Liz Phair – Easy Target Lyrics

[Verse 1] The last time we made love You said my name to make me come But it was just a speaking offer It means nothing without your love Means nothing without your love Means nothing [Verse 2] I can wake up any day And see a million things that I could say But then […]

Jxylen – Kmc Lyrics

(Verse) Called it Who is you To tell me I’ve been off it Don’t Start it Less it’s what’s I feel And then   I   target Writing Made me the   hardest My conscience just kept on Calling From blacking   out On these tracks And The darkness Made me an artist So please […]

Trout Fishing In America – We Weary Deer Lyrics

We weary deer live in fear, weary deer For we fear that we hear the hunters near With a tag for the toe of dear John and Jane Doe Oh, no, we’re wary, weary deer Hunt the moose or the goose, but please turn the poor deer loose For our families would miss us if […]

Abra Cadabra – Cadabra Freestyle Lyrics

O-way or no way, you know the ting already (You know) f*ck the other side (Gang) I bust my gun, don’t think ’bout karma Think ’bout that after I lean wit’ it (Lean wit’ it) Tryna hit that target Anyone I see I recognise, I’ma blast his rarted He thought he was the only one […]

Rabbi Darkside – Animal Farm Lyrics

I’ve been working like a dog and I’ve been eating like a pig But I’ma give it my all until it’s curtains on the gig Until I feed my folks THE CITY The city is a tar pit Ash covers the carcass Cash cows in apartments and alternate side parking The city is a target […]

Jam Baxter – Caravan Lyrics

(Hook) Kicked out the caravan, somewhere left of everywhere Someone told me all my dead relatives were buried there You will never see me ever sitting still in any chair Running round the desert picking thorns from my derriere X2 (Verse 1) Midnight, sand dunes, space flight, trashed rooms Frog spawn, jack moves, silk tongue, […]

Stevie Stone – Jungle Lyrics (feat. King Iso)

(Well) Well do you punk, cause I’m still locking, win a wager against the Alphabet Walk around the jungle like I’m the King of the bitch And there’s no air like I ran out of breath Wanna visit my humble abode and tell a couple of hoes [Hook: Stevie Stone] I’ma take ’em back through […]

Drakeo The Ruler – Gta Vi Lyrics

Can you fly the hook back in now, Joog? You think this Grand Theft Auto, huh? It’s really who I’m finna shoot? (Thank you for using GTL) You think this Grand Theft Auto, huh? You must think this Grand Theft Auto, huh? You off ten different pills Then cryin’ ’bout, "Why I’m up in jail?" […]

Gunna – Feigning Lyrics

[Intro: Gunna and Lil Juice] (Tay Keith, f*ck these niggas up) Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, woah,   woah,   woah, woah Woah [Chorus] Make ’em   bleed for the season I got pretty   tings overseas, yeah (Seas, yeah, yeah) Shopping sprees for a week, yeah (Yeah, yeah, […]

Bino Rideaux – On My Soul Lyrics

(Chorus) 2x Oh, Oh All I know the hood gonna live forever on my soul yea Off the   post   had to jump   up and get it by my   ‘lone yea Big vibe, I got big vibe I’m, I’m 100   I   bring   my big lives   wit me I […]

G Herbo – 4am to 8am Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’m livin’ proof that you can do   it,   too By time I   turned twenty-two I had a M   or few Get it? [Verse 2] Herbo, where you see yourself in ten years? Why the fuck you yellin’? You ain’t got security? Had a M or few, ain’t say   […]

Uncle Trey – Heel Lyrics

[Verse 1] Die remembered as a hero or live long become a villain Stay humble, praise idols or get big enough to kill em Brush the haters off your shoulders or let your shoulder grow a chip My whole life I took the high road, you muhf*ckas can’t tell me shit Tell niggas this my […]

Doja Cat – Dindu Nuffin Lyrics

Might as well dead this shit, I feel alive I feel like a part of the life I feel like I’m starting to die I feel like I popped in the sky Get in my space, ha, you’ll catch a rocket and ride I spy with my little eye a target You mine, all of […]

Government Warning – Maniacs Lyrics

Maniacs control our lives I don’t wanna f*ckin die I’m scared for my life f*ck the nuclear right I don’t wanna die tonight There’s itchy trigger-fingers Gambling with our fates We’re more a target with every race they obliterate There’s f*cking maniacs running our lives Another Cold War, or missiles rain from the skies “North […]

Wild Wes – Can’t Be Takin’ This Lyrics

(Who’s talkin’ ****) I can’t be takin’ this. I’m always actin’ cheesy The way you wanna hate is so easy For you. That activity is a trick You wanna act so clean. (Who’s talkin’ ****) I can’t be takin’ this. (Who’s talkin’ ****) I can’t be takin’ this. (Who’s talkin’ ****) I can’t be takin’ […]

Leon Waldo – Satilla Shores Lyrics

Problems solve it underneath the table Money switching hands with the badge willing and they able Protecting their own lives Investing in a system that’s supporting privatize Families broken up because they’re broke tryna survive What’s a plea to a nigga doing 25? What’s a dream when they take your life? What he tryna do? […]

Frittenbude – Goldie Lyrics

Ihr zwei wie im Lauf Das Auf und Ab der Gezeiten Und du zählst die Sekunden Die Stunden und Tage Doch sie zerfrisst dich Mit ihrer goldenen Gabel Sie ist das goldene Kalb Und auch der goldene Colt Das goldene Target Im Goldrausch stellt Man das Gold nicht infrage Und du suchst dir den Weg […]

2kbaby – Drowning Lyrics

[Chorus] I’m drowning, I cannot escape my surroundings They doubted, alone at the top of the mountain Keep   smiling,   this money, it   just keep on pilin’ Yeah, yeah, yeah Like   Fiji, my neck and my wrists is in water These VV,   remember   I   just had a   quarter […]

Robb Bank$ – Knock Ya Self Out Lyrics

(Come on) Don’t make me knock yo ass out Oh you modelin’ momma? (SSET), what it stand for? “f*ck Every Month ‘Til they Obey”, yes sir (SSET) [Interlude: Robb Bank$ & Jadakiss] Wah, wah wah wah, wah wah wah, wak (Knock ya self out) [Chorus: Pharrell Williams, Jadakiss, & Robb Bank$] Oh you modelin’ momma? […]