Jay Critch – Bands Lyrics

We gon’ take it (take it) Me and my niggas came out the basement (basement) We ain’t trappin’ Make sure they can’t trace it (hey) I’ma jump in the coupe and I race it (skrrt) I’ma fuck on your boo and erase it All these broke niggas is talkin’, can’t take it (take it) We […]

Kodak Black – Projectbaby (Freestyle)

[Verse 1] Young nigga totin’ the rod You would think a nigga fishing Young nigga but I’m different Young nigga.. I came from rags to riches Young nigga, yea I’m different I came from rags to riches I came from rags to riches, video vixen bitches And I’m shifting And I’m drifting Yea I got […]

Alkaline – Suave Lyrics

Tweet Share [Intro] Oh lala A young lord Yow Jordan Hizzle we tell them [Pre Chorus] Not even death cyan stop me Young but me hard to the core Even me life pon the road A make money and f*** a bag a wh*re [Chorus] Suave suave just look how me suave Jump in a […]

Massive Blackout Hits San Francisco

The substation was already scheduled for an overhaul, he said, which is expected to be completed by the fall of 2018. Muni trains, however, were still running both underground and above ground, though delays were expected due to the extensive problems with traffic lights. “People are hanging out the side of their buildings waiting to […]