Tora Tora – Son Of A Prodigal Son Lyrics

[Verse 1] From the time I open my eyes Lord, yeah, I’m in fight of my life A simple soul that was once cast out Now is living large in luxury’s lap [Chorus] The first prayer comes to my lips Oh Lord, don’t you let me slip Into temptation’s arms I’m a son of a […]

Frank Casino – Better Place Lyrics

Frank Casino – Better Place Lyrics Eah, moving with no number plates Everytime I move, I kill and I leave no trace Fuck a two face dude, as long as I get big face I love my women new, ones who got expensive taste Man I always knew, I always knew it would be this […]

Babylon – Ekali feat. Denzel Curry lyrics

(x2) Ekali lyrics Video Ekali It is the ultimate test Strategize now, it’s the ultimate flex Sunder my thing without breakin’ a sweat Got a list full of names and I’m all about checks Like an assassin, I’m everlasting Go like a gadget, you can imagine When I get Ratchet, Clank on me Thankfully Ain’t […]

Amba – Awake Lyrics

dont sleep wake up echo put your armour wear your helmet echo dont look back lets go on echo awake from your slumber o ye that sleep all the day long the husband man is coming to inspet the vineyard o lord, o ah prepare to go the time is short this’ the word from […]

2 Chainz – Burglar Bars Lyrics (feat. Monica)

Y’all stop walking so mothaf**kin’ hard!” Then the people downstairs, they doing the same shit to us. Monica) As I met 2 Chainz a few minutes ago, as I gazed into his face, I felt that I was in the presence of royalty. 2 CHAINZBurglar Bars Lyrics (feat. Tru, trill shit What you know about […]

Ekali – Babylon (feat. Denzel Curry)

Envious Everyone actin’ so frivolous Jealousy I can read it with telepathy You makin’ me sick (x2) I might run up on a nigga and Click.(babylon) It is the ultimate Myrmidon From the land, which is the city of Babylon Dress up my hands, don’t confuse me for cinema I’m one of a kind, as […]