Moneybagg Yo – Cold Shoulder Lyrics

(Huh?) I ain’t talkin’ to no pillow, especially not about my nigga Take a certain type of nigga to relate to what I’m feelin’ I’m just ventin’ to myself, smokin’, starin’ at the ceilin’ (Vibin’) [Chorus] I’m gangsta from the heart (Heart), started from the gutter Robbin’ niggas, stealin’ cars, I’m so glad I played […]

Moneybagg Yo – Yomii Lyrics

(‘Gether) I guarantee you now, we gon’ face all kinda weather (Rise above it) Far from perfect, but I’m workin’ to get better I just wanna see you shine like a Rolex bezel (Wanna see you glow) I sip lean to hide issues (Hide issues) Designer kicks, wipe me down, tissues (All kind of issues) […]