Horseshoe Gang – My Last Song Lyrics

Never But if it’s cold enough to be f*ckin’ Crooked’s Someone as dope as my older brother, Crook, whose five times better Over years get to thinkin’, will I rhyme ever I may as well flip a bird, ’till flippin words Flip a burner or flip a burger somewhere Rappers talk like they hustlin’, and […]

Kyle Lucas – Caught Up Lyrics (feat. Weather)

lListen to what you saying About to throw it all away, well these fans they’ve all been waiting Impatiently for years, their ears are finally craving Man the outcome, is this album, damn son it’s blazing What about all those mix tapes, you’ve built this from the pavement You gave them all that free music, […]

Kyle Lucas – Cellar Door Lyrics

[Intro: Kyle Lucas] I’mma be honest, it’s so beyond us It’s hard to rationalize when you turn pre-Madonna All that Dilaudid got your eyes red like piranhas You get so heated like you sleep up in a sauna It’s like you only fight with me just to hear yourself talk And I swear this shit […]

Sarah Jarosz – Maggie Lyrics

Look away while you still can Close your eyes, say goodbye to this strange land You never thought you had it good And high school was just football games and processed food You’ve been picking through the weeds too long Surrounded by the echoes of a dream gone wrong Running through the fields that led […]

Night Moves – Ribboned Skies Lyrics

Just who will you believe in? When you were young and stuck in your cuffs Maybe I could fight it But I’m waiting around and thinking of changes Will I? Wasting my time, messing up on my love And won’t you stop and think and wonder why? It’s a shame (A sweeter cry) Harmony prized, […]

Asaf Avidan – The Labyrinth Song Lyrics

Oh Ariadne, I’m coming, I just need to work this maze inside my mind I wish I had that string, it’s so damn dark, I think I’m going blind Oh Ariadne, I just need to work this maze inside my mind For the life of me I don’t remember what I came to find Now […]

B Young – Catch Me Outside Lyrics

Baby, we can do this for the night (Yeah, yeah) You know I can give you what you like (What you like, girl) Baby, you can put that on my life Catch me outside, you can hop up in the ride, yeah Catch me outside, you can hop up in the ride, yeah Catch me […]

Skegss – Under The Thunder Lyrics

I’ve got many things to learn I’ve got energy to burn I’ve got forgiveness to earn My buisness is none of your concern Or maybe I’m just seizing Or maybe it’s just the season Or maybe there’s no good reason As to why I am bleeding Well under the thunder There’s no hiding from the […]

Lil Gotit – What It Was Lyrics (feat. Future)

[Intro: Future] Ayy, yeah I sip out the cup, it ain’t driving me crazy (Damn) This shit I took   up,   it ain’t making   me lazy I pop me one up   and I keep going crazy I’m filling it up and I keep going brazy Man, I’m just a hood baby [Chorus: […]

Dixie D’amelio – Be Happy Lyrics

What’s the matter with that? What’s the matter with that? [Bridge] What’s the matter with sadness Making me feel the way I feel right now Goodness Can’t force you when you feel f*cked up It’s the salt that’s on my tongue It’s the salt that’s on my tongue [Chorus] But sometimes I don’t wanna be […]

Laptop – Let Yourself Go Lyrics

Look, this ain’t your job You can show a little heart You are not in some part in a film Look, I know from experience That these feelings just don’t come and go Look, life isn’t all show business There are moments when you just to Let yourself go Let yourself go Let our thing […]

Mike Dreams – Ready For Me Lyrics

(Verse 1) They wanna know who Is this young, new Rapper on the scene Swagger a little dapper Maybe different than you’ve seen Hopefully you’ll read his chapters Just to figure what he means This God given talent, see I got it in my genes Like thread up on the pocket That you sew into […]

Cloe Wilder – You & Lonely Lyrics

Can’t help but wonder what it is I do That made you wanna walk away so soon I pretend that I am doing fine, doing fine I can’t replace you, start new every time I’m talking bout you, who I thought I’d never lose Didn’t think I’d have to choose between you and lonely I’m […]

Blanks – Seaside Lyrics

[Chorus] Woah oh Dreaming of the beach and the sunshine Maybe we could go to the seaside Maybe we   could   go to the   seaside Woah oh Dreaming of the beach and   the sunshine We could listen to the kooks on the car ride To the seaside Oh oh oh Woah oh […]

Bob Dylan – Black Rider Lyrics

Black rider, black rider, you’ve been living too hard Been up all night, have to stay on your guard The path that you’re walking, too narrow to walk Every step of the way, another stumbling block The road that you’re on, same road that you know Just not the same as it was a minute […]

Overdust – Maybe Tomorrow Lyrics

’cause now I need you More than I wanted Go back! (chorus) Gonna watch you pay back when you get out there With no where else to go I know maybe one day, someday, Danny, maybe, you will get enough Go and make it the way you have always planned I won’t say a word […]