Hey Ocean! – Honeydew Lyrics

[Verse 1] There’s no way to know how it’s gonna go When we’re seventy And no fortune can tell   the   way that I   feel So pour out your prophecy, mmm [Pre-Chorus] Arresting   me, how can I say I’ll be there If it’s up in the air How can I let my […]

Dex Osama – Ryders Lyrics

You niggas bitches and you really like to talk a lot Show up at the bar and leave his body in the parking lot Keep talking bitch and we gone do you wrong Throw yo ass a party then send you home Dirty gun it already got some bodies on it brought a new Glock […]

Fokofpolisiekar – Vir Altyd 07 November Lyrics

Vir altyd 07 November Al jou vriende se vir my Dat jy baie teleurgesteld sou gewees het in my Ek kan jou nie so goed soos wat ek wil Onthou nie Maar dit voel nou asof jy ‘n bietjie beter na my kyk Jy’t net soveel gedrink En ook jou hele lewe lank Probeer weg […]

Hayden James & Icona Pop – Right Time Lyrics

[Intro] Right time, baby, it’s the right time Hands up to the skyline We could do this every   night [Verse 1] We   can go for   days We can go for nights We can   go for weeks at a time We can go for life [Refrain] Lost   in   the   […]

Youngboy Never Broke Again – Rough Ryder Lyrics

Soon as I walk up in my show, they tryna see where my Glock at They know I’m strapped up in this bitch, I shoot and you can’t stop that I’m thuggin’ [Chorus] I’m a rough rider, lowlife, made nigga, yeah I’m a f*ckin’ problem, thirty pop him, play, we pop his head You know […]

DRAM – WWYD? Lyrics

(what would you do?) Ooh, what would you do? Ooh, if you got that check in your name would you try to fix everyone’s problems with dollars ‘Cause, what’s it to you? (nah) You say [?], but really wanna blow it all in four nights (damn) You really wanna change, don’t you? ‘Cause it bes […]

Lloyd – Caramel Lyrics

[Chorus] Caramel (ooh) Dripping in my bed Yeah you know, what’s going through my head I’m thinking bout, getting with you tonight I’m thinking bout, wifing you up for life Caramel (ooh) Dripping in my bed Yeah you know, what’s going through my head I’m thinking bout, getting with you tonight I’m thinking bout, wifing […]

Lloyd Banks – Mighty Healthy Freestyle Lyrics

Brave pilot You makin’ moves? [Intro] You know who the fuck it is 2018 Two thousand and make cream At Your Request [Verse: Lloyd Banks & Ghostface Killah] Masked up on my last case Figured no face, no karma Throwin’ salt at me Prefer my shade by Dolce Gabbana Rideable, bet the dough gets some […]

Pink Floyd – The Scarecrow Lyrics

[Verse 1] The black and green scarecrow as everyone knows Stood with a bird on his hat and straw everywhere He didn’t care [Hook] He stood in a field where barley grows [Verse 2] His head did no thinking His arms didn’t move except when the wind cut up Rough and mice ran around on […]

Lloyd Banks – Young and Reckless Lyrics

Day of the reckless, out disrespecting they old head Clowns’ll fuck up the party, killers to paint the snow red They zoom in scopes ’cause I done set the bar so high my nose bled Your favorite rapper I’ll pack as my microphone bed Lid razor for dreamy eyes I need my safe my TV […]

Lady Jaydee – I Miss You Lyrics

Lady Jaydee – I Miss You Lyrics   Lyrics will be available soon, help us write or submit the song Lyrics below Submit Lyrics Here Searching for more update about this? Type Inside The Box Latest On:  AKA & Anatii – 10 Fingers Lyrics

Sia – Everyday Is Christmas lyrics

We feature thousands of lyrics, but unfortunately the Everyday Is Christmas lyrics by Sia are not available yet. Read our relevant article “Sia Announces “Everyday Is Christmas” Holiday Album: Cover + Tracklist”. Everyday Is Christmas lyrics Welcome to Directlyrics. These lyrics were added 4 hours ago. While we wait for the song to be released […]

Heavenly body – Lloyd lyrics

I almost died last night (almost died last night) When you took off your clothes My heart just stopped (my heart) Your heavenly body And when we start off, won’t stop (baby, I won’t stop) It’s like I live in you, girl you’re so soft (so soft) Your heavenly body (body baby). Lloyd lyrics Video […]

Pink Floyd – Time lyrics

Ticking away the moments That make up a dull day Fritter and waste the hours In an off-hand way Kicking around on a piece of ground In your home town Waiting for someone or something To show you the way Tired of lying in the sunshine Staying home to watch the rain You are young […]

Z-ro – Everyday Samethang Lyrics

Z-ROEveryday Samethang Lyrics When the money start lookin’ funny, all my friends get gone Concerts and studio times, they love to come and kick it But without gas money Z-ro gone miss it I thought to myself, this feels like nobody hear me Even though I screamin’ I must be a demon cuz won’t nobody […]

Katydids – Miss Misery Lyrics

KATYDIDSMiss Misery Lyrics A little busybody told me I was blind I wouldn’t sense the nose on my face You know I never listen to her good advice And I resemble the thing she made up If anyone should ever bring you down She will and she will and she will She’s Miss Misery Never […]

High School Musical – Everyday Lyrics

Live ev’ryday! ‘Cause we get to choose. Love ev’ryday! [Gabriella] Ev’ryday! [Troy] Gonna run While we’re young [Both] And keep the faith Keep the faith! [Gabriella] They say that you should follow [Troy] And chase down what you dream, [Gabriella] But if you get lost and lose yourself [Troy] What does is really mean? HIGH […]

Floyd Cramer – The Entertainer Lyrics

I am the entertainer, And I’ve had to pay my price. I am the entertainer, I come to do my show. You’ve heard my latest record, It’s been on the radio. If you’re gonna have a hit, You gotta make it fit– So they cut it down to 3:05. I may have won your hearts. […]

Brandon Rhyder – Freeze Frame Time Lyrics

BRANDON RHYDERFreeze Frame Time Lyrics VERSE 1 It’s a beautiful morning, to see the sun rise It’s moments like this that make me wish I could freeze frame time I got a hot cup of coffee, gonna watch the world come alive Surrounded by nature likens the innocence of a new born child CHORUS Sometimes […]