Def Leppard – We Belong Lyrics

DEF LEPPARDWe Belong Lyrics Sometimes I feel I don’t belong here Sometimes I just don’t feel I feel so uninvited A wound that never heals I need a little shelter Just for a little while Sometimes I hide the sadness Behind a painted smile If you cast the first stone I will roll it away […]

Bad Boys Blue – Love Really Hurts Without You Lyrics

So give me a sign. But I can’t stop the pain inside me. And it’s breaking my heart but what can I do. And you make like a queen on the action. But don’t you know I’m out of my mind. That helps to ease the pain inside me. You’re running around town. The way […]

Mike Tramp – The Good, The Sad And The Ugly Lyrics

When I think of the joy you bring me Being just who you are Everyday that I don’t have you near me I am all falling apart Do you know you’re all I live for Without you there wouldn’t be much I will always make peace when you wage war I love you my beautiful […]

Luke Bryan – Build Me a Daddy Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] A boy walks past a window of a glowin’ open sign Full of wooden toys and   trucks   and painted trains Rings   a bell up on the counter,   hands a picture to the man Of a kid beside a soldier smiling away Said, “Sir, I’ve heard you […]