Hulvey – Cold Water Lyrics

[Intro] Ayeyoungjordan Welcome to paradise [Chorus] I can feel the cold water I can finally hear You calling I think I   see   the morning, yeah Done   running from the moment, yeah I’m coming   out of cold water [Verse 1] Time and time, and time again I know that I saw my […]

Cold War Kids – Water & Power Lyrics

You could be hiding come on! COLD WAR KIDSWater & Power Lyrics Minus the car, look pass the dress Beyond the pearls, who will protest? What you’re hiding from You could be fighting come on! What you hiding from? Mean what you say, make your mistakes Hey the silver and gold, your feet crumble like […]

Taysav – Take It How You Want It Lyrics (feat. MK)

[Chorus: TaySav] Take it how you want it, but please take caution shawty Don’t be on no thot shit ’cause you know that I got options Nigga take it how you want it, they actin’ scary Why these niggas act like bitches, I’ma call them Tyler Perry Nigga take it how you want it, we […]

A War Within – Valkyrie Lyrics

Don’t be afraid to let it all go ‘Cause I just want to hold you and make all the nightmares go away I wanna fight all your battles so you don’t have to be free I dream of a world that can be what you need Make you believe it, baby Be my strong little […]

Sally Klein O’connor – Make Me A Window Lyrics

Make me a window Catching Your glory One of the pages Telling Your story Make me a wonder A sign of Your kindness A living reminder You heal our blindness Like a candle at midnight Or a city lit up All eyes are drawn to the view Let Your love shine brightly So people see […]

Noah Kahan – Glue Myself Shut Lyrics

Constant and cold, how do you live with this? [Verse 1] You used to be scared of the water You’re safe by the side of your father Your   sense   of the world   lay In your little home by the   harbor You’ve always felt small in the city I think that last […]

Jay Critch – Execute Lyrics

I made a plan then I executed Pull out the Lot doing surgery, cut the top off the whip had to execute it I know how to go get the money myself and I don’t need nobody else to do it Run that shit up til you fill up the bag and then you add […]

Lil Wayne – Russian Roulette Lyrics

[Chorus: Leah Marie & Conway the Machine] I pray so hard for my enemies I wish them well with no other intent Life is not promised, no guarantee No guarantees, but you get what you get It’s like Russian roulette It’s like Russian roulette It’s like Russian roulette (Hold on, right) No guarantees, but you […]

Tito Puente – Agua Limpia Todo Lyrics

Alalalalalalalalala Alalalalalalala You found nothing doferent The whater cleans everything It also cleans the toung of the people You found nothing doferent the people didn’t have mutch water The water cleans the clothes and the tounge of the people They drink cold bear i drink ….warm Alalalalalalala

Bruno Major – Cold Blood Lyrics

[Verse 1] Come here boy, rest your head for awhile I know you’ve been traveling a long time Come here boy, sing your songs with a smile Watch me turn water into wine [Pre-Chorus] Intoxicating creation and endless elation You’ll see the stars before sunrise Come here boy, give me your soul for awhile You […]

Christy Moore – North & South Lyrics

I want to reach out over the lough And feel your hand across the water Walk with you along an unapproved road Not looking over my shoulder I want to see I want to hear To understand your fears But we’re north and south of the river I’ve been doing it wrong All of my […]

Future – Perkys Calling Lyrics

f*ck you p*ssy niggas, ain’t no sympathy Niggas tellin’ lies, they so feminine I be sellin’ pies, chasin’ M&M’s f*ck a 9 to 5, get it out the gym Push illegal weight, we call it out the gym Knock ’em off on tape, that’s murder on film I need better thoughts, I need better vibes […]

Throwing Muses – Milan Lyrics

Get out of here Warm blooded Cold hearted You can’t finish what you started Clear sailing Murky water You’re still the smoothest talker All twisted up Ham-fisted You don’t want the devil’s daughter Wasted Inebriated You don’t want her But you brought her here All’s fair in new orleans So spend the night whimpering Can’t […]

Ingrid Andress – Anything But Love Lyrics

You moved on and you’re okay But I can’t even find a way, to say goodbye ‘Cause every time I try I always feel the same damn thing And it’ll change to anything but love (Anything but, anything but love) Oh, why can’t it be anything but love? Why won’t this fire grow cold? (Anything […]

Dave Adkins – Russell Fork River Lyrics

[Verse 1] There’s a legend they say About a young woman In a watery grave Two young lovers On a hot day in May Both lives were changed Forever that day Down by the water oh He had a plan On bended knee He’d ask for her hand All the fishermen heard Was a splash […]

Ray Wylie Hubbard – The Sun Also Rises Lyrics

[Verse 1] An old preacher holds on to a Bible A small child sings “The Water’s Wide” I stand like stone all alone outside their circle A faithless man, a fast left hand, and a hole inside [Verse 2] Her golden hair shined like sunlight on Sunday morning A band of gold was never put […]

Big Big Train – Blow The House Down Lyrics

Came a shadow, fast behind him Forty years had gone by In the twinkling of an eye There was nothing more Than dust and fire Like the past had come to greet us Many thousands of miles away And the hardest thing of all Is to face up to just where we lie Right here […]

Edgar Allan Poe – The Premature Burial Lyrics

A student, however, was especially desirous of testing a theory of his own, and insisted upon applying the battery to one of the pectoral muscles. A torpid uneasiness. The silver cord was not for ever loosed, nor the golden bowl irreparably broken. Just as the day dawns to the friendless and houseless beggar who roams […]