Jam Baxter – Caravan Lyrics

(Hook) Kicked out the caravan, somewhere left of everywhere Someone told me all my dead relatives were buried there You will never see me ever sitting still in any chair Running round the desert picking thorns from my derriere X2 (Verse 1) Midnight, sand dunes, space flight, trashed rooms Frog spawn, jack moves, silk tongue, […]

Lost Society – Mosh It Up Lyrics

You’re with us now, and we don’t care This is our style, this is our way, auh A fistful of energy, coming at your way, uh Mosh it up! Mosh it up! Mosh it up! Put your fists up in the air, in the air! Thrash! Speeding with a 100 miles on the clock Aiming […]

Low Cut Connie – Revolution Rock N Roll Lyrics

[Verse 1] I used to be a soldier Now I’m getting older Start to feel so lazy Starts to make me crazy [Chorus] Come on children, rip it up Let the jerk-offs clean it up Touch my body, touch my soul Revolution rock n roll [Verse 2] But I’m still a loser And I’m still […]

Neffex – Who The Fuck Is Neffex!? Lyrics

Verse 1: We’ve been ballin out since we were mother f*ckin 15 Steady coming up in what they like to call the OC Cruising in A Chevy every weekend to a new beach Woofer in the back playing music was our routine Parties on the weekends at the house that everyone knows Parents never home […]

Velvet Condom – Silky Lolita Lyrics

DADDY : f*ck off, manage yourself and leave me alone Help yourself out I’m too f*cked up LOLITA : D’you like it when I’m sitting on your knees? DADDY : Come to daddy You curly girly mind LOLITA : My boyfriend loves it when I do it like that AH HA I go wild / […]

Fiddler’s Green – Devil’s Dozen Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’ve dealt with the devil I went down to hell Left with nothing Had nothing to lose I’ve played with some broads Had nothing to give Got only some cigs and some booze I’ve travelled the highways I’ve walked down the line And here is one thing I have learned When you climb […]

88rising – History Lyrics

[Chorus] We got history (history) Got me feeling the nostalgia When you look at me (look at me) Thinking ’bout what could have happened Or what could’ve been Finally a face I know, ain’t that a sight to see Take my time then take your clothes off One more time, maybe Actin’ like you don’t […]


But, I guess the spotlight breeds envy But, tempt me with one wrong move I can put it in your life, either way, I don’t lose Hit the snooze Drinking booze, I’m a fool with the tool Buried in the backyard with an underground pool $uicideboy$, go and kill yourself Doing drug after drug, dog, […]

Travis Scott – MIA (Demo) Lyrics

If Scottie ain’t totin’ or swimmin’ in women He writin’, producin’ and scorin’ and filmin’ [Hook] These choppers and these planes They all doin’ the same, they take me overseas M-I-A-I-M-I-A M-I-A-I-M-I-M-I-A-I-M-I-A M-I-A-MI-M-I-M-I-A-MI These choppers and these planes They all doin’ the same, they take me overseas M-I-A-I-M-I-A M-I-A-MI-M-I-M-I-A-I-M-I-A M-I-A-MI-M-I-M-I-A-I-I [Intro] Yeah, ill America baby […]

Ac Dc – Live Wire lyrics

Oh stick this in your fuse box Cooler than a body on ice Hotter than a rollin’ dice Wilder than a drunken fight You’re gonna burn tonight I’m a live wire, live wire I’m a live wire, live wire I’m a live wire, live wire And I’m gonna set this town on fire Live wire, […]

TLC – My Secret Enemy Lyrics

Gotta get away from the past If I make it I just might last Gotta get away from the past Trynna escape it but it’s movin’ too fast Gotta get away from the past If I make it I just might last Gotta get away from the past Trynna escape it but it’s movin’ too […]

Lacs – Country Boy Downtime Lyrics

This country boy downtime You can ride shotgun buddy, I’ll drive Roll this one, we’ll drink a little homemade wine In a long dirt road, get some things off our mind I need some country boy downtime Small-town boys need room to breathe Life can get rough and women can get mean Call my dog, […]

Moonshine Bandits – Burn Lyrics (feat. Big B)

MOONSHINE BANDITSBurn Lyrics (feat. Big B) Dance with the devil on a pale moon light Car full of smoke with a jar full of shine I put love in the club where there’s all black lights I get love from the clubs where there’s all black bikes Spend an over nighter paid my dues The […]

Artillery – Paparazzi Lyrics

A winner, a sinner, a big expensive dinner There is no end to your lack of common sense A warzone, a dryzone, got people out of their home A kill, a thrill, you don’t care if you lie You have to sell, to keep your job alive As cold as ice, you don’t care if […]

Amy Correia – Gin Lyrics

AMY CORREIAGin Lyrics It happened again late last night When the moon was on the rise I was sipping my favorite drink And I was laughing and joking and Flirting with this stranger Some guy And sometimes I’m like a stupid little girl Dressed up in my mama’s high heeled shoes And I’m playing at […]

A Broken Silence – Caught Up In Fiction Lyrics

Since the call from the doctors, I had my bad thoughts packed all into boxes. Now torch in the cockpit, what’s more it’s a rocket, we off, watch this… Many thinking you’re at loss kid, piss poor were them options Naught in my pockets. HOOK (Cactus) I was caught up in fiction I lied to […]

Dangerous Toys – Loser Lyrics

DANGEROUS TOYSLoser Lyrics Seein’ double, livin’ single Night club frustrated tryin’ to mingle There’s a girl dancin’ over there She’s got very fascinating hair But I can’t work up the nerve to do my schpeel With my big foot stuck in my mouth I end up talkin’ like a heel Cuz I’m a loser, not […]