Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You lyrics

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover So the bar is where I go Me and my friends at the table doing shots drinking fast and then we talk slow You come over and start up a conversation with just me and trust me I’ll give it a chance now Take my […]

Rema – Woman Lyrics

Another banger I’m in love with plenty women I no mind marry all of them E no matter the shape or color I go make sure say I must collect I get one wey be my sponsor I get one wey dey call me honey One wey dey do me witchy-witchy She dey do like […]

Cupcakke – Discounts Lyrics

Yeah, must not want me to have to ask Niggas want smoke, I pass the gas Milkin’ this shit like half and half Two nights of the Drac’, that’s back to back I had a nigga that text my phone like "Bae, get ready, go pack a bag" Said he on his way, in the […]

Tyga – Ibiza Lyrics

(Hmm) Is you down for the trizzy? Officer, she wanna arrest me Take me and bless me (Woo), please and undress me (Yeah) Gotta clean it up ’cause you know she get messy (Ugh) Why your friend starin’ at me like she wanna sex me? Baby, let’s see I’m super turnt, I can’t pick up […]

August Alsina – Work To Do Lyrics

Oh yeah It took some time, we made progress I hold it down for you We done put too much and I done lost too many friends So let’s make it official and work out the issues Together we gon’ win If you take my life in the shape it’s in See me for the […]

Fail Emotions – Reflection Lyrics

Do you see shapes or a word? What do you see? Stare deeper, sight harder, it’s nearly time! Everytime I’m drowning just to keep the score We create houses on our own bones I know, that this is just a free line Wake me up! What do you see? Shapes or a word! Do you […]

Sally Klein O’connor – Clay Lyrics

Here am I on Your wheel Helpless now to conceal Every crack and every scar Every flaw that marked or marred Slowly now pump the wheel Touch me with hands that heal Press me in and draw me out Pull me from this shape of doubt Touch me with Your mercy Master Conform me to […]

Imminence – Salt Of The Earth Lyrics

Our fathers that built this land Is now broken and second hand Our mothers that shaped this land Is heart broken by its dead hand Don’t let the colours blind you Don’t Don’t let the hatred find you Cross the border Welcome to your new home Last in order Welcome to being alone There’s a […]

Catherine Mcgrath – The Edges Lyrics

[Verse 1] If life’s a puzzle there’s a piece for the night we met Next to the one where you drove me home If life’s a puzzle there’s a piece for our first kiss And it’s connected to a summer song [Pre-Chorus] And nothing else fit baby before this Love was a struggle (Love was […]

Lady Gaga – 1000 Doves (Piano Demo) Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] I need you to listen to me, please believe me I’m completely lonely, please don’t judge   me When   your tears are   falling, I’ll catch them as they   fall I need you to listen to me, please don’t leave me I’m not perfect yet, but I’ll keep […]

Dropkick – Come Around Lyrics

[Verse 1] Another year begins And brings me back to life But it gets hard to start again In a   week   or two Of holding   onto it I find I need to   call on you [Chorus] Come around ‘Cause I haven’t got a clue Come around ‘Cause   you   know […]

Praying Mantis – Ghosts Of The Past Lyrics

You stand your ground and filtered the truth I drank it down and swallowed my youth Hey   —   take it away There’s   a ghost upon you when you’re   gone Leading to the shadow shapes of winter You believe there’s neither right nor wrong Lead you through the shadow shapes of winter […]

Project Pitchfork – Gravity Waves Lyrics

When stars are born No one can stop them And who could ever Neglect the thought Life’s created All over the night sky Don’t disrespect Nature’s thought When ideas are born No one can stop them And who could ever Neglect the thought Stars are emerging All over the night sky And they do respect […]

Sadistik – Aileen Wuornos Lyrics

Solo, born to die like it was protocol Florida skies hide a roses growth Forcing a smile just to cloak the choking Every time you spoke its like you wrote a poem Cigarette pigs cinnamon lips left a pin prick All alone with those skulls in poses Its art to some, arduous arsonist, painful moments […]

Sg Lewis – Flames Lyrics (feat. Ruel)

I’m letting it burn, burn, burn Letting it burn, burn, burn [Post-Chorus] Burn, burn, burn, burn Burn, burn, burn [Verse 2] Drew your shape in ash I inhale you, I’m all about you I’m always coming back Getting close to your heat You lit a match in me [Chorus] I’m going down in flames and […]

Mighty Sparrow – Short Little Shorts Lyrics

I said you look so pruddy in the short little shorts Whoah-oh oh oh, my dear I said you look so pruddy in the short little shorts Whoah-oh oh oh, my dear You talking about figure She had a shape like a real cocacola When she said goodbye The Governer had water in the eye […]