Cult To Follow – Murder Melody lyrics

I can’t prevent it, I can’t prevent it. Savior not a slave. Heres something for yea Domination Welcome you to new domination. Wont forget, the ones who betrayed me. Paranoia, out to get me. The people Of hypocrisy, of hypocrisy I cannot come undone. A chance to get away from me. No more apologies, It’s […]

2Pac – Secretz Of War (Original Rules Version) Lyrics

Hahahahahehehehehe You niggas crazy Well that was Kurupt Fatal, Felony And ‘Pac That nigga Johnny J on the beat so You know it’s thug life Secrets of muthafuckin’ war, live on Death Row, BITCH! Play this song [Intro: 2Pac] Secrets of war Get your pen and pads out, you lil’ young ass muthafuckas Alright now, […]