Sahbabii – Tongue Demon Lyrics

She’s a tongue demon Pill on her tongue, dick on her tongue, ooh, ooh, yeah Hypnotized by your body, like the way you move, yeah Her skin smooth, her body smooth like chocolate mousse, yeah Ooh, ooh, yeah I’m in her throat like a Popeyes biscuit Naked bitch, I can suck on them titties Glock […]

Pop Smoke – Got It On Me Lyrics

Look Have mercy on me, have mercy on my soul Don’t let my heart turn cold Have mercy on me, have mercy on my soul Don’t let my heart turn cold Have mercy on many men Many, many, many, many men Wish death ‘pon me Yeah, I don’t cry no mo’ I don’t look to […]

Rema – Woman Lyrics

Another banger I’m in love with plenty women I no mind marry all of them E no matter the shape or color I go make sure say I must collect I get one wey be my sponsor I get one wey dey call me honey One wey dey do me witchy-witchy She dey do like […]

Goodie Mob – The Dip Lyrics

hook You know how good it can be, if I took you home with me I know the mood is right, I don’t wanna be alone tonight Come on lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty (T-Mo) Can I get a chance, grown man from afar superstar […]

Russ – Live From The Villa Lyrics

Yeah Yeah Never throwin’ in the towel, I just use it to wipe the sweat off And get back in the ring and knock your head off, I’m well off But I redistribute like a socialist You get a house, you get a car, I’m on some Oprah shit And could you focus if your […]

Kyle Lucas – Caught Up Lyrics (feat. Weather)

lListen to what you saying About to throw it all away, well these fans they’ve all been waiting Impatiently for years, their ears are finally craving Man the outcome, is this album, damn son it’s blazing What about all those mix tapes, you’ve built this from the pavement You gave them all that free music, […]

Kick The Robot – Foxtrot Uniform Lyrics

[Verse 1] Why do I hurt the way I do? Waiting on your heart to come through [Pre-Chorus 1] I don’t want it You can have it Yeah just keep it It’s all yours But if you change your mind I’ll have to say something more [Chorus] If you’re wanting something don’t ask me If […]

Dalriada – A Walesi Bardok 1 Lyrics

Edward király, angol király Léptet fakó lován: Körötte csend amerre ment, És néma tartomány. Egymásra néz a sok vitéz, A vendég velsz urak; Orcáikon, mint félelem, Sápadt el a harag. – S parancsot ád Király rettenetest: Máglyára, ki ellenszegql, Minden velsz énekest! De vakmerQn s hivatlanúl ElQáll harmadik; Kobzán a dal magára vall, Ez íge […]

Ken Mode – Not Soulmates Lyrics

Is this the point we’re trying to make? So many blank pages, with so much more to take Make a change, come back a new man, please I cannot tell how much is real; Where the act begins and this person ends This is not a good place, I need to escape You’re going to […]

A War Within – Valkyrie Lyrics

Don’t be afraid to let it all go ‘Cause I just want to hold you and make all the nightmares go away I wanna fight all your battles so you don’t have to be free I dream of a world that can be what you need Make you believe it, baby Be my strong little […]

Rhys Langston – Handwavedraft1 Lyrics

funds Yeah they ran out And that pay for opinion biz Suddenly a tap out Count to ten, tap on that mat Suddenly that yogic flat in the hip part of town Ain’t where that ass at Hit it just like that [Chorus One] [Chorus Two] I push my ears to the seers Translate my […]

Kamelot – Insomnia Lyrics

[Verse 1] When the darkness brings the cold To draw me under I am caught between The chapters of a dream Something is reaching out and My entire world is crumbling And it whispers that I am The chosen one (Can you hear me?) [Chorus 1] ‘Cause when the night begins to fall I watch […]

Te Dness – EU Referendum Lyrics

[Verse 1] 36s got me livid That German car your boy been whipping Keep ’em in my pocket, I don’t put the key in Shorty with me European Push the Bentley or the BM It’s a frenzy when you see ’em We ain’t talking out in public But she hit me up, it go down […]

Te Dness – 7am Out Of Town Lyrics

You fake your faith for 140 characters While all these sleepwalkers scream “woke” The rich just getting richer, that mean everybody else just staying broke These rappers came off tour and they got rich Fam, I came off tour right back to this block shit None of my fans are in these crowds, I been […]

Glenn Frey – Part Of Me, Part Of You Lyrics

I felt it when the sun came up this morning I knew I could not wait another day Darling, there is something I must tell you A distant voice is calling me away Until we find a bridge across forever Until this grand illusion brings us home You and I will always be together From […]

Apollo Brown & Che Noir – ’94 Lyrics

[Intro] So 1994, arguably Is single-handedly One of the greatest years, if not, the greatest in history Let’s be   very   clear on that [Chorus: Common] A-yes,   yes y’all, and you don’t stop To   the beat, y’all, and you don’t stop Yes, yes, y’all, and   you   don’t   stop A-one, […]

Jam Baxter – Caravan Lyrics

(Hook) Kicked out the caravan, somewhere left of everywhere Someone told me all my dead relatives were buried there You will never see me ever sitting still in any chair Running round the desert picking thorns from my derriere X2 (Verse 1) Midnight, sand dunes, space flight, trashed rooms Frog spawn, jack moves, silk tongue, […]