Katy Perry & Tiësto – Resilient (Tiësto Remix) Lyrics

[Chorus: Katy Perry] ‘Cause I am resilient A full flower moment Won’t let the concrete hold me back, oh no I am resilient Born to be brilliant You’ll see me grow right through the cracks, yeah ‘Cause you’re gonna watch this flower grow Right through the cracks [Verse 2: Aitana] Aitana Puede llover por unos […]

Shamana – Superhero Lyrics

[Verse 1] I am connected like WiFi (Ayy) Hit the blunt and get sky high Smoking spinach just like Popeye Walk him down don't do drive-by's All on his neck like a bow tie Why do they hate I do not know why I'm right with my nigga like four tires He said he'd wrestle […]

Migos – Work Hard lyrics

[Intro] Dun Deal on the Track [Chorus: Quavo] Dropped out of school I didn’t graduate (oh no) But I still got the M’s on my plate (oh, oh yeah) Mama ain’t really have a good job (oh no mama) But now she ain’t never gotta have no job (no no) Cause I work hard for […]

Migos featuring Drake – Versace Remix Lyrics

Shoutout Migos, shoutout Zaytoven one time That Migo is drinkin’ in the Versace store (Verse ) Versace, Versace Medusa head on me like I’m Illuminati (Versace!) This is a gated community Please get the f*ck off the property (gate!) Rap must be changin’ ‘Cause I’m at the top and ain’t no one on top of […]

Post Malone – Rockstar (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Post Malone] Hahahahaha Tank God Ayy, ayy [Chorus: Post Malone] I’ve been fuckin’ hoes and poppin’ pillies Man, I feel just like a rockstar (star, ayy, ayy) All my brothers got that gas And they always be smokin’ like a Rasta (-sta) Fuckin’ with me, call up on a Uzi And show up, man, […]

Kodak Black – I Get The Bag Lyrics

[Verse 1] Nah dawg, it’s lil Kodak nigga what you thought I got snakes on my Gucci, but not in my yard I got that bag got that guwop, bought a icy watch Shoutout to Convertible Burt Florida boy, Florida boy, Florida shit I turned my 4 door to a vert Can y’all please let […]

Kodak Black – Roll In Peace Lyrics Ft. XXXTENTACION

XXXTENTACION [Intro: Kodak Black] Aye, everything be like, off the top these days like (We got London on the track!) These days, I don’t even know what a pad is these days Fuck that hoe ’cause she a nat nat [Pre-Chorus: Kodak Black] You ain’t the one for me, baby You ain’t got shit I […]

RiFF RAFF – Yesterday (Remix) Lyrics

[Chorus] Go and get your racks And put your money where your mouth is ‘Cause all my homies ’round me Yeah, you know we really ’bout this Go and get your racks And put your money where your mouth is ‘Cause all my partnas ’round me Yeah, you know we really ’bout this Bankroll so […]

Do Re Mi Remix

Lyrics to ‘Do Re Mi Remix’ by blackbear: –Intro: blackbear & Gucci Mane– Do, re, mi, fa, so Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh It’s Gucci Do, re, mi, fa, so Yeah, yeah, yeah –Verse 1: blackbear– Yeah, if I could go back to the day we met I probably would just stay in bed You run […]

Zoey Dollaz – Bad Tings Richmix Lyrics ft. Tory Lanez, Future

Pull out pieces, lookin’ like I’m whippin’ dope (whippin’ dope) You can tell them fuck niggas, I’m with this smoke (With this smoke) Shawty, came around, she on a new pretty (new pretty) Feel like 60 thousand, on some new titties (skrr, skrr, switch it up) [Chorus: Future] All boss bitches, for my boss team […]