Outlawz – Karma Lyrics (feat. Snoop Dogg)

[Intro: Young Noble] Yeah, Five Thirteen, it’s a movie, muthaf*cka Yeah, Outlawz, Snoop Dogg, real gangsta shit Yeah, let’s go [Verse 1: Young Noble] What do we have here now? I done played around, got fronted on Hit the ground but now I’m back up But there comes a time in the middle of the […]

Patty Cake – Token lyrics

I’m a creative in each way I only chill with musicians and I only go on release dates Holy Lord, oh for Pete’s sake. You’re looking at the motherf*cking puppeteer, you don’t get to come up here, shut the f*ck up already Alrighty. When you see him you might tip your hat to Jesus Rashing […]

Zebrahead – Ricky Bobby Lyrics

Here we go Whoa oh whoa oh oh oh Just give me one second Whoa oh whoa oh oh oh Just give me one second to breathe You got so f**king’ high now you can’t see me Life is such a drag when the whole world’s falling apart I never meant to lie, why don’t […]