Lil’ Durk – Doin Too Much Lyrics

(Let’s get it) I can’t imagine going back broke (Hold on) You’ll stay rich when you claim you poor (Poor) You broke my heart, but you claim you know (Know) It is what it is, you know what you know (Yeah) I am the realest, for real, for sure (For sure) If bro’nem gon’ turn […]

Stalley – Heavy Lifting Lyrics

[Intro] Jansport J, Jansport J Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Correct [Verse 1] Suede slippers in a [?] palace Kick my feet up   off   this rap this   shit, it pays me well Skunk smell   from the paper rollin’ (Whoo) XL pockets for all the cash I’m holdin’ This ain’t a joke […]

Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Rover Lyrics

Ah Ice out my wrist like I broke it ah Driving the whip like It’s stolen Ooo Bustin that p*ssy wide open Yea She let me hit from the back I got it wet got it soakin Don’t Know how to feel sober She gone Ride on that dick like a rover Haaa nigga you […]

Rhys Lewis – What Wild Things Were Lyrics

[Verse 1] And I still remember the turn of the leaves And the first signs of blossom on   our   cherry trees And I   still hear rivers from old memories I   still dare at starlight, but only in dreams [Chorus] ‘Cause we broke   the   home   that we had And […]

Golden Gate Quartet – Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’ Lyrics

[Chorus] Stalin wasn’t stallin’ When he told the beast of Berlin That they’d never rest contented Till they had driven him from the land So he called the Yanks and English And proceeded to extinguish The Führer and his vermin This is how it all began [Verse 1] Now, the Devil, he was reading In […]

Hulvey – Cold Water Lyrics

[Intro] Ayeyoungjordan Welcome to paradise [Chorus] I can feel the cold water I can finally hear You calling I think I   see   the morning, yeah Done   running from the moment, yeah I’m coming   out of cold water [Verse 1] Time and time, and time again I know that I saw my […]

Polo G – Be Something Lyrics (feat. Lil Baby)

[Polo G:] Told ’em I was gonna be somethin’ That broke shit made me sick, big appetite with a weak stomach Ain’t had nowhere to go, nigga, I was lost in them streets runnin’ And I hit Rodeo just to get stylish, ran through three hundred Just happy I did it, nigga, nobody ever gave […]

Future – Posted With Demons Lyrics

Yeah I was tryin’ to tell you, "Be cool," ’cause I ain’t never wanna see you goin’ through it I ain’t even have to trap no more ’cause I was doing it too fluently I told myself I would never rob nobody and then end up doin’ it (Who dat, Trell?) Came off the block, […]

Caskey – If I Gotta Die Lyrics

[Chorus] And if I gotta die, I pray I touch a lot of deals Countin’ up a   lot   of blue face   dollar bills I was at the bottom   for a while, standin’ still Now I’m at the top floor,   countin’   up   a mill And if   I gotta […]

Matthew Good – Had It Coming Lyrics

It pays the bills, the bills add up” So you go to bed and dream You wake up hung over on a beach in the sunshine And you walk into the sea like nothing’s ever been Yeah you wade into the sea until you can feel the planet humming Yeah you sink into the sea […]

Dirty Tay – Cough On Da Ice Lyrics (feat. Lil Dan)

[Chorus: Dirty Tay] Say so bitch nigga, that’s my vibe I’m riding with the gang, I pick my side Hit   a   opp bought with   his ass a slide Some pets down   roll, slay free my guys I’m living my life, so I’m bout to buy me some ice I tripped out […]

Bowling For Soup – Straight To Video Lyrics

(Whoa-oh) So low, oh no. (Whoa-oh) Whoa-oh Whoa-oh She text messaged me on the phone In capital letters, wanting time on her own I don’t mean to seem out of line But it seemed like everything was going just fine The times were changing and rearranging I never thought that I could go from first […]

Lbs Kee’vin – Drive Thru Lyrics

[Intro] Today, Junior [Chorus] The trap like a drive-thru Up-sell, they don’t know unless you tell ’em, man, I’m yellin’, “f*ck 12” They can’t hold me in the county, nigga, I’ma make bail Everything must go, everything must sell I don’t trust shit but my gun and my scale Snitch or go to jail, let […]

Lionder – Crying In Your Sleep Lyrics

Or that’s just me? Am I that naive? Don’t ask yourself questions to find an explanation ’cause they’ve found a way to make you feel guilt It’s hard, ain’t it? [Verse 1: Lionder] Nobody can see things The way that you see things It’s impossible but they don’t get it ’cause   they   got […]

Project Youngin – Family Eat Lyrics (feat. Ralo)

Four times a week, twelve hundred profit each flip ‘Long as it’s profit bitch I’m ’bout it, let me make that clip Soon as he snort it, let that dope, know it’s numbin’ his lips God blessed me with a talent, spot a buddy off rip Ask if he party, he respond his number, goin’ […]

Project Youngin – No Where To Be Found Lyrics

[Intro] Lil Project Youngin man, can’t tell me nothin’ man Yeah, yeah [Chorus] Lately I been grinding, you know I’m gettin’ to this money Diamonds blinding, you know we icy when it’s sunny Now we shining, and you say I’m acting funny, but When I was down you was nowhere to be found I been […]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Bout My Business Lyrics

On   the twenty-eighth or   twenty-sixth? Whatchu doin’? Yeah, I’ll see you there I’ma be   there,   when   is it? I’ma head home ’cause now you way up out of my league Would get you tatted so just like her, you’ll stand on side me Dreams through the storm, I hope a […]

Napoleon Da Legend – Wailing Wall Lyrics

For everything you gain there’s a cost And I found infinite abundance when I tap in the source I ain’t done looking back from I came from Book I can’t stop reading, I let the page run So as you listen to this now pat on yourself on the back Cause you made it this […]

Neffex – Here To Stay Lyrics

[Verse 1] Gotta get it, know I gotta get it Got the sun settin’ fast ’cause the winter always winnin’ And I’m so sick of class, always feeling like I’m in it My mistakes never pass, goin’ back to the beginnin’, uh I steal eyes, thats my prize And to my surprise, a milli came […]

J-Stalin – D-boy Blues 2010 Lyrics

[Verse 1] No diploma, the corner was my high school Born on the curb something that the ghetto made Jump off the coast selling dope in the 7th grade Where I’m from you wasn’t shit if you wasn’t paid Watched the cocaine spread like AIDS Hustlers trying to survive the task force raids Playing with […]