Moonshine Bandits – Dead Man’s Hand Lyrics

MOONSHINE BANDITSDead Man’s Hand Lyrics Oooh, on that wide open highway Oooh, on that wide open highway Oooh, on that wide open highway Oooh, my troubles in the wind Oooh, on that wide open highway The life that I’m living is a dead man’s hand Flag waving, hell raising, whiskey drinking son-of-a-bitch I’m a wayland […]

Mansions On The Moon – She Makes Me Feel Lyrics

MANSIONS ON THE MOONShe Makes Me Feel Lyrics She makes me feel Like I want to Like I need to, take a breather She makes me feel Like I’m worn out Like I’m tired Take it easy And when I’m lonely She holds me closely, Tight but easy, yeah I need it And when I […]

Highsnob – Poi Ti Spiego Lyrics

Parla che fra’ mi sembra Lilly Meraviglia La gente parla, parla (pss) bisbiglia Che il nuovo disco è fuori, wow, che meraviglia È arrivato papi quindi tutti a nanna, oh Metto questi babbi, frate, in modalità aereo, oh Faccio più film di Pupi, fra’, con queste groupie Dirigo l’orchestra e sono il capo quindi muti […]

Anson Seabra – Stay With Me Lyrics

[Verse 1] God damn, I’m so nervous God damn, I’m so small Hope that you don’t see the signs God damn, I’m so worthless God damn, I’m so gone Glad that you’re with me tonight [Pre-Chorus] Hold me like the night sky holds the moon Wrap me in your arms just like you do Sing […]

Agust D – Moonlight Lyrics

[Romanized:] Yeah, yeah Okay, okay, okay, okay Yeah 3nyeoni jinanne Agust D Soljiki, myeot gok neoeulji jal moreugesseo gyang Ssi, gyang haneun geoji mwo Sijageun chorahaetji daegu geurae namsandong jiha Eseo ijeneun penteuhauseu hannam deohil Ha Ajikdo kkumeseo kkaeji mothaneun piteopaen Nae meoritsok hyeonsireun isanggwa ssawo jigyeopge Nae gajang keun jeogeun sok anui hwa Geuboda […]

Fratellis – Half Drunk Under A Full Moon Lyrics

I’ve been chasing diamonds, I’ve been chasing pearls I’ve been keeping company with cinnamon girls I swoon, did you see my head shake Stay tuned and I’ll entertain Hey hot stuff make my lemonade How long does a lifetime take And they all got down to the Cinderella quick step In living color, cheekbones like […]

Tora Tora – Lights Up The River Lyrics

[Verse 1] Sweet magnolia blooms In the shade of a pink mimosa tree From the shadow of the moon Dusting off the Bible, marking the page Her favorite verse to pray [Pre-Chorus] Please forgive me for the things I’ve done Unmarked grave and a loaded gun [Chorus] Lights up the river, lights up the river […]

Jack Harlow – Yikes! Lyrics

Just hop in with me" (Ayy) Hop in with me (Come on) Yikes (Yikes), might get spooky (Ooh) Scary hours but we ain’t afraid to do it Tastes like candy, yuh, I might chew it (I might) Tastes like candy, yuh, I might lose it (I might) Yikes (Yikes), might get spooky (Ooh) Scary hours […]

Alice Boman – Skiss 3 Lyrics

There’s no place I’d rather be now Than right here with you The only light in this world now Is that from the moon No one knows me better Than you do I need your lovin’ honey, need you There’s no place I’d rather be now Than right here with you No place I’d rather […]

Lola Young – 3rd Of Jan Lyrics

Yesterday I fell in love Tomorrow I gotta fall out of it I hope that he gives   this   up And then crawls   right back around for it I still   think about you when the sun lights the moon And I do not miss you But other parts of me miss you […]

Devin Davis – Deserted Eyeland Lyrics

The ship went down to lay on the ground At the bottom of the sea I wound up on a deserted island When the ancient lights held their dances in the sky Well they nearly got me thinkin’ that I could stay But I had to get out right away And at last my shoes […]

Zach Boucher – Build A Home Lyrics (feat. Sailorurlove)

Maybe leave and find a place They don’t believe in hatred Where people speak their minds And never cover it with fakeness But if you’re here with me Is where I’m the safest [Chorus] (SailorUrLove): I know there’s quarks I’ve got to fix I know there’s cracks in all my bricks I know these things […]

Mixed Blood Majority – Blinded Lyrics

[Verse 1: Crescent Moon] If I could sell the snakeskin back to the serpent Then non-believers turn to Jesus And start preaching the sermon I thought I told ‘em repeatedly Not to stare at the sun They forgot to blink And now they think that I’m the arrogant one Please don’t compare me to none […]

Mixed Blood Majority – Insane World Lyrics

Somewhere between midnight And the thin light of a new dawn [Verse 1: Joe Horton] Too bad you can’t be a prophet in your hometown No more yelling in deaf ears f*ck this whole town (Suit up and eat your breakfast soldier Hold the fort down) Yea I bet I burn that f*cker down before […]

Hexvessel – Billion Year Old Being Lyrics

You can find my signs in this paradise Where myriad the mornings shined That I have hardly   dreamed   of Through a hallucinary   spell of time A place where hunter   gatherers Gathered in their grave-house My name was spoken on the wind That blew away the sun Billion year old being! Rise […]

Snow – Whole Nine Yards Lyrics

I wish dem days could go on and on… It’s just another wicked day in our neighbourhood U never know what be goin’ down…. I wish dem days could go on and on… Anamon dem sing… Oh oh oh oh … Anagirl dem sing… Oh oh oh oh … We’d be hanging out in my […]

Yungen – Chosen Lyrics

[Verse 1] I don’t care what you read in some YouTube comments I’m the guy in my ends I’ve got BM’s doing the school run Brucking their neck when I drive my Benz My bro phoned me from the can And he told me to mind my friends Now it’s only fam I know Giggs […]

Swaco Tha Illest – 4 Am Interlude Lyrics

VERSE Uh Tell me where to find you I been sipping too much on this juice Got me feeling like I’m losing the truth Losing the view Losing the path that I had set just with you I done seen our picture in the frame And now things done changed A blank canvas still remains […]

Napoleon Da Legend – Nanto Sei Ken Lyrics

Before we blast off into oblivion and we can finally take our mask off, watch ya friends pay respect What a shame that they all had to wait the day u left Climbing grey steps to face the supreme judge To make decisions, tally ya score and count ya deeds up [Napoleon Da Legend hook] […]