Westside Gunn – Michael Irvin Lyrics

(Ah) Shootin’ out the Lambo truck ’til I was tired (Brr, boom, boom, boom, boom) Cases everywhere, burned a hole in the tire Made his whole face lock up, my shit fire (Ah) Forties in the buffs, but today, I wore the wires (But today, I wore the wires) Don’t talk too loud, lord, he […]

Pop Smoke – West Coast Shit Lyrics

Niggas gotta say it’s him Wanna copy my flow, I switch this shit again Niggas ain’t put the work, they don’t celebrate the win When you was ballin’ with your bitch, I was shootin’ in the gym, motherfucker, ah [Chorus: Pop Smoke & Quavo] Pop Smoke, I’m on some west coast shit (Pop Smoke) In […]

Keylan Bankston – Fucked Up Lyrics

I got some ‘dawgs thats out here f*cked up That can’t seem to get on their   feet   and its f*cked   up You give someone a place to   sleep and then they f*ck it up and act like   you   ain’t   help them eat,   ain’t that f*cked   up […]

Yo Gotti – Recession Proof Lyrics

That nigga probably ain’t your friend Bein’ greedy, that’s a sin (Not over here) Bosses gotta feed their men (Always) Real leaders got to lead the way All the way to the end Negotiations with the label No cap, fifty mill’ on the table (Real, for real) They know money can’t persuade ’em (Not me) […]

Kick The Robot – Whenever You’re Blue Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ve been searching for some kind of open door That’ll lead me straight to you I’ve been caught in this mess, think hard under distress And I don’t know what to do [Pre-Chorus 1] Here we are just waiting at the bar All those things that you said weren’t far From the truth […]

Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Slip Lyrics

[Chorus] Held still by all the tomorrows I caught you catching rainbows Just living it, take what you get Just kinda soak it in While I’m stuck on someplace, somewhere over it [Verse 1] Pretending to sleep, don’t bother talking to me But these shaky knees and my ADHD Give me away, hate being awake […]

Cage – Echelon Lyrics

Satellites are beaming information rays defying description Telecommunication it never will be freed from their encryption Capture the words that you say. Appalling indignations they’re invading our lives, Oh what does it mean? Filtering dictionaries Nowhere to run nowhere to hide, how will we ever escape? What if there is something they don’t want you […]

Bankrol Hayden – Drop A Tear Lyrics (feat. Lil Baby)

When I stand on my team, do you understand? Buckin’ the law, give a f*ck ’bout your plan When I hop out my car, my gun in my hand Niggas switch up and I don’t even know why, it’s so many shit I don’t understand I can’t drop no tears now I’ve been cold for […]

August Alsina – Fly Far Lyrics

I’m really hopin’ you would chime in [Pre-Chorus] Maybe if I Knew better, I would do better Find a family and make my crew better Instead of givin’ loyalty to whoever Tired of dealin’ with the hurt [Chorus] Dear God, make me a bird So I can fly far Fly far Far, far away from […]

Gue Pequeno – Ti Ricordi? Lyrics

Mi hai chiesto se ti amavo, io ho glissato Ho preso, speso, colpi, soldi più di quelli, frate’, che ho incassato Ero sballato ad Amsterdam, quasi cadevo nei canali Vestito Karl Kani, mentre i Pitbull legati Alla panchina, fra’, la sradicavano E i graffiti giù in banchina raccontavano la city Ai tempi in cui mio […]

Needtobreathe – Who Am I Lyrics

Who am I, who am I, who am I To be loved by You? Who am I, who am I, who am I? Last night, confidence was shaken My wounds and my past was saying No one should ever love me like You do Oh, while I’m on this road You take my hand Somehow […]

Gue Pequeno – Stanza 106 Lyrics

[Testo di “Stanza 106”] [Strofa 1] Ho un cervello ed un cazzo in competizione Una parola sola riguardo a cose e persone   (Sola   una) Tutto ciò è   riferito a fatti reali (Ah-ah) Ho due   gambe, due palle, tre pali Sputtanati ai quattro venti in droghe e donne d’affari Cinque plug in […]

Krickz – Flow Lyrics (feat. Nairo, Seko & Pac Pacino)

[Part 1: Krickz] (K, ah) Man, ich fick meinen Kopf mit fremden Problemen In dieser Welt bleiben Kämpfer bestehen Man ich habe den Rap in den Genen, den Flow in den Blutbahnen Vergesse die Regeln – Pam pam Wer ist hier cool, digga bald in der Backspin, wie Fler Interviews Wer hat mich gebeeft, der […]

Kid Astronaut – Wavesss Lyrics (feat. Ab Rule & Jay Triiiple)

Hook (Kid Astronaut) Waves like California We just left the party We’re just tryna’ kick it Not f*ck with   nobody Living   for the moment Just   having a good time Celebrating our lives Celebrating   all night And it’s Verse One (Ab-Rule) I touched down in LA just   to   party I’m […]

Tion Wayne – Be Like That Lyrics

I can never be like that I can never be like that Never be like that I can never be like that I can never (x3) Be like that [Verse 1: Tion Wayne] Caught with some racks in a beamer Glad I buss case like Tulisa My country connect that’s my geezer He’s on speed […]

Krickz – Farbe Lila Lyrics

Bean Hab’ ein [?] und Victory School, Disney und Tarzan, I keep it real Ich gucke alle Animes auf Pokito TV Diese Welt von heute, hat mir meine Ziele geraubt Und wenn du glaubst, diese Welt gibt dir ‘ne dicke Vision Dann bist du irre oder lebst einfach hinter dem Mond [Hook] Mann, ich brauche […]