Eightball – Put Tha House On It Lyrics

EIGHTBALLPut Tha House On It Lyrics [Talking] I remember (I remember) Right before I used to go to sleep (right before I used to go to sleep) Me and my mom (me and my mom) My mom used to tell me to say (my mom used to tell me to say) Now I lay me […]

Price – Meek Mill lyrics

Uh, when you sitting at the top and you think you seen it all Caught up with your dreams with nobody else to call With tears up on my face, ’cause I know I’m gon’ be straight Had to cut a couple homies Had to learn from my mistakes This the price of being great […]

Outlandish – Aicha Lyrics

OUTLANDISHAicha Lyrics All y’all radios out there Song goes out to you Yeah, Aicha for my sisters ya So sweet, so beautiful Everyday like a queen on her throne No, nobody knows how she feels Aicha, Lady one day it’ll be real She moves, she moves like a breeze I swear I can’t get her […]

Demarco – I Love My Life Lyrics

DEMARCOI Love My Life Lyrics I love my life (I love my life) I love my life (I love my life) I love my life, I love my life (yeahhhh) [Chorus:] None a wi nuh know weh tomorrow may bring cah Di future deh hours away So mi a live my life today, mi a […]

Meek Mill – We Ball Lyrics

[Intro: Meek Mill] Yeah! RIP Dex Osama Lil Snupe All the fallen soldiers Scooter, Truce [Verse 1: Meek Mill] When they killed my nigga Snupe I seen my young nigga In the casket he ain’t even have no blood in him Prolly the reason why I keep taking these drugs quicker Ain’t got no patience […]

Henry Metal – The Maestro Still Abides lyrics

I’m the maestro motherf*** You guys been runnin’ around like a bunch of buttheads Tearin’ the world apart Thinkin’ you’re gonna somehow slip by the Lord of Death With your rotten heart And the joker and the theif are still confused as they ever been Still can’t get no relief And the princes are still […]

Asap Rocky – Hear Me Lyrics

f**k all those critics If Flacko on the booth, that mean a killer on the loose, ooh Don’t you compare me cause there ain’t nobody near me They don’t see me but they feel me They don’t feel me but they fear me, they hear me [Hook: A$AP Rocky] Hear me? If they ain’t playing […]

Isaac Hayes – I Ain’t Never Lyrics

ISAAC HAYESI Ain’t Never Lyrics (Welllllllllll, I ain’t never I ain’t never A-seen nobody like you No no no) Never, have I ever (A-seen nobody like you) (You call me up to say you’ll meet me at nine I have to hurry hurry that I’m there on time I walk right up and knock on […]

Jon Connor – I’m Back

The album is ‘Vehicle City’ Aftermath This some 2018 shit So Jon, won’t you step up and show ’em just a little bit of what the fuck you do Come on, let’s get ’em [Verse 1: Jon Connor] Look, this year’s election was trash, so I need therapy bad These rappers is gassed, these rappers […]