R.a. The Rugged Man – Life Of The Party Lyrics

[Intro:] Yeah baby it’s Phil Cassess we’re back live on night-talk talking about dirt -bag derelict   R.A   The Rugged Man,   for the love of god somebody   put a stop to this guy [Chorus:] Fast cats, filthy nights The grimy, grungy ways No jobs and startin’ fights, them dirty crusty days All […]

Jay 305 – Why You So Nasty Lyrics ft Travis Scott

that’s nasty (Yeah) I need a female cop to harass me (Woo Woo) Lock me up in that black and white taxi (Straight up) Ain’t got no time, let’s do it in the backseat, yeah Hands up, face down like ”yeah” (Yeah-yeah) Imma [?] my dogs in the hood, yeah (Yeah-yeah) Roll a dice, pop […]

Trina – Takin Over Ladies Lyrics

I’ma show ‘em things they can’t even pronounce I talk greasy, I know what the hands do H2 and I’m blowing trees like yancy Detroit brick sanders, queen of rap! One false move Take you out your misery! Stunt on chicks! Blah! I’m still hood Damn right! And if I blaze, always the purple pip […]

Why You So Nasty

I need that Bugatti? Why you so nasty? Oh wow! I need that I ain’t pamper shit, no feed back Naked strippers, we need that I’m a good tipper, if you work that –Hook : Jay 305– Why you so nasty? –Bridge: Jay 305– Make that shit work Make her say ”Ow!” Make her say […]