Bashment Music SA – Baddest Lyrics ft African All Stars

From the concept, putting together such an elite band of artists, working with our sound   and vocal engineer to piece it together..madness!” Explains Xuga, producer at Bashment Music SA spearheading the project. “One of my most exciting and explosive projects of 2017.” – LaSoul, Sound Engineer who worked on the project. It was a […]

Roxy Music – If There Is Something lyrics

(ferry) If there is something that I might find Look around corners Try to find peace of mind I say Where would you go if you were me Try to keep a straight course not easy Somebody special looking at me A certain reaction we find What should it try to be I mean If […]

Horseshoe Gang – My Last Song Lyrics

Never But if it’s cold enough to be f*ckin’ Crooked’s Someone as dope as my older brother, Crook, whose five times better Over years get to thinkin’, will I rhyme ever I may as well flip a bird, ’till flippin words Flip a burner or flip a burger somewhere Rappers talk like they hustlin’, and […]

Jon Hope – ChamPain Lyrics

Chorus Thou shalt be trill nigga Motherf*cka and real sisters Same ones I came with We got a 1000 words and take real pictures Got styrofoam of my mama’s tears Pour it up that’s ChamPAIN Real niggas & real bitches they all apart of my campaign Verse 1 Just opened up my big mouth this […]

Moodymann – Tribute Lyrics

[Outro] And you don’t tell me what to do And you know what I like to do You, you know how much i love you You know I love you very much [?]‚ much And then‚ If I were to go out with you You never tell me what I want So get up off […]

Pop Smoke – Tunnel Vision Lyrics

[Intro] Haha, mami like⁠— Mami like, “Damn boy, you made it” (Man, you did) But she said, “You   ain’t   nice” (At all)   (At all) I tell her I know   I’m nice, ha (Look) [Chorus] I don’t talk to niggas (Nah), I   don’t   feel   these niggas (At   all) […]

Pentatonix – Home Lyrics

Let me go home I’m just too far from where you are I wanna come home Well, I’m going home Back to the place where I belong (where I belong) And where your love has always been enough for me (Been enough for me) Times have changed and times are strange Here I come, but […]

Kyle Lucas – Caught Up Lyrics (feat. Weather)

lListen to what you saying About to throw it all away, well these fans they’ve all been waiting Impatiently for years, their ears are finally craving Man the outcome, is this album, damn son it’s blazing What about all those mix tapes, you’ve built this from the pavement You gave them all that free music, […]

Robert Nighthawk – Prowling Nighthawk Lyrics

Prowling Nighthawk Trk 15 3:03 Robert Lee McCoy (aka Ramblin’ Bob & Robert Nighthawk) (Robert McCoy) Recorded: Aurora, Illinois – Leland Hotel Wed May 5th, 1937 Robert Lee McCoy – vocals and guitar With Sonny Boy (John Lee) Williamson I – harmonica & Joe Williams – guitar Album Vol. 3 ‘That’s Chicago’s Southside’ BMG Music […]

McFly – Mcfly The Musical Lyrics

There’s no turning back at all from McFly M-otional after 10 years C – see my eyes are filling with tears F – it’s effortless L – like elephants! Y – ’cause we’re awesome! L! Just like McFly M! Y! In 2001, I attended an audition and became the 4th addition to the Busted 1st […]

2Pac – Secretz Of War (Original Rules Version) Lyrics

Hahahahahehehehehe You niggas crazy Well that was Kurupt Fatal, Felony And ‘Pac That nigga Johnny J on the beat so You know it’s thug life Secrets of muthafuckin’ war, live on Death Row, BITCH! Play this song [Intro: 2Pac] Secrets of war Get your pen and pads out, you lil’ young ass muthafuckas Alright now, […]

Mark Ronson – Bout To Get Ugly Lyrics

Hell nah, start a mosh pit And let ’em know we just Tell me whatcha really want, look at how lovely What they don’t know it’s bout to get ugly What they don’t know it’s bout to get ugly Right now it’s gonna get ugly Tell me whatcha really want, look at how lovely What […]

Cage – Echelon Lyrics

Satellites are beaming information rays defying description Telecommunication it never will be freed from their encryption Capture the words that you say. Appalling indignations they’re invading our lives, Oh what does it mean? Filtering dictionaries Nowhere to run nowhere to hide, how will we ever escape? What if there is something they don’t want you […]

Aztec Camera – One And One Lyrics

background vocals ROBIN CLARK, GORDON GRODY and LANI GROVES. produced by ROB MOUNSEY and RODDY FRAME. One and one is one I hear But it breaks my heart to come so near And find division standing in our way As London burns I lie awake And wrestle with this passive state But a broken heart […]

Ballyhoo! – Renegade Lyrics (feat. Ted Bowne)

[Verse 1: Howi] Don’t like the music on the radio Feels like it’s written for an imbecile Dumbed down for   mass   consumption, there’s no   feeling at all Dumb sounding crass presumption   from the industry mall I got melodies forever, I’m a retro   jukebox It’s   a   felony we never […]

Foy Vance – Thank You For Asking Lyrics

You bit into watermelon Juices dripped down off your chin to your delight Never dreamed that it could be so ripe And taste just like a little slice of heaven Then you picked up your napkin And you tapped it on your mouth from side to side Never dreamed that such an act could drive […]

Brian Cullman – Tender Wheels Lyrics

[Verse] Tell me all the things you do When bicycles are quiet I can almost feel your tender wheels Spinning through the light There’s music on the radio From a car that’s parked outside The sound is there, ‘most everywhere Then it fades into silence and light Those letters you wrote to me Back when […]

Gue Pequeno – No Security Lyrics (feat. Noizy)

Noizy] [Intro: Guè Pequeno] Yeah, yeah [Ritornello: Guè Pequeno] Vado in giro, no security Nella disco, no security Sul privato, no security ‘Sti rapper sono troppo   stupidi G-U-E [Strofa 1: Guè Pequeno] Lei   vuole fumare wax Lei   te la dà solamente sopra una   G-Class Ma giuro sono andato a prenderla con […]

Gue Pequeno – Ti Levo Le Collane Lyrics (feat. Paky)

Nada, scemo, cosa devi fare Io capisco solo money, money Tra due venezuelane Tu fai “gang, gang” Ma mi hanno detto che sei infame Yeah, ti levo le collane Scemo, senza cosa ti rimane? Io capisco solo money, money Tra due venezuelane Tu fai “gang, gang” Ma mi hanno detto che sei infame [Outro: Paky] […]