Kris Kristofferson – Good Christian Soldier Lyrics

Lord I wanna be a Christian soldier just like you And fight to build a new and better day? KRIS KRISTOFFERSONGood Christian Soldier Lyrics Not so long ago in Oklahoma The son of an Okie preacher knelt to pray He said,? Now, many years and miles from Oklahoma That same young Okie boy still kneels […]

Civilian – Bottom Dollar Lyrics

Bet your bottom dollar That I’ve been getting offers every day I’m a coveted slave They took me to lunch I talked, they bought it Then they sold my soul while it slept in the garden to a High-rise Every step that you take is sequential When every move you make gets bank rolled You […]

Hoodie Allen – Fakin (3 verse version) Lyrics

Fakin’, fakin’, fakin’ Where your friends go? Why you always flexing for the timeline? Why you, why you, why, why you fakin’, fakin’? You must have been mistaken I look like I’m a movie star, bitch I’m Kevin Bacon I need more separation, so get these people off this And I don’t lead the office […]

CHARLI XCX – I Got It lyrics

Have you seen her?) [Verse 3: cupcakKe] Got a couple of bitches that want my attention They acting real vicious but I’m not offended They lurking like witnesses, money I’m getting Could drop an ice tray and I still won’t be slipping Got another check coming in Got a couple checks I ain’t spent Got […]

The Boxer Lyrics – Simon & Garfunkel

I am just a poor boy Though my story’s seldom told I have squandered my resistance For a pocketful of mumbles Such are promises All lies and jest Still, a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest When I left my home and my family I was no more than a […]

Ludacris – Down In The Dirty Lyrics

LUDACRISDown In The Dirty Lyrics I hit heavy in the trunk so i say im heavy hittin my car jus got a jerry curl the paints still drippin my whip so clean i turn lovers into haters then i make em come around lyk cirl activator there r none gr8er im the freshest on the […]

Dawn Foss – Ice Skating At Christmastime Lyrics

But I won’t forget Jesus’ birthday because, It’s His love that never ends! Round and round I do love to glide, Without a care in the world; Glad I layered up when I slip and fall, Then back up to spin and twirl! So many smiles, Merry Christmas I hear, Feels like we’re all one […]

Dawn Foss – A Lovely Home Lyrics

A lovely home is a place of peace and safety. A lovely home offers hospitality. A lovely home offers hospitality. The family prays, shares thoughts and dreams together, A happy, welcoming lovely home. Dwelling in the corner of a rooftop Is better than wide space with hate and rage. The works of her hands shall […]

No back and forth – Dave East lyrics

Now if I give out my number, it’s for business only.(Like 30 on me right now) Watching Narcos thinking how Pablo did it? This for all the youngin’s thats hustling, they just want a chance(no back and forth) I remember I just wanted a chance to be able to just move up out the projects […]

Wins & Losses

Lyrics to ‘Wins & Losses’ by Meek Mill: –Snippet– –Intro: Meek Mill– Yeah [Thew new one before guess ??] Young nigga started with oodles and noodles, now we eating lobster (Ah) –Verse 1: Meek Mill– As I walk through the valley with my latin flex I’m the realest nigga in it I just happen to […]