JT Machinima – Dead to Me Lyrics

[Bridge 2] Why bother screaming Don’t see the point No one will hear it We’re in the void As I drift into darkness Doom is drawing near me And all along I’m screamin’ But nobody hears me [Hook] Survival’s all I’ve left to do As you become nothin’ but memory I know that I was […]

Lil Yachty – Demon Time Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1: Draft Day] Told her, “Don’t wait for me” Your time is up, better save it, please I just ran   up   me a eighty   piece (Ayy) She on her knees suckin’   dick like she pray to me Doggin’ that bitch ’til her face full of Maybelline In […]

Youngblood Brass Band – A Gust Inside The God Lyrics

Whoa A death: one on my bed for breakfast My best hope: make it hot and forget this Make good on a promise to rep this Make fire by sparking a set list Have a ball, set a light, throw it up, don’t look, do work Just keep walking Cause it’s all just a night […]

Lil’ Wayne – Dedication 2 Lyrics

Lemme catch my breath… {breathing} Ok… p*ssy-ass.. Heads to them Katrina victims, we still mobbin’ Shiny black coupe at night look like a goblin AK on the backseat, baby it’s so-{*record rewinds*} Wake up motherf*ckers it’s Weezy, you got a problem? p*ssy-ass.. Heads to them Katrina victims, we still mobbin Shiny black coupe at night […]

Smoke Boys – Lightwork Freestyle Pt. 2 Lyrics

Just link uncle for the food, no Kenke, now me and D on the M-way [Verse 4] At the lights, bro, press and go Big dutty, [?], tear that road Still with the goons dem, let them know Them boy got no flow, no dough Gorillas in the mist, we’ll tek that dough Any type […]

Slowly Slowly – Creature Of Habit Lyrics

I think we need to figure out who’s coming to your birthday – 2 thousand online’s a pretty bad strike rate Making up words with my brother in the back seat Stained glass pine trees I think that’s where you’ll find me Now I gotta think about my wrists when I ollie And now I […]

Wild Wes – Real Tip Lyrics

The real tip is the beat It’s the real tip [Skit] Hey, that was whack You hating on him? The real tip is the beat It’s the real tip [Outro Skit] Okay, that was better The beat though I gotta get better bars Peace!! Yo, I’m doing great   man Yo   Wild Wes my […]

Zacari – Don’t Trip Lyrics

Yeah trippin’ out, trippin’ over nothin’ I’m always honest Pause, I don’t owe you nothin’ [Refrain] Yeah, I’m through (I’m through) Everything’s movin’ in slow motion (Slow-mo) Yeah, I’m through Everything’s movin’ in slow motion (Slow-mo) [Chorus] What you, what you trippin’ on, trippin’ on, trippin’ on me for? If I don’t want you, I’ll […]

Heather Cole – Games Lyrics

Building these games up in our minds Trying to find the truth that we hide Pretending that   we’re   bulletproof I don’t wanna   show you What’s going on in my   head Thinking bout what you said Last night on the phone You tried to play it cool but we know You think […]

Migos – Racks 2 Skinny Lyrics

(Huh?) Damn (Damn) She stick on a bag and went on this bitch to clock out (Go) I pulled the F&N out of my drawers She thought I was pullin’ my cock out (Cock out) If you touch one of us, we bust your little bitty shit get shot down (Rah) You’re not one of […]

Robb Bank$ – Knock Ya Self Out Lyrics

(Come on) Don’t make me knock yo ass out Oh you modelin’ momma? (SSET), what it stand for? “f*ck Every Month ‘Til they Obey”, yes sir (SSET) [Interlude: Robb Bank$ & Jadakiss] Wah, wah wah wah, wah wah wah, wak (Knock ya self out) [Chorus: Pharrell Williams, Jadakiss, & Robb Bank$] Oh you modelin’ momma? […]

John Smith – Blunderbussintro Lyrics

[Scratch Intro] “John” “Here me coming” “John” “Here me coming” “John” “Here me coming” [Verse One] For a short period of time the beers were sworn off And it was getting ridiculous so the beards been shorn off It was exciting, the plastic of my own CD’s getting torn off The novelty hasn’t worn off […]

Shordie Shordie – Pablo Lyrics

That, that was for niggas that, that said I couldn’t rap No rap cap [Intro] I’m ready to rock on, c’mon lemme rock on Ohhh, Pablo (YG made this beat for me) Ohhh [Verse 1] Mob rules, don’t know what you saying, don’t know what it’s bout Goggles, I seen through the rain, never seen […]

Edgar Allan Poe – Hop Frog Lyrics

He knew that Hop-Frog was not fond of wine, for it excited the poor cripple almost to madness; and madness is no comfortable feeling. “What- what- what are you making that noise for?” demanded the king, turning furiously to the dwarf. The animals in question had, at the epoch of my story, very rarely been […]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Top Files Lyrics

(Hand) We loadin’ up, takin’ back what’s ours (Takin’) Uncle died breakin’ in a house, this shit so grimy (So grimy) He gon’ do that time to take your time, the shit’s so slimy (Slimy) Inside a house, split a bedroom, I guess what I miss (What I miss) Inside the streets where I lay, […]

Avril Lavigne – We Are Warriors Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] We’ll pick our battles ’cause we know we’re gonna win the war (Win the war) We’re   not   rattled ’cause we   shattered all of this before (This   before) Steadier than steel ’cause we’re ready with a shield and   sword   (Shield   and sword) Back on […]

Napoleon Da Legend – 7th Sense Lyrics (feat. Bbass)

[Napoleon Da Legend x BBass hook] We are warriors we never quit We’ll keep on fighting till we die If the stars were to fall thru the sky Well break out shell and rise, back to the light [Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] From his ashes, the Phoenix’ll rise Defeat the frauds, I can see […]

Nba Youngboy – Top Files Lyrics

Yeah, we gon’ pop his head tonight (Pop), we gon’ knock him off tonight (Pop) Pop, pop, pop, pop Ohh-ohh-ohh Or for murderin’ ones who murdered our brothers? (Hand) We loadin’ up, takin’ back what’s ours (Takin’) Uncle died breakin’ in a house, this shit so grimy (So grimy) He gon’ do that time to […]