Napoleon Da Legend – Wailing Wall Lyrics

For everything you gain there’s a cost And I found infinite abundance when I tap in the source I ain’t done looking back from I came from Book I can’t stop reading, I let the page run So as you listen to this now pat on yourself on the back Cause you made it this […]

Neffex – Here To Stay Lyrics

[Verse 1] Gotta get it, know I gotta get it Got the sun settin’ fast ’cause the winter always winnin’ And I’m so sick of class, always feeling like I’m in it My mistakes never pass, goin’ back to the beginnin’, uh I steal eyes, thats my prize And to my surprise, a milli came […]

J-Stalin – D-boy Blues 2010 Lyrics

[Verse 1] No diploma, the corner was my high school Born on the curb something that the ghetto made Jump off the coast selling dope in the 7th grade Where I’m from you wasn’t shit if you wasn’t paid Watched the cocaine spread like AIDS Hustlers trying to survive the task force raids Playing with […]

R. Kelly – I Admit Lyrics

Show me the way (oh) The only thing I have left is my voice, and now I have to use it for my protection (my voice, yeah) ‘Cause they left me no choice (no choice) See my work has nothing to do with my private life So stay the fuck out of my business and […]

Nasty C – SMA Lyrics

Say something now Are you choking? End up falling for you I find myself calling for you Into the dark I followed you but I should’ve knew this ain’t the type of shit I’d go through Send me away Send me away Send me away Send me away Send me away Send me away [Bridge: […]

Mr. Probz – Space For Two (R3HAB Remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1] She set my ’94 four door Ford on fire today So I took her favorite pair of diamond earrings and I pawned them away So she walked in the kitchen full of dishes and she broke every plate She might be the death of me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way […]

Katy Perry – My Boyfriend’s Ex Girlfriend Lyrics

[Verse 1] One day I was sitting in class ”Gotta know”, they’d said “Watch your back” Someone told me who it was from She wasn’t happy ‘Cause she just got dumped It was over But not in her mind It’s not my fault he left her behind I always knew they had a history I […]

Cozz – “Ignorant Confidence” Lyrics

– Same Thang [New Music] Cozz – Grey Goose [New Music] Cozz – All Eyez On Me [New Music] Cozz & Correy C. hah That’s how you hit a lick, boy Told you that sh*t would work, n*gg* Ay, you know you need to holla at our girl today now that we got all this […]

Migos – Beast lyrics

[Intro: Baka] Murda on tha beat so it’s not nice [Chorus: Quavo] Beast She a lil, she a lil beast She a lil beast (beast) She a lil, she a lil beast (beastie) She a lil beast (beast) She a lil, she a lil beast (beast) She a lil beast Love to walk around on […]

Cozz – Ignorant Confidence Lyrics

got a whole line Got a main bitch and a side bitch But honestly dog they both mine The status grow, and the asses show No money but I have to have the gold Man, you gotta do what you got to We stole because we got to That’s what nigga’s on the block do […]

Tech N9ne – Tech N9ne (Don’t Nobody Want None) Lyrics

Tecca Nina, we’re outin’ a feast Yeah, another sucker lost tryna uppercut a boss Wanna break it on me? I’ll break a motherfucker off Thinking that you could handle’s a gamble We lit as a candle, damn your clan look nothing but scandals And taking the L You facing to fail, shaking the whale And […]

Young Thug – MLK Lyrics

Come here, gon’ tell you how to get that cheese, macaroni Spent all my tour money on the ring Told ’em, “Go ‘head, get everything they fuckin’ see,” yeah I grew my shit like I’m Mad Dog I got a white and a black dog I swear now that he’s on Adderall Look in my […]

Uncle Murda – Rap Up 2017 Lyrics

Niggas was just hype to see Ma$e finally fight back Oracle was cool but it wasn’t no Ether Ma$e going to hell for acting like he a preacher The 2Pac movie was wack Ask Kevin Hart Maino shooting 2Pac up was my favorite part Starz gave 50 a hundred mil He put me in a […]

URLtv – Loaded Lux vs. Midwest Miles Lyrics

“In my mom’s roof I’m hostage, can’t fondle my ostrich Got a job moving boxes” I pitch the trap grams Put down that same hustle, distribute rap jams My disc get wrapped, scanned – my lyrics backhand More DVD niggas tried to put me on the cam than a Diplomat fan He don’t click and […]

G-Eazy – Eazy Lyrics

I seen an open lane and I drove straight through it [Pre-Hook] If it was easy, everyone would do it This game is not… [Hook] Easy, easy Pull out your heart to make the being alone Easy, easy Pull out your heart to make the being alone [Spoken] I literally sold all my shit I […]

JEEZY – American Dream lyrics

Ya’ll make this sh*t sound so easy Breezy, turn on the TV, see these niggas that trap on the CD Meanwhile, back home, my niggas sell crack in the BP Hoping one day they can [beat the?] Niggas is there on the screen Cause that’s the American Dream Now here go the thing, listen Hysterical […]

G-Eazy – No Less Lyrics

When we look in these mirrors, are we seein’ smoke? And this might be the realest shit I wrote Love’s a challenge, but this ain’t gotta be difficult [Chorus: Louis Mattrs & SG Lewis] I won’t settle for no less Give you my hardest, no rest I just wanna do you right I hold heaven […]


But, I guess the spotlight breeds envy But, tempt me with one wrong move I can put it in your life, either way, I don’t lose Hit the snooze Drinking booze, I’m a fool with the tool Buried in the backyard with an underground pool $uicideboy$, go and kill yourself Doing drug after drug, dog, […]

SIGRID – Strangers lyrics

[Verse 1] Just like in the movies It starts to rain and we We’re the broken beauties Blindfolded minds collide and we fall [Pre-Chorus] When the curtain drops Our touch is just a touch Not like in the movies Our story’s after the end [Chorus] Like strangers Perfect pretenders We’re falling head over heels For […]