing to worry about now Today is the day it starts right here I thought about […]

Deep Purple – Sitting In A Dream Lyrics

I’m just passing time before the Ball Playing my guitar I don’t have to be where I don’t want to be at all Maybe I’ll go far Going nowhere, sitting in a dream… Ah, in a dream Sitting in a landscape full of sighs Dream away the day Making up a tune about the blueness […]