Rhys Langston – Mixed Media Lyrics

Proximity feeling me inside the Back of lines I’ve never felt this Stronger than when I’m inside My own ———— Mixed media Langstónia Came to breathe Puckered up Kiss never soul, feet To toes Acrylic rhythm, bold Wax, mould Stream, fold; Encaustic lump Canvass the neck (Galaga shirt, castle brick Slow reflect) Public Solitudes Test […]

Styles P – Time Lyrics

[Intro] Gotta feel the vibes, you know Just go with it Light somethin’ up, turn this shit up Lay   back,   listen to me,   for real Space Ghost, you know Hahaha, it’s   my time, as always (Vinny Idol, nigga) [Verse 1] If you kick it on   the   strip,   you […]

Dave East – Handsome Lyrics

[Intro] Soundin’ like it’s ‘post to, nigga [Verse 1] I won’t break the code, young nigga tryin’ not to   die We   just prayed that   we’d get old My niggas is gone If   they not in the field, I won’t put their name   in   a   song I been in […]

URLtv – Math Hoffa vs Dose Lyrics

He the type to wonder why his son and his best friend look so much alike I never been a pussy nigga, tell me what it’s like Fronting like you hard, then running for ya’ fucking life ‘Cause when this lil’ nigga see the iron You gon’ see him flying down the block like deer […]

Bones – CharacterSelect Lyrics

[Verse 1] You ain’t really high on the zip zips (boy) You could do it to one named Zip Zip (nada) Zero competition so they bitch piss I get on this stage and this whip rip They say they don’t wanna do it like you do, Bones You radiating some like your Bluetooth on The […]

Chamillionaire – In The Trunk Lyrics

(innnn the trunk) [Verse 1] I heard somebody say that the South ain’t got no lyricists Well ‘bang bang’ at the game like everyone down here is pissed You lookin for the truth then look no further, here it is Turn it up a notch so they can not say they not hearin this They […]

Talkin s**t – YoungBoy Never Broke Again lyrics

Niggas hungry for that bread Catch you slippin’ then you dead Versuri-lyrics.info B***h it’s off with yo head That s**t you put, no we don’t play it. Gave baby Joe a draco tell them pus*y niggas lay low, b*tch i’m aiming for the pesos, yeah Gave baby Joe a draco tell that pus*y keep his […]

Wiz Khalifa – In The Air Lyrics

WIZ KHALIFAIn The Air Lyrics Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa You’ve been lost with them rookies Young Khalifa on this pro shit So sick of standin still I could get you in motion Trips out in the sand Rollin swishers by the ocean Toastin, private seats on the cloud and we ghostin Used to play the […]

Ali Vegas – From The Ghetto Lyrics

is off Shed tears to get em’ off I rep for all my brothers caught in the jam Up north in the can, I know they keep forcin your hand Play your cards right, Ain’t no more livin off the land Then it’s back to dominos, I whistle at all kinds of hoes If rhymes […]

Hopsin – Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4 Lyrics

” She say, “It’s simple, Marcus I wanna blow it before you put it in like a Nintendo cartridge” Bitch, I’m hotter than a UV ray Hotter than the thought of Nicki Minaj naked, making her booty shake Hot enough to pull up to your show and steal your groupie date Hot enough to melt […]

LIL WAYNE – Loyalty lyrics

Ok, I’m shining, beaming, glossing Big timing, stunting and flossing Dangerous, approach with caution If I sneeze, you in a coffin Chasing paper, we do that often Two bad bitches, thick like horses Let ’em snort cocaine at a party Leave ’em stiff like rigormortis Don’t try to race, this car got horses The pint […]

Ape in His Apex

Maybe the best act Nevermind that, shit don’t matter Bet I rhyme clever lines, shit don’t matter Every line except for mine, shit [?] Forever I’m millimeter nine gorilla ether divine Shit to share, shoot the fair, shot a gun Shoot the shit ’til your shit shot, shoulda shot a fair one (Damn) The nicest […]

Watcha Gon’ Do?

I don’t know you yet but I’m trying to I leave your mind blew if you don’t mind trying to climb through New portals on time yeah I think it’s time to Never slip up, one of the homies get picked up Sell all the whips and switch the cribs up Get my dick sucked […]

Black Clouds

Probably never Poppin’ my shit, then I’m backin’ it up like I’m Conor McGregor Homie too real, too honest, too clever Too much to handle for you to confront Too low for me, dog, I’m high and I’m drunk I ain’t gon’ stoop to your level Motherfuckers really roaches like the end of the blunt […]

Tabby – Cranston (White Trash Album)

More like the filling of zits Gifted as shit My lines Keanu’s seen in green tint Achoo (bless you) Why do he care when mucus airborne? So fucked for dollars, caught wallet whacking off to Dare Dorm (okay) I’m in rare form, got holographic skin Don’t care for thirsty bitches taking swigs of fella’s styles […]