Kid Astronaut – Wavesss Lyrics (feat. Ab Rule & Jay Triiiple)

Hook (Kid Astronaut) Waves like California We just left the party We’re just tryna’ kick it Not f*ck with   nobody Living   for the moment Just   having a good time Celebrating our lives Celebrating   all night And it’s Verse One (Ab-Rule) I touched down in LA just   to   party I’m […]

Tv Girl – The Desolation Tango Lyrics

[Verse 1] I remember when I saw her Her skin was soft like water And I remember when I   met   her She was lighter   than a feather And I remember when   I kissed her She was living with her sister Not a single word was spoke I guess she did it […]

Abigail Ory – Doomsday Lyrics

[Guitar intro] On the day that Doomsday comes All I want is a single drum A drum to drum   while   I sing and   hum A drum to drum when Doomsday   comes That day according to the lore All I’ll hear is a single horn A horn to call me to the […]

Linoskiii – No Matter What Lyrics (feat. James Alan)

A little girl being raised by a single dad Beats the misconception by women that men don’t go through that He tries his hardest to be the best father that he can Suffocating daily, it’s her who lets Daddy breathe again Mom ain’t in the picture, but yo he doesn’t hate women Great women do […]

Show Me The Body – Just A Slither Lyrics

Just a slither, just a sliver, a slither of providence Just a slither, just a sliver, a slither of providence When you’re living, on the edge, all that’s left is dominance When you’re living, on the edge, all that’s left is dominance [Negashi Armada] Other fish to fry at the whip of a cat’s tail […]

Kenny Mehler – Gin And Juice Lyrics

Gin and Juice – Written by Snoop Dogg With so much drama in the L-B-C It’s kinda   hard   bein Snoop D-O-double-G…But   I, somehow, some way, Keep comin   up with funky ass shit singing every single day And I,   kick   a   little something for   the G’s And, make […]

Tommy Lee Sparta – Savage Life Lyrics

Damage, savage life Damage, savage life Tah dap tah dap tah dap… Savage… Turn up, turn up Damage… Me nah fi too talk it out cah you know how the thing go Me nah fi use hype fi she carry the thing come When you come home to your girl, me that a go through […]

Outline In Color – Dissolve Lyrics

Does my emptiness complete you? [Pre-Chorus] I was the salt of the earth I was spawned from the red dirt Stuck inside my head I made everything worse Unholy hallucination I’m feeling like a living abomination [Bridge] It follows It follows [Chorus] And I’m dead to rights It’s I against I An eye for an […]

Outline In Color – Not Enough Lyrics

[Intro] I have chased this flame And been burned a thousand times (Left with smoke in my lungs) And I can’t change my ways No matter how I try I’m not enough [Verse 1] Between my heart and my head There lies a great divide In which my future’s dead But now my past won’t […]

Frat rules – Asap Mob feat. Asap Rocky lyrics

They copy copy like 10-4 Keep the money ’cause I been poor All your jewelry like tin foil Please don’t tell your friends where we shopping at, I swear this s**t gon’ turn into an in-store (straight up) f*ck you need another man for, talking to her like a mentor Talking to her like a […]

Dizzy Wright – Give It To Em Real Lyrics

Dizzy Wright – Give It To Em Real Lyrics Back on my booth let it flow So I had to let them know let it go [Verse 1: Dizzy Wright] We in some complicated times With information and social media combined Changed everything it took away the drive Made it easier for kids to want […]

Forever – Ollie lyrics

Now I’m twenty-one, when I look around I see everything from a new view I’ve done made mistakes, I’ve done messed it all up But I’ma keep on pushing till I see this through ‘Cause I got, I got a whole life to learn Yeah, and that’s what I’ma do Yeah, I got, I got […]

Skids – Night And Day Lyrics

SKIDSNight And Day Lyrics The city lights are dying, Two burning suns cruise west, Stomachs taught, With the smack of wine Left behind the streets of sweat, Bled a thousand times Living in the alleys of grime, Kids made of steel Who never give, Muscle and blood To stay alive An encounter on the highway, […]

Starsplash – Alive Lyrics

STARSPLASHAlive Lyrics (Chorus) On the wings of an angel flying Catch a falling star Living life dont regret a moment You know who you are On the wings of an angel flying Be a shooting star Don’t look back for a single minute Life is what you are Once again, we’re gonna pump it! (Chorus) […]

Hola hola – Kard lyrics

Kard lyrics Video Kard Hola hola is also the name of the upcoming Ep album. The mini album will contain 6 songs: Hola Hola, On Nana, Don’t recall, Rumor, I don’t stop and Living Good. Lyrics Kard – Hola hola Hola hola is the name of a new Kard single from the new mini album, […]

Elton John – Philadelphia Freedom lyrics

Music by elton john Lyrics by bernie taupin Released as a uk single in february, 1975 I used to be a rolling stone You know if the cause was right Id leave to find the answer on the road I used to be a heart beating for someone But the times have changed The less […]

Paul Thorn – Too Blessed To Be Stressed Lyrics


Brother – Kodaline lyrics

I’ve got you brotheeer-er-er-er. If I was dying on my knees You would be the one to rescue me And if you were drowned at sea I’d give you my lungs so you could breathe. I’ve got you brother-er-er-errr. I’ve got you brother-er-er-er. Because I’ve got you brother-er-er-er I’ve got you brotheeer-er-er-er I’ve got you […]

Craig Morgan – Living On The Memories Lyrics

CRAIG MORGANLiving On The Memories Lyrics You’re there every morning when I wake up I see you smiling through the steam of my coffee cup You haven’t changed a single thing You’re the beautiful that never fades Like the sun shining through the window in my eyes today Oh, but it feels like rain Another […]