Te Dness – Moonwalk Lyrics (feat. Che Lingo)

[Intro] Bezzie on the beat, ha, ha, ha [Verse 1: TE dness] [?], sometimes I step in this both And I don’t really wanna leave but I don’t really wanna stay I’ve been goin’ through some things and I don’t really wanna say Sometimes I feel like there’s no option, ’cause everybody got they own […]

Agust D – Moonlight Lyrics

[Romanized:] Yeah, yeah Okay, okay, okay, okay Yeah 3nyeoni jinanne Agust D Soljiki, myeot gok neoeulji jal moreugesseo gyang Ssi, gyang haneun geoji mwo Sijageun chorahaetji daegu geurae namsandong jiha Eseo ijeneun penteuhauseu hannam deohil Ha Ajikdo kkumeseo kkaeji mothaneun piteopaen Nae meoritsok hyeonsireun isanggwa ssawo jigyeopge Nae gajang keun jeogeun sok anui hwa Geuboda […]

Yungen – Chosen Lyrics

[Verse 1] I don’t care what you read in some YouTube comments I’m the guy in my ends I’ve got BM’s doing the school run Brucking their neck when I drive my Benz My bro phoned me from the can And he told me to mind my friends Now it’s only fam I know Giggs […]

Eminem – Chloraseptic (Remix) (feat. 2 Chainz & Phresher)

Dispel doubt but you won’t admit I smoked And you was spellbound, hellbound in my snowsuit But am I s’posed to sound like everything else out? P!nk, Beyoncé this and Kehlani that" (yeah) I just added to the fuel in my rocket pack ‘Til I’m ready to respond, then I’ma launch it at ’em Idiotic […]

Another Tape Of Offset Cheating On Cardi B Leaked Online

Offset iCloud account got hacked last month and the hackers have been slowly leaking contents stolen from the account in a drip drip game. (@lovelydrealee) January 5, 2018 Me running from insta to Twitter after getting word offset cheating again #Offset #CardiB pic.twitter.com/0dBLUdb0y3 — Aiyako? Cardi posted on Twitter that she became emotional after the […]

T-Pain New Album “Oblivion” (Stream and Download)

The project arrives six years after his previous album rEVOLVEr. It was supposed to be a collab mixtape between him and I but then once some of the songs started getting to the label, the label was like, “Oh, this is a fucking album!” And this would be my last album on the label. A […]

Listen Chris Brown New Single “Last All Night”

Tweet Share Chris Brown new album Heartbreak on a Full Moon is now available and the singles off the project have been getting a lot of attention. “Girl, I don’t give a damn, ain’t no other man taking my place / He can’t hit your spot like I can, making your legs shake, oh / […]

Chris Brown Gets Eight Platinum Plaque For Old Singles

One song “Look At Me Now” featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes which was released in 2011 was certified five times platinum by the RIAA. Breezy is surely looking to score some platinum records off this new album due on Halloween. On October 3, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) issued eight new platinum […]

Bing Crosby – As Time Goes By Lyrics

BING CROSBYAs Time Goes By Lyrics You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss A sigh is just a sigh The fundamental things apply, as time goes by And when two lovers woo, they still say “I love you” On that you can rely No matter what the future brings, as time goes […]

Skid Row – Eileen Lyrics

SKID ROWEileen Lyrics There are things we cannot see that hang Within her sight There are people we won’t remember that Dance with her at night Eileen’s calling me To sit awhile and talk to trees Eileen can’t you see The songs you sing are scaring me Eileen, Eileen She’s romancing with the moon Full […]

Dee Carstensen – Come Down In Time Lyrics

DEE CARSTENSENCome Down In Time Lyrics In the quiet silent seconds I turned out the light switch and I came down to meet you in the half light the moon left while a cluster of night jars sang some songs out of tune and a mantle of bright light shown down from a room Come […]

Tim McGraw – My Little Girl Lyrics

TIM MCGRAWMy Little Girl Lyrics Gotta hold on easy as I let you go Gonna tell you how much I love you Though you think you already know I remember I thought you looked like an angel Wrapped in pink, so soft and warm You’ve had me wrapped around your finger Since the day you […]