Uncle Trey – Heel Lyrics

[Verse 1] Die remembered as a hero or live long become a villain Stay humble, praise idols or get big enough to kill em Brush the haters off your shoulders or let your shoulder grow a chip My whole life I took the high road, you muhf*ckas can’t tell me shit Tell niggas this my […]

Linoskiii – The Storyteller Lyrics

[Intro] Shoutsout my man, EQ Frank John James, yo [Verse 1] Hey man, the sun is coming out, right I think I’ll go outside and enjoy a little sunlight They’re saying I should put just a little sunscreen But I don’t think I will, man Cos I embrace my dark skin Feels like a good […]

Oliver Tree – Bury Me Alive Lyrics

I watch out, I’m shot down, it always falls apart I watch out, I’m shot down, it always falls apart Carry me away in a coffin That’s the day that I’m stopping One thing is enough and I’m dropping it all if I ever tell One day when I speak in the gates of hell […]

Estelle – Better Lyrics

(I bet that one girl better for me) (I bet that one girl better for me) (I bet that one girl better for me, better for me, better for me) (I bet that one girl better for me) (I bet that one girl better for me) (I bet that one girl better for me) (You […]

Captain Tractor – Here Comes A Regular Lyrics

Well a person can work up A mean, mean thirst After a hard day of nothing much at all Summer’s passed It’s too late to cut the grass Ain’t much to rake anyway in the fall Sometimes i just ain’t in the mood To take my place in back with the loudmouths Like a picture […]

Az – Wanna Be There Lyrics

Glady’s, that was my favorite view Hated school, never went, hookie was better spend Right around the time the god rocks smoking dead presidents Devilish ever since, seeking for hope, needing some form of nourishment It’s eighty-eight skin starting to radiate Hit on my baby-face mama bear could see that I’m there She finally gave […]

Mamamoo – I Do Me Lyrics

I’m just enjoying as it is Don’t don’t bother me, I’m not afraid, this stronger me I don’t care, it’s my heart I’m gonna work hard and get money then go to nail-salon Rabbit rabbit I’m just like that froggy Seven-year-old boy who won’t listen Peekaboo peekaboo, everyone gets surprised Everyone shakes their head at […]

Ray Price – That’s What Leaving’s About Lyrics

It’s that farewell time for talking Time to say just what you’re feeling All the secrets you’re concealing can come out There’s no reason for holding back And that’s what leaving’s about. It’s about time all of the time We spent together yet so all alone And it’s about people you and me The two […]

David Correy – Deeper Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah Do this, babe Yeah [Chorus] Every time I go inside, I find somethin’ deeper about you And every time I close my eyes, my visions get deeper about you And every time that I open up my eyes, I know this love is true, it’s just you And every time I […]

John Conlee – River Of Time Lyrics

Early one morning a new day was dawning I was 16 and strong as a horse I didn’t know nothing about nothing But I knew everything of course I turned 21 toting a gun And losing some good friends of mine I was crossing my first dreams of sorrow On the way down the river […]

Bonfire – Rap Is Crap! Lyrics

We have it in England, Germany, Turkey USA, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Mexico Brazil, China, Iraq, Israel, India, France It spread and spread and spread – like a worldwide disease Just imagine a rocksinger Calling on white to kill black I can hear the immediate outcry Among all those ghetto rats I’m just so sick […]

Keith Harkin – I Remember It All Lyrics

This is where our story now begins [Chorus] And everyone, they disappear I laid it on the line I took the fall Oh, I remember it all I remember it all [Verse 2] Ask me was it worth it Would I do it all again I wouldn’t change one thing ‘Cause you are that same […]

Rhys Lewis – What Wild Things Were Lyrics

[Verse 1] And I still remember the turn of the leaves And the first signs of blossom on   our   cherry trees And I   still hear rivers from old memories I   still dare at starlight, but only in dreams [Chorus] ‘Cause we broke   the   home   that we had And […]

Rupert Holmes – The O’Brien Girl Lyrics

It’s all very strange I want to take her to higher ground I want to hold her in open fields And keep her there where the only sound Is her talking to me But they keep talking ’bout her Oh, the O’Brien girl All I hear is you You deep inside the night And I […]

Jehry Robinson – Backburner Lyrics

I live with my head under a gun Keep my head down and try to hustle Get scared but I never run f*ck the suicide I’m falling I’m falling into place I live with my head under a gun Keep my head down and try to hustle Get scared but I never run f*ck the […]

Tle Cinco – Fastlane Lyrics

[Chorus] Fail at living life, yeah I’m tryna’ take credit Folks on my cash bad Hit it first I   can’t   back track I ran   up them racks fast Run on my   last loud Don’t believe them ’cause that’s cow I can only be real and that’s how Loud, I can’t fall […]

NAV – Frequently Lyrics

Yeah, I’ma stack another backend, comin’ in frequently Yeah, if I ain’t doin’ shows then I’m doin’ whatever I please Yeah, hit the gas, hit the gas, car smoke, go for speed Yeah, all my pockets full but I feel like I’m on E Yeah, I just realized why they hate ’cause they wanna be […]

Sofia The First – Sofia The First Theme Song Lyrics

I was a girl in the village doing alright Then I became a princess overnight Now I   gotta   figure out how   to do it right So much to   learn and see Up in the castle with my new family In a school that’s just for royalty A whole enchanted world is […]

Ard Adz – Oj With It Lyrics

f*ck the feds, buss case blud I’m OJ with it Had a friend turned snake, but I’m ok with it The cocaine’s shitty, get burnt then you learn, that’s the dope game init f*ck them mans feelings, I ride with a spinner let them man feel it Got a heart full of steel, I swear […]