Rema – Woman Lyrics

Another banger I’m in love with plenty women I no mind marry all of them E no matter the shape or color I go make sure say I must collect I get one wey be my sponsor I get one wey dey call me honey One wey dey do me witchy-witchy She dey do like […]

Robert Nighthawk – Six Three O Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’m gonna call you tomorrow, darlin’ Call six-three-O Gonna call you tomorrow, darlin’ Call six-three-O That’ll get you a   flash   cab Will bring you   right to your daddy door [Verse 2] You know   I love you, darlin’ Ever since you’ve been my friend You know I love you, darlin’ […]

Mark Ronson – Tomorrow Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, seriously? I kinda like that Now in most places when you wake up when the sun goes down people usually frown but When you jumpin’ off it usually doesn’t make a diff-diff-difference And since me and you is the hottest things in here we gon’ get down and dance dance spin you around […]

Cupcakke – Discounts Lyrics

Yeah, must not want me to have to ask Niggas want smoke, I pass the gas Milkin’ this shit like half and half Two nights of the Drac’, that’s back to back I had a nigga that text my phone like "Bae, get ready, go pack a bag" Said he on his way, in the […]

Boss Bytch – What You Looking At Lyrics

Nigga HELL NAW!, so nigga f*ck YOU! [Hook] Hey what you lookin’ at, (huh) Hey what you wanna do, (huh) Hey what you lookin’ at, (huh) Hey what you wanna do, (huh) Hey what you lookin’ at, (huh) Hey what you wanna do, (uh huh) Yeah, motherf*cka I’m talkin’ to you Hey what you lookin’ […]

Don Toliver – Weekend Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ooh-oooh, ayy Oooh-ooh, ay-yeaah [Chorus] I sent her to Chicago ’cause she love to swallow (Sent her to   Chicago) I   put her center   stage, like this here Apollo (Did   this shit Apollo) She gon’ get way drunk off the whole bottle I don’t know, (Don’t know what […]

Melanie Martinez – Fire Drill Lyrics

Would you post about it? Why don’t you dress like me?” So is that what you really wanna say to me? It kills, I wish the best for you And you think I ignore you too, but Really, I’m tryna live my own life And be present more, and so should you, it’s alright to […]

Megan Thee Stallion – Girls in the Hood Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Fuck bein’ good, I’m a bad bitch (Ah) I’m sick of motherfuckers tryna tell me how   to   live (Fuck y’all) Wack   hoes hate under my pictures on   the ‘Gram (Ugh) Bitch, you better hope I never run across   your   man,   uh In the […]

Soul Demise – Trapped In A Body Lyrics

All over sudden something was extremely wrong The “system” went down with a supersonic bang Due to unknown reasons far beyond control A reliable mechanism refused to work Much to soon it turned out as a fatal mistake To believe in human technology nonetheless a fake [Chorus] No dignity at all – regarded by physicians […]

Lil’ Yachty – Don’t Forget Lyrics

I need a ten first (Yes) Times ten more (Yes) Bitch, we be on and off since I was a sophomore (Yes) Waiting for your move, Dr. Hawthorne And I started touring (Uh-huh) [Chorus] So you ain’t fell in love with my money? Bitch, I ain’t a dummy (Uh-huh) You always seem to leave when […]

State Radio – Black Welsh Mountain Lyrics

Running upon her She a baby wife on my way through the dark Since too long you’ll be mine Black welsh mountain I’ll see you there How you love my face I wanna know all about I wanna know darling As the wind blows He’s got his best clothes He says I need you the […]

Lil’ Yachty – T.d Lyrics

I’m runnin’ the maps I run it like laps, they runnin’ in last I might overlap and won’t double back ’cause my past is my past They all from my path and part on my back She wanted a bag, wanted some Raf Mines came with a name, hers came with some change We want […]

Fat Joe & Remy Ma – Spaghetti Lyrics (feat. Kent Jones)

[Hook: Remy Ma] Flashing fetti and jewels, they slurping on spaghetti Up at Vito’s with noodles, they slurping on spaghetti Stash the work in the Buick, they slurping on spaghetti In the back of that Uber, they smoking on spaghetti Flashing fetti and jewels, they slurping on spaghetti Up at Vito’s with noodles, they slurping […]

Chief Keef – Late 4 Dinner Lyrics (feat. Tadoe)

How I talk! (whare did my drink go?) I be, smoking gelato Cash, I need a lot more Chop you huarache My diamonds know karate (huh) You know none about me (bitch) Who got me like I got me? (skrt skrt) Hoes mad like a lot (more than you think) Moe, back up off me […]

D-block Europe – Free 22 Lyrics

Virgil, this t-shirt ain’t even out I got therapy so they hear me out I need help, someone make me feel better now I got the devil inside, can I let him out? (Ooh, Jony) [Dirtbike LB:] Nothing good lasts, it will end in a minute Love when you smile and I love when you […]

Simi – Joromi Lyrics

[Verse] Joromi Joromi I want you to love me Joromi baby Joromi Joro Kiode? Kilode Joro I dey give you signal (joromi) Why you no dey see me ah (joromi) I give you green light tire (joromi Joro) Omo kilon bubble o (Joromi) Make you no dey fumble o (Joromi) I go shoot my shot […]

R2bees – Over Lyrics

Are you ready to listen ma toli oo ee Since sarafina i no dey love again, ey If no be today wey she telling me gobe oo ee She no go follow to the end She no go follow to the end If she say show me to another man ee Later today they will […]

Louis The Child & Wrabel – Too Close Lyrics

Too close, too close for comfort How can I be your friend when I wanna be your lover? Too close (Too close), too close for comfort How can I be your friend when I wanna be your lover? [Verse 1] We used to say Maybe one day there’d be more to this friendship But we […]