Marques Houston – I Wasn’t Ready Lyrics

I wasnt ready) [Chorus] (I,I .. I wasnt ready) But I put this on everything that I love One more chance so we could make up Wish it coulda worked back then But the truth is I wasnt ready (I,I .. I wasnt ready) (I,I .. I wasnt ready) [Outro: Marques Houston] Wish it coulda […]

Middle Class Rut – Tax On Death Lyrics

The government says you better pay Tax On Death They’re gonna come and find all the   money   you hid Life’s a   business like a sickness You play the   game or you end up on the shit list I look and see you running right now Ready to fight now I’m scared […]

Pop Smoke – Tunnel Vision Lyrics

[Intro] Haha, mami like⁠— Mami like, “Damn boy, you made it” (Man, you did) But she said, “You   ain’t   nice” (At all)   (At all) I tell her I know   I’m nice, ha (Look) [Chorus] I don’t talk to niggas (Nah), I   don’t   feel   these niggas (At   all) […]

Lil’ Kim – Off The Wall Lyrics

[Lil’ Kim] Niggas lean left Bitches lean right Come on, you gotta ride ’em baby Ha! [Lil’ Kim (Puffy)] Niggas lean left Bitches lean right Come on, you gotta ride ’em baby Ha! Ready or not here I come I’m a Bentley y’all something like a Hyundai Win more skins than a crack without dunja […]

Goodie Mob – The Dip Lyrics

hook You know how good it can be, if I took you home with me I know the mood is right, I don’t wanna be alone tonight Come on lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty, dip Lets dip shawty (T-Mo) Can I get a chance, grown man from afar superstar […]

Kick The Robot – Electric Friends Lyrics

Something mystical, or metaphysical Sadness, heartache, dark thoughts, mistakes [Pre-Chorus 2] (Oh won’t you leave it alone) Oh I don’t know (Is it me you’ve outgrown) S-s-s-say it ain’t so (Has it taken its toll?) Ah girl you already know (I guess you’re on your own) I know know know [Chorus 2] Some days it […]

Yo Gotti – Recession Proof Lyrics

That nigga probably ain’t your friend Bein’ greedy, that’s a sin (Not over here) Bosses gotta feed their men (Always) Real leaders got to lead the way All the way to the end Negotiations with the label No cap, fifty mill’ on the table (Real, for real) They know money can’t persuade ’em (Not me) […]

Human Romance – Love As A Weapon Lyrics

And with the presence of power Comes the rebellion of innocence We’re in this all for each other Lifetime reversal in decline Commencing countdown the time has come Battle lines are drawn Commit the ashes back to the earth Lifetime no decline or falling back to the end of the line You’ve known the secret […]

Jxylen – Slave Lyrics

(Verse) Mind of a slave These shackles on my feet Just have me falling Running from my demons And this death can hear it calling f*ck yeah Nobody gave a f*ck On how I feel Felt Worthless These pennies for my thoughts Just saved my torment Pushing in this path Said f*ck it So imma […]

Mark Ronson – On The Run Lyrics

Streets are spawn and most of Mark Ronson Call the fire chief to inspect the arson Y’all got problems, Brooklyn is in the buildin’ We built the buildin’ Easy to touch but it’s hard to hold Easy to meet but it’s hard to know Paste this one across ya domes and spread it out all […]

2Pac – Secretz Of War (Original Rules Version) Lyrics

Hahahahahehehehehe You niggas crazy Well that was Kurupt Fatal, Felony And ‘Pac That nigga Johnny J on the beat so You know it’s thug life Secrets of muthafuckin’ war, live on Death Row, BITCH! Play this song [Intro: 2Pac] Secrets of war Get your pen and pads out, you lil’ young ass muthafuckas Alright now, […]

Mark Ronson – Bout To Get Ugly Lyrics

Hell nah, start a mosh pit And let ’em know we just Tell me whatcha really want, look at how lovely What they don’t know it’s bout to get ugly What they don’t know it’s bout to get ugly Right now it’s gonna get ugly Tell me whatcha really want, look at how lovely What […]

Chloe X Halle – Don’t Make It Harder On Me Lyrics

[Intro] Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh [Verse 1] I need you to stop lookin’ at me like that We are just friends now You already had your chance So I need you to stop sayin’ the things you say I don’t wanna regret, no The reason I didn’t stay [Pre-Chorus] If you keep actin’ so […]

Quando Rondo – Depression Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Woah, woah, woah, woah Hold on bruh, you too slime Youngin’ big blue, but deep inside, he   like   a red rose [?]   on the beat Bank account on overload,   but I’m still broke in spirit “Depression what he suffer from,”   same   words   from Doctor […]

Prince Daddy & The Hyena – I’m A Bum Lyrics

No one’s ever gonna have to see me like this No one’s ever gonna have to see my sweatpants I guess I’m lookin’ for a way to tell you “f*ck you, I’m stayin’ in!!!!” You’ve been tellin’ me that I’m so boring I’ve been gettin’ drunk at 5 in the morning You’ve been yellin’ at […]

Meghan Linsey – Counterfeit Lyrics

This ain’t no long xxxx xxxx Xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx Can you handle it? (I don’t think you can handle it) So watch me walk on by All that glitters ain’t gold So I’m gonna let you know This ain’t counterfeit (All that glitters ain’t gold) (So I’m gonna let you know) (All that glitters ain’t […]