Migos – “Culture National Anthem” Lyrics

Yeah, yeah Culture, culture, culture Culture, culture, culture Culture, culture, culture Culture, culture, culture Culture, culture, culture Culture, culture, culture Culture, culture, culture Culture, culture, culture Related Posts Listen Drake and Migos New Song – “Walk It Talk It” Migos Released “Culture II” Album : Listen Migos Culture II Album Features Drake, Gucci Mane, 21 […]

Migos – White Sand lyrics

[Chorus: Travis Scott & Ty Dolla $ign] Yeah, white color sand (yeah), frost in my hand, yeah (yeah) Lost it again, yeah (it’s lit), ghost, Danny Phantom (oh yeah) Dipped in a trance, yeah (alright), ten in the van, yeah Mars make her leap, yeah, shh, not a squeak (straight up) [Verse 1: Ty Dolla […]

Migos – Too Playa lyrics

I got this man on the saxophone You know what I mean, he blowing them keys You know we keep keys the right way, you dig? [Intro: Quavo] Yeah (DJ Durel) The way we put this sh*t together, you know what I mean? The way we put this Culture sh*t together It’s like a new […]

Migos – Higher We Go lyrics

We livin’ the fast pace I’ma put these hoes out on chase Hit these hoes, get them right out my face I’ma pull the strap close case Hit a nigga hard send him dat way I’ma put the gang on your plate (gimme the plate) You can’t eat off my plate (no eatin’) Mount it […]

Migos – “Gang Gang” Lyrics

Whatcha got? Whippin’ that Draco brr And she said she love me but that’s something we’ll never know (never know) Honestly, that’s all I really wanna know (wanna know) Ain’t tryna waste my time its time to let you go (let you go) I can’t go out sad about a hoe And to that money […]

Migos – Emoji A Chain Lyrics

Go ‘head and f**k on my partner Comfort your head like a liner White, these diamonds albino Wrapping the brick like a gyro Migo gang Cinco De Mayo (Pre-Chorus: Offset) Hey, I, count the guwop (count, count) Set up shop (oh, oh), f**k the cops (f**k 12) Wayne worried (not at all) Diamonds (diamonds) on […]

Migos – “Stir Fry” lyrics

(who?) this that trap sound (trap) Designer, clothes (clothes) fashion, shows (shows) Trap, house(house) made of, gold (gold) Control the bag now (control it) no need to brag now (no need) Aye, put the mask down (mask) we livin’ fast now (fast) Finest, hoes (finest) wrist, froze (froze) We can, go (we can) coast to, […]

Migos – “Narcos” Lyrics

(Chorus) Trapping like a narco (narco) Got dope like Pablo (Pablo) Cut your throat like Pavlo (Pavlo) Chop trees with the Draco (Draco) On the North, got the Yea (Go) Saying Hasta luego (luego) We rep the kilos Snub nose with potatoes Straight out the jungle This real rap, no mumble My skin black like […]

Migos Feat. 2 Chainz – “Too Playa” Lyrics

Shoot it up to the analogist Ballin’, but they keep callin’ us And ain’t no stoppin’ us, try to see the apocalypse (Repeat Chorus: Quavo) (Verse 5: Offset) New Moncler, throwin’ salt on a playa Save the salt for the snails Or the rocks in my ear Put you in the Bentley, brand new Selena […]

Migos – “Auto Pilot” Lyrics

yeah (Verse 3) (Offset) Two tone Patek (Patek), yeah, two tone baddies (baddie) Five hundred racks in the attic (racks) Two-two-three, the fifty made of plastic (brrt) Eating up the drip like cabbage (eat) Lost his brain when I put him on acid (lost his brain) You n*gg*s lame, tryna copy my habits (You n*gg*s […]

Listen Drake and Migos New Song – “Walk It Talk It”

Related Posts Migos Feat. The 6 God has been breaking streaming records all week so naturally fans are already gravitating towards this single “Walk It Talk It.” The track was produced by Kanye West, Kevin Federline, and Southside. “Aye! / First night, she gon’ let me f**k ‘Cause we grown / I hit her, gave […]

Migos Released “Culture II” Album : Listen

Related Posts Migos Feat. On the production side of the album, some big names made contributions and perhaps one of the most surprising names is Kanye West, though the group says his contribution was not as vast as most of the other producers. This marks Migos third studio album and the second installment in the […]

Migos – Higher We Go (Intro) Lyrics

(Verse 1) I’ma put these racks in your face In your face, show you that you lame I’ma stash these M’s at my place In my place, but no I’m not the bank I’ma pull that coupe out the race Who wanna race? (Chorus) Higher we go, beg and plead for the culture Higher we […]

Migos Feat. Gucci Mane – CC Lyrics

(Intro: Gucci Mane) Huh? (whoa yeah) Told her just be patient, I’m gon’ make you famous If yo’ ni**a want beef, treat it like it’s angus (bow) Eat it up Little bit of dick, get nasty I gotta tip her (here) I got a pretty girl, low-key classy I gotta flip her (flip her) I […]

Migos Feat. Drake – Walk It Talk It Lyrics

(Intro) Yeah, yeah Whoa, hold on (OG Parker) Uh (Chorus: Quavo) Walk it, like I talk it (walk it) Walk it, like I talk it Walk it, walk it Like I talk it (woo!) Walk it, like I talk it (yeah!) Walk it, like I talk it (walk it) Walk it, like I talk it […]

Notice Me

Lyrics to ‘Notice Me’ by Migos: Rolling Stone have unveiled their first — and fire — cover of 2018, graced by Migos. Penned by OG journalist Touré, the cover story shadows the Atlanta trio in late December as they finish their upcoming album CULTURE II (out January 26). Take A Listen Below https://70mack.co/wp-content/upload/2017/10/Migos-Notice-Me.mp3 DOWNLOAD Migos […]

White Sand

After teasing us with various records & details over the past few months, the Migos finally released their highly anticipated sophomore album today called Culture 2. Laced with a whopping 24 songs in total, the project features contributions from some of the biggest name in hip hop, including Drake, Pharrell, Kanye West, Gucci Mane, Big […]