Tommy Robinson Arrested After Trying to Film Alleged Rapists

In March, Mr. A spokesman for Kent Police said: “On Wednesday, officers attended an address in Luton, Bedfordshire, and arrested a 34-year-old man for contempt of court. “The arrest is in relation to an incident at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday (May 8).” Tommy was arrested at his home at 04:30 this morning on charges […]

Moise The Dude – Lambada Lyrics

Et ce serait pas mal que tu ramènes un peu ton cul par là Je suis   pas   un rappeur lambda,   on dansera pas la lambada D’ailleurs je   préfère que tu t’intéresses à l’homme L’artiste on l’emmerde, et la pudeur on l’enterre La question de savoir si tu fais partie des connasses […]

Hanzel Und Gretyl – I Am Bad Luck Lyrics

My sacrament is black My ritual bewitched For here lies the afflicted Screaming on the eclipse All things in ruin Broken talismans around My bones lie in pieces Sinking into the ground Ride along, ride along On the burning path For I am bad luck I’m the evil black Ride along, ride along On the […]

Laylow – Trinityville Lyrics

[Refrain] Pleins phares, pleine lune sur la ville Flamme sort du pot d’échappement quand je navigue Elle est prête, elle veut l’faire sur le parking Pleins phares, pleine lune sur (oh yeah yeah) Pleins phares, pleine lune sur la ville Flamme sort du pot d’échappement quand je navigue Elle chauffe mon cœur sur le parking […]

Thaide & Dj Hum – Desabafo De Um Homem Pobre Lyrics (feat. Lino Crizz)

Cadê o cano?” Eu digo: “Senhor! Deve estar havendo algum engano” E ele responde: “Não to te perguntando…” E me dá um pé-do-ouvido, sabe como é? [Introdução] Certa vez, trocando ideia com um camarada Senti que ele estava muito revoltado com alguma coisa Então desabafou: [Verso 1] Está chegando a hora To indeciso, não se […]

Bishop Nehru – Emperor Lyrics

[Chorus] They better witness the emperor They better watch for the reign I’m bout to raise up the   temperature I’m   bout to bring   in the flame I see that they   moving sinister They tryna play with my pain They gonna witness the emperor They gon’ remember the name I see that […]

Suga Free – Damn Lyrics

(yep, shit) Spend the night with me! And uh, if it’s good to you, it must be good for you, and do what the Mob say do. Lady! And, damn baby! And, damn baby! (Yep) Do you know who I am? She held it and let it happen, probably crying to sleep Cuz I got […]

Black Eyed Peas – Street Livin’ (On The Late Show) (Live)

If you ain’t dead, you can see imprisonment [Verse 3:] It’s more niggas in the prisons than there ever slaves cotton picking There’s more niggas that’s rotting in the prisons than there ever slaves cotton picking So, how we gon’ get out the trap? Guns or books, sell crack or rap Street livin’, hustle […]

Black Eyed Peas – Street Livin’

You can take action or take a dick Listen, you can get fucked by the system Or you can say fuck the system No education in the hood, got a nigga confused [Verse 2: Taboo] Street livin’, tough conditions Brainwashed by the television We lost in the war we live in Double cross love lost […]

Joyner Lucas – Bank Account (Remix)

What you know about Ramen Noodles, and a pack of sazon seasoning What you know about leaving the oven door open when there’s no heat again And the rent is due and your landlord try to throw you out on the streets again Nigga, I was only dreaming of a Bentley and a fucking Lamborghini […]

Nightmare on Ice: How Tonya Harding Became the Forever-Villain to Nancy Kerrigan’s Olympic Hero in One Whirlwind Month of Madness

Asked if she would mind Kerrigan automatically getting one of the two spots available, Tonya Harding told reporters, “It’s not my decision to make. Kerrigan married her agent Jerry Solomon in 1995 and they welcomed the first of their three children together in 1996. “My family has never believed that my brother had anything to […]

Future – Drip On Me lyrics

Wheezy beats [Chorus: Future] All this drip on me (Pluto) Gotta keep an extra clip on me (I swear, yeah, yeah) Keep it on me like ID (Future) Ain’t no swag for free (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Freebandz) Yeah, trappin’ out the Wraith in the winter (whatcha doin’) Yeah, I’m trappin’ out the Wraith […]

Equipe enervee – Jul feat. Norey fz paroles

(x2) Braquages, prison, fourgons, bedos, là on perd la vue Parloirs-fantôme, tu reviens-pas, mets les dans ta vueee. Appelle les poulets j’ai du salami, j’leur ris au nez comme une Salamandre Rase toi la chatte j’vais t’faire du sale la miss J’ai la queue en feu appelle moi: Salamèche J’vais tous les baiser ça c’est […]

Inabalaveis – Mc Choice letra

Seremos inabalaveis para sempre Seguimos inabalaveis para sempre Seguimos inabalaveis para sempre Chega de sermos invisíveis Seguimos inabalaveis para sempre Seremos inabalaveis para sempre Seremos inabalaveis para sempre Hora de sermos invencíveis Hora de sermos invencíveisss. Fê! Quem disse? Células desses corpos se transformarão em cédulas Vocês viraram porcos, eu cansei de cuspir pérolas Previ […]

Sarrazin – Yl paroles

Ramène la tonne pour mon sarrazin La plus bonne des bonnes pour mon sarrazin J’prépare un album pour mes sarrazins Sarrazin sarrazin sarrazinnn. Ramène la tonne pour mon sarrazin La plus bonne des bonnes pour mon sarrazin J’prépare un album pour mes sarrazins Sarrazin sarrazin sarrazin. On prend des grosse peines, faut s’taire Cramé dans […]

Vietato ai deboli – Laioung testo

Con i miei negri tu balli la samba C’hai la ricetta ma non hai la salsa Siete le iene e io sono Mufasa Il rap non fa per te tua madre è persuasa Elimina il tuo account Youtube Non scherzare con me che ti entro dentro casa Nasconditi dietro Youtube Non farmelo fare Ogni pezzo […]

Chief Keef – Mailbox

We ain’t tryna hear that nigga, you know I’m a real ass nigga Know I gotta get cash nigga, You know I want it real bad nigga My young niggas run down on you, treat you like a lil ass nigga Bitches see the ice, they see the cars, they see the Benz they in […]

Mailbox – Chief Keef lyrics

What’s yo address nigga? Niggas be really knowin’, b*tches be really goin Look up and the ceiling gone, that a*s I’m feelin’ on Need a Christina Milian, I could pop me a wheelie on Bout to go get some more chains Like I ain’t got enough jewelry on Went to the trap last night, and […]

King of the Dot – Ness Lee vs Pass Lyrics

If you was ghost-producing, ghostwriting, giving other niggas your illest quotes Just to get dropped and get no credit, I guess he still a ghost But you still be like “Yeah I was on Interscope, it wasn’t no big deal” Yo quit trying to be a humble bragger You don’t even get enough credit for […]