Bodega Bamz – Bring Em Out Lyrics (feat. Flatbush Zombies)

[Spoken Intro] [Verse 1: Bodega Bamz] Tour bus looking like a brothel Catching more bodies than Hostel Flatbush Zombies put money in my pocket If it's war against them, I'ma pop it Word like apostles Kid from the ghetto listening to heavy metal, rock rolled in my sock I ain't never been afraid, renegade got […]

​J. Cole, Bas & 6LACK – l e t . g o . m y . h a n d Lyrics

Cole] Sometimes I question whether this shit matters Puttin’ substance into something in a world so   used   to   instant gratification I found   this instrumental on   my phone while on vacation Ib sent it a year ago or so I probably heard it before, but slept on it, you know? How […]

J. Cole – ​l e t . g o . m y . h a n d Lyrics

Cole] Soldier’s song, marching on, on Hoping to see home If I die before I See your smile just one more time [Verse: J. Shit don’t always connect as soon as you press play At times you gotta step away, do some livin’ Let time provide a new prescription, givin’ truer vision I dibble-dabble in […]

Social Club Misfits – Is That Okay? Lyrics

[Verse 1: Marty] Yeah, I don't know how to stop Clean boy tatted up Breakthrough the padded lock Rug like Galaga But I ain't playing no games Me and Josh had a talk Thought I made the right moves, my career not adding up Met some Christians artists who think that they're celebrities I went […]

Dej Loaf – I Got It Lyrics

to my cousin Tryna wake ’em up cousin Walking devil, I be feeling like Jesus I don’t know much about that Bible, never felt like I need it I told my mom that I got her, when I make it we even For all the years she took care of me and my brothers believin’ […]

Monkey Majik – Bitten By You Lyrics

I’ve been bitten by you Anything that you do Couldn’t ever replace my eternal love You & I I’ve been bitten by you Now you’re the only one I’ll spend forever in bloom Yes I’ve been bitten by you Who needs the sun when we look so good under the moon? I guess I can […]

Jimmie Van Zant – Unfinished Life Lyrics

He had everything he wanted All his stars were lining up Like an inside straight When you go all in on a Vegas run Then one rainy night While driving his Mercedes up that ladder He lost control of what he thought he had And his life was done The preacher man said Here lies […]

G Herbo – Revolutionary Lyrics (feat. Bump J)

We can’t get rich off this land, do you understand? [Intro: G Herbo] Uh (Hit-Boy) All situations, good or bad got a meaning Don't know what it mean to you Live and learn, man Love more than most, uh [Verse 1: G Herbo] Nigga stressed out I’m in between celebratin' and feelin' left out But […]

G Herbo – Revolutionary Lyrics

We can’t get rich off this land, do you understand? And never quit on your plans, do you understand? And never quit on your plans, do you understand? No, the sky is the floor Head in the clouds, God quiet the noise Headed to trial, I should’ve fired the lawyer Tell a lie with my […]

Drakeo The Ruler – Too Icey Lyrics

I came in rockin’ Cartier Patek Sneak dissin’ when I know you is a fan, I’m too icey Ain’t worried ’bout them comments on the net Shooter with me that’s gon’ leave a nigga stretched Who don’t like me? You don’t even know the meaning To wake up, up in Heaven but still go to […]

Rebecca Lynn Howard – What A Shame Lyrics

I’ve heard all that I can take What a shame The whole world can stop turning It’s burning you up inside Too bad you’re so full of pride What a pity Nobody understands you A complicated man who Knows he’s always right What a shame What a pity What a pity What a shame What […]

Anthony Rogers – Oh My Lord Lyrics

Mental acrobatics To silence a demonstration Choosing sinful acts of status To further the instigation Get in line, cause it’s time My Brotha Keep it high, you’ll be fine My Brotha Feels like everyday I remind my brothas I shouldn’t have to search far Just to find my brotha And my Sisters We’re going on […]

Ransom – Pride Lyrics

Sebi mixed with Machiavelli, Pac and Reggie Noble soldiers, behold a flow as vulgar as Akinyele's (Put it in your mouth) I'm like the Lakers when the drop confetti (Word) A tripod to keep the chopper steady whenever the stock is heavy Berettas and Koch-a semis (Br-r-ra) Whenever rain appear (Yeah) A man'll always be […]

Tyga – Cuts Up Lyrics

& Tyga] It all cuts up It all cuts up It ain’t my falt [?] It all cuts up It all cuts up Dear god, lord knows what I did wrong It all cuts up It all cuts up It ain’t my falt [?] & Tyga] It all cuts up It all cuts up It […]

Madvillain – Accordion Lyrics

[Produced by Madlib] [Verse: MF DOOM] Living off borrowed time, the clock tick faster That’d be the hour they knock the slick blaster Dick Dastardly and Muttley with sick laughter A gun fight and they come to cut the mixmaster I-C-E cold, nice to be old Y2G stee twice to threefold He sold scrolls, lo […]

Fredo Bang – In Gee We Trust Lyrics

Grown ass, [?] ass, fake ass, bitch ass nigga [?] you’re gonna embarrass your [?] Why y’all bein’ sure? What much you got on us? TBD shirt, what much you got on us? You ride from your partner What [?] sir? That shit don’t make no nigga real, man ‘Cause a nigga got money, man […]

Loaded Lux – Til This Day Lyrics (feat. Deontay Wilder)

[Intro: *sample of Deontay Wilder & interviewer,* Loaded Lux] “‘You said that your people have been fighting for 400 years-‘ ‘Come on man, your peoples   too’ ‘Sir   i just want   you to explain what you mean   by that’ ‘Your peoples too You know I dare you to sit up there and […]

Maez301 – Back In A Minute Lyrics

Do they like Codeine? Do they like Codeine? [Verse 1] Never gave a shit unless it’s [?] Niggas get offended when you stunting up a Fendi Opps are down, bad, now I’m counting up Benz’s Money long, now she talking long ’cause it’s [?] I been riding ’round, gas tank on empty Two bad bitches […]