Slaves – Starving For Friends Lyrics

I’m too tired now to save my problems for another day ‘Cause I’ve spent my whole life between fear and faith I don’t know if I’ve been screaming in the dark or dreaming It’s plain and simple, I don’t know what I was thinking I miss my friends, the ones I would die for [Outro: […]

Kesha – Starving Lyrics

You’ve got until I see the sun Ah, baby hurry up, ah I’m starving for your love I’m starving for your love St-starving for your love [Verse 3] Clawing at the sheets Turning me into an animal See my eyes turn red You’ve got me feeling like a cannibal Ready to attack, ready to attack […]

A Life Divided – Some Kind Of Grey Lyrics

celebrate the past instead I know, I know they don’t care ’cause they like the way, the way this world works still I can’t sooth my soul, still I can’t take all these lies we’re in, it’s all some kind of grey how could you say you’re sorry when no one worries, when no one […]

Smug Mang – S.G.H.S. Lyrics (feat. Xavier Wulf)

[Hook x8] Smug God, Hollow Squad [Verse 1: Xavier Wulf] Everything y’all do is on some fake shit I try to stay cool but I can’t take this Sometimes I get so mad I don’t say shit But that’s over now I want to wreck shit These niggas lie so much I don’t trust shit […]

Napoleon Da Legend – 7th Sense Lyrics (feat. Bbass)

[Napoleon Da Legend x BBass hook] We are warriors we never quit We’ll keep on fighting till we die If the stars were to fall thru the sky Well break out shell and rise, back to the light [Napoleon Da Legend verse 1] From his ashes, the Phoenix’ll rise Defeat the frauds, I can see […]

Eagles – Out Of Control Lyrics

Where’d you go, baby? [Verse 1] Oh, my, don’t the sky look spacious With the stars all shining down Well, I can hear the night wind howling It’s a high and lonesome sound And I ain’t had a woman in so long I can’t feed my starving soul Come on, saddle up, boys, we’re gonna […]

KEHLANI – Already Won lyrics

[Hook] I already won I got the keys to my hood Mama say she good Doing what I should I already won I got the world on my back City on the map No time to kick back I already Stopped giving a damn about When they tell me how I won’t make it out […]

Lil Uzi Vert – Harden Lyrics

[Hook]: Lowkey just was started Now I’m gettin money, I remember I just was starving Walking in this water like a [?] I got something for you Please don’t run up on me Now my pockets [?] I feel like I’m Hardy I’m so used to ballin You need to award this Your lil bitch […]

Babywipe – Ski Mask the Slump God lyrics

Mr. Feeling like the Four, b*tch I feel Fantastic Which one would you be though? I f*ck a b*tch in the dark My diamonds shine in the dark Weed deadass smell like a fart I’m on go just like a cart You police, I’ll call you Paul, uh, Blart, uh Try but you never can […]

Gojira – The Gift Of Guilt lyrics

We leave the shores to see the mountains rising A distant impression growing This judgement creates the pain in we hold Destructive intentions that serve no purpose But the end of us all These vultures from the past, coming In all the hells and worlds, the time has come Delivered from their eyes Embrace, suffer, […]

FERGIE – Hungry lyrics

This special, biggest, global Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Fergie] To say it’s complicated, understatement of the year Well maybe conflict made it a new flavor in your ear They know that I’m a problem, that’s why everybody scared Whatever doesn’t kill you, can make you an ill-ionaire Uh, just turn the headphones up […]

Thy Art Is Murder – Deliver Us To Evil Lyrics

THY ART IS MURDERDeliver Us To Evil Lyrics Deliver us to evil Tear the blackened hearts from the populace Deliver us to evil Eradicate the corrupt with prejudice Drag them from the mansions Take them from their hollow possessions And have them stare in the faces of the hungry As they burn for their transgressions […]

Hungry – Fergie feat. Rick Ross lyrics

Fergie lyrics Video Fergie Sick, sick, mmmhh Hungry El Chapo Starving Rinzel Not thirsty, just hungryyy Ferrari Fergie Ambitious, still hungryyy Still hungryyy. Lyrics Fergie – Hungry To say it’s complicated, understatement of the year Well maybe conflict made it a new flavor in your ear They know that I’m a problem, that’s why everybody […]

P!nk – Slut Like You Lyrics

[Chorus] I got a little piece of you-hoo And it’s just like woohoo Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am! [Intro (spoken)] I’m not a slut I just love love [Verse 1] Tell me something new ‘Cause I’ve heard this Okay, I’ll fuck you A little taste test You’ll be my little friend You’ll be my little […]

Zsk – Upside Down Lyrics

No war will ever be the answer To solve the problems in the world we are living in Something is wrong Cause I see millions of people starving While politicians waste our money on deadly war toys there are other ways to go as hundreds of alternatives show you don’t have to f**k people over […]

Ballout – Them Works Lyrics

x 2 Fresh as hell, they all looking alike, do you got that work Hell yeah, on the block, selling all the f**king work Used to be on the block, used to f**k at them works All my niggas grab me, swear to god, and they got them works Got them works, selling work, pull […]

Cheko – Dear, Her Lyrics

CHEKODear, Her Lyrics It’s been a long time Since I called you mines Loosing you had me out of my mind Depression; Insanity in I I should have just saved my time Love is for the lucky, I see none for me How’d you love him, While loving me? Reminiscing our love with you on […]

Plot In You – Feel Nothing Lyrics

And I can’t relate And I feel nothing for you I feel nothing for you And I feel It’s too late, too late I’ve buried this and it’s evident You won’t change, won’t change I feel nothing for My mind is torn, I hate it but I long to feel what I felt before But […]

Radiohead – Molasses Lyrics

RADIOHEADMolasses Lyrics Shake hands, genocide, molasses Jet powered caravans, molasses I’m too good, you’re stuck on Rent free earthquake zone, molasses I need someone else’s glasses Starving waitresses in plasters Fat houseflies, genocide We’ve been stitched up, molasses

Fie Laursen – Broken Soul Lyrics

FIE LAURSENBroken Soul Lyrics How did i loose control I can feel your shadow taking over Having lost anyway it’s all in my head Laying bruised on the floor I wonder if i ever learn to love them Skin that covers my bones How much is enough? You have been my friend But i just […]