Fetty Wap – Rockstar (GMix) Lyrics

[Intro] I’m a fuckin’ rockstar, bitch [Hook] Every time you hear that “Yeah baby,” than you know that nigga Wap on You can see my diamonds clear baby, cause you know I paid a lot for em’ Gotta crib in the hills, keep a couple bad bitches on my roster Baby I’m the real deal, […]

Jay Rock – King’s Dead lyrics

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar] Red light, green light, red light, green light Red light, green light, they like, we like Fast cars, fast money, fast life, fast broads Egotistic, goin’ ballistic, why God? What you want? Part I [Chorus: Kendrick Lamar] Miss me with that bullsh*t (bullsh*t) You ain’t really wild, you a tourist (a […]

Shy Glizzy – First 48, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Bitch cover your eyes, you might get blind here, see these fucking watches? Little boy go get your own gun, this my fucking rocket Out in LA hittin’ home runs like I’m fucking dodgin’ I don’t think you understand, my niggas super wild All my niggas they been thugging since a juvenile Out here for […]

Kreayshawn – Missing Kitty Lyrics

[Intro] Uh, I’m so fuckin’ sad I’m so sad (just sad) I lost my cat (damn it) And it’s been four days (so long) Three whole nights (so long) And I just want her to come back save And just… (come back kitty, please) Imagined her out there all cold and lonely And scared and… […]

Lil Pump – Pinky Ring Lyrics

[Intro: Rick Ross] We finna make history [?] in this mufucka Lil Pump, what’s up? Whoa Maybach Music [Verse 1: Rick Ross] All the hoes wanna suck dick All the hoes wanna fuck me All the niggas wanna hate though Get whacked in the front seat Face down when she topless Can’t post all the […]


[VERSE I: YUNG MUTT] They told me “heavy is the head that wears the crown” Which is why I’m always looking down, looking like I’m always down, aye Another year, another clown, another round, another down Another grave I dug, another stain that’s on my Gucci gown Flip a fucking cross when I cross dress, […]

Jai Waetford – Your Eyes Lyrics

JAI WAETFORDYour Eyes Lyrics It started out with a picture Now it’s war with the mirror I can’t win your fight Yeah, I hope you know that you never Have to be on the cover Girl, you’re already mine No matter what I do It’s like you never see you The way that I want […]

Laura Veirs – Where Gravity Is Dead Lyrics

LAURA VEIRSWhere Gravity Is Dead Lyrics LAURA VEIRS Where Gravity Is Dead Where gravity is dead And the airplanes fly around Above the roaming bees And the buzzing town Above the tattered flags And the rotten show posters Above the clubs and microphones Above the jealous mouths That’s where you’ve found yourself Riding into the […]