Glue – Mixing Excuses Lyrics

[Chorus] I've been writing from the inside now the outside is lonely There's a penalty for wasting   life,   I wish somebody   told me Before the notebooks were full   this could have all been changed I would have been quiet   and   never   had the nerve   to complain But […]

Upchurch – How I Shine Lyrics

[Intro] Band, Band, Band Yeah I never had a clue, I never had a clue Oh no, yeah [Chorus] I never had a clue my life would end up like this Just a dude out chasin’ dreams, hometown deep off in the sticks And they said, it won’t work, why you wastin’ so much time […]

Allday – Best Life Lyrics

[Verse 1] I drink too much just celebrating where I've come from Remembering the days when I was fed on ramen I smoke too much weed, sometimes I forget to function I don’t remember when we even left the function I found a bag of mushrooms in my friend's apartment Ate like fifty, now I'm […]

Nico Santos – Die In Your Arms Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ve been sittin’ here In this dried out pool again Where we used to swim Before you moved away Always heard our songs That they used to play for us At our favourite club It’s a bookstore today [Pre-Chorus] And now that you made it Back here, let’s make up lost times All […]

Red Velvet – Rebirth Lyrics English Version

Oh, it’s surprising, my heart for you Oh, it feels new, I’ve never been like this before If it’ll happen everyday I can live happily in this rough world Looking good guy on the subway Now, I don’t look at them After few stops, I’ll meet you My reflection in the window it’s smiling READ  […]

Forever – Ollie lyrics

Now I’m twenty-one, when I look around I see everything from a new view I’ve done made mistakes, I’ve done messed it all up But I’ma keep on pushing till I see this through ‘Cause I got, I got a whole life to learn Yeah, and that’s what I’ma do Yeah, I got, I got […]

Hopsin – Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4 Lyrics

” She say, “It’s simple, Marcus I wanna blow it before you put it in like a Nintendo cartridge” Bitch, I’m hotter than a UV ray Hotter than the thought of Nicki Minaj naked, making her booty shake Hot enough to pull up to your show and steal your groupie date Hot enough to melt […]

Real talk – P Money lyrics

My career compared to yours is mad Your peak is pop I’ve been doing grime There’s bare stuff I still ain’t said you’ve been doing This is why this has happened, I smacked you up ‘Cause you’re a violater, you are a pagan And now you wanna do lyrics but in your lyrics you’re now […]

Hanson – Album: Middle Of Nowhere Lyrics

Look at where we’re going Tell me what can I say We’re tracing our footsteps We’re going the same way Oh my… (Repeat Chorus) Madeline, here we go ’round again Madeline, here we go ’round again Madeline, here we go ’round again Oh, my Madeline ————————————————————————— With You in Your Dreams (Dedicated to the memory […]

Tyler The Creator – November (Scum Fuck Flower Boy Album)

Take me back to November Hawaiian shirts in the winter, deep thoughts, deep thoughts Naw, take me back to November, wassup [Verse 1] What if Clancy fuckin’ me over? Bitch you know the dealy Really hilly willy tilly silly, hold that billy how I Milly Rock When they can’t relate him, when they start to […]


I gotta keep a buck fifty, what If I lost it all and ended up back in Ladera at them shitty apartments that’s across the Bank of America Damn, I would be hurtin’, writing all of these songs ‘Cause WI-FI wasn’t working, last year in total, I put out two versions, but five seven figures […]