Dave East – Menace Lyrics

was The Answer Niggas was shootin’, survivin’ bullets was like cancer (Cancer) Couple private dancers down in Tampa Ducking from the cameras, sippin’ Fanta We could get it raw to Savannah (Raw) Pull up in the Porsche with Diana Of course I pay to be the boss, hand it Niggas think they Ross, lost scramblin’ […]

Json – I The Beast Lyrics

[Verse 1] If pressure bust pipes, then I’ma crack homes Too much up on my back bones That’s wrong, sorry, that’s Ye flow I’ma switch the pace though, got to put you back on See often I wanna be them Wanna be the stars in your sky when I see them Lord help me see […]

Yung Bans – Easter Pink Lyrics (feat. Gunna)

[Intro: Yung Bans] Huh, ayy, yeah Huh, ayy, yeah That boy Cassius Huh, yeah, ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah [Chorus: Yung Bans] Wake up, brush my teeth, huh (Wake up, brush my teeth), yeah Pour that Easter pink, ayy (Pour that Easter pink), yeah Diamonds wet like sink (Yeah, huh, diamonds wet), yeah Diamonds wet like […]

Feast Worship – Through The Wilderness Lyrics

[Verse 1] In the desert In the darkness God, You lead me through the night In the summit In the wonder I   am   guided by Your   light [Pre-Chorus] You go before my every way I’m   not afraid so I will say [Chorus] You’re with me, God In every breath, in every […]

Midnight Beast – I Hate Myself Lyrics

I hate myself so much I’ll hate me for you I hate myself so much Saves you hating me too But if you hate me as much as I already think you do Then we can hate me all together if that’s cool with you I’m the best at the being the worst to myself […]

V Don – Get Back Lyrics (feat. Dave East)

I spent time in the trap No cosigning no rats I got commas to stack, told my Momma I rap f*ck what you profit, you whack My uncle had that MPV, I would hop in the back He had bottles of crack If I got it I’ma give back Wanted the [?] in blue, the […]

Northeast Party House – Embezzler Lyrics

Rah Tss Oo I wrote a letter To my very own cinderella But she had been taken By a dirty thief to quench his craving Thief Rah Tss Oo Lost my lover to the hands of a thief The letter he took from me, my only key He tricked me, he tricked her and stole […]

Dave East – Handsome Lyrics

[Intro] Soundin’ like it’s ‘post to, nigga [Verse 1] I won’t break the code, young nigga tryin’ not to   die We   just prayed that   we’d get old My niggas is gone If   they not in the field, I won’t put their name   in   a   song I been in […]

Halsey – Eastside lyrics

[Intro: Khalid] Uh Yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Khalid] When I was young, I fell in love We used to hold hands, man, that was enough (yeah) Then we grew up, started to touch Used to kiss underneath the light on the back of the bus (yeah) Oh no, your daddy didn’t like me much And […]

Migos – Beast lyrics

[Intro: Baka] Murda on tha beat so it’s not nice [Chorus: Quavo] Beast She a lil, she a lil beast She a lil beast (beast) She a lil, she a lil beast (beastie) She a lil beast (beast) She a lil, she a lil beast (beast) She a lil beast Love to walk around on […]

Dave East – On God Lyrics

I ain’t got to pull it out, I throw this shit right through my hoodie I be on the stage with the fully I got grams all in my pocket Getting jail calls from bully 30 side trapping, I’ll never forget bush Cocaine on my side forever gone get cooked Promoter with the Yolla forever […]

Beast mode – A boogie wit da Hoodie lyrics

Huh, man I swear I be so faded I almost forgot that I was famous Last night I almost popped a nigga He got too close, he had a hoodie on, he wanted a picture He ain’t even think that I was about to smoke him like a f*cking swisher I can’t afford it, I […]

Anderson East – All on My Mind Lyrics

type in the search box Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Anderson East – All on My Mind Lyrics [Verse 1] She can wear a nightgown to a wedding A t-shirt to bed A short skirt in the olden times Some days, it’s wrapped around my head You can find my woman […]

The hated – Dave East lyrics

They hated Jesus, hated Malcolm, hated Martin (They gon’ hate) eight niggas living in a two-bedroom apartment No lights up in the crib, I guess I came up out the darkness Mood change when I spark it, new Range, now I park it They hated Jesus, hated Malcolm, hated Martin (They gon’ hate) eight niggas […]

Dave East – The Hated (Skit) Lyrics

Like how the fuck did he even meet Nas? It look like the East nigga, hold up Watch this nigga, hold up Yooo! Dave East – The Hated (Skit) Lyrics [Skit: Dave East, Friend, Hater #1, Hater #2] Yo what up, what’s cracking with you two niggas? Fuck outta here Heard you nigga Who this […]

Dave East – Paranoia Lyrics

Dave East – Paranoia Lyrics [Intro: Dave East] Got me peekin’ through the blinds like Malcolm Forty on me [Chorus: Dave East] Paranoia gettin’ the best of me I don’t want nobody next to me Don’t talk unless you got a check for me I don’t see nobody ahead of me Foreigns, we jump out […]